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The Sacred white deer known to the ancient Celts as a White Hart

The Sacred white deer known to the ancient Celts as a White Hart


White Fallow Deer at Parkanaur in Co. Tyrone

The Sacred white deer, known to the ancient Celts as a White Hart. Guardian of the Otherworld. | albino | Pinterest | Albino, Animal and Creatures

aleven11 : albino deer. Source: Aleven11

Majestic white deer

White Stag

white stag | The white stag in Celtic myth is a sign that the other world is near.

Rare: Photographer Ian Crisp captured this extremely rare white red stag but fears trophy hunters

White deer in myths and legends. IMG_0999

White Stag

The Greenman, Cernunnos/Herne the Hunter ...White Stag or White Hart

white stag

White hart The ...

The role of Druids in Celtic society was a broad and influential one that included Teachers, Healers , Bardic-Poets, Musicians, Shaman, Priests, Astrologers ...

Article from the Daily Mail, White Hart. “There's ...

The Emporer is dead: The 'Exmoor Emperor' was believed to be Britain's biggest

Like the unicorn, the white stag (or hart) is the stuff of legends. Its origins lie deep within the ancient Celts and pre-Indo-European cultures.

From white deer to loved-up puffins: 10 of the UK's most stunning wildlife sights | Life and style | The Guardian

Far from being afraid of the Veitch fmily, the white stag led them long the

White fawn

The stag appears in some Wiccan and Pagan traditions. UK Natural History / Getty Images

White-tailed deer


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  • In line with the Celtic and Welsh the Hungarians also have a white stag.

... of the family Cervidae (clockwise from top left) consisting of the red deer, the sika deer, the barasingha, the reindeer, and the white-tailed deer .

A gilded wooden figurine of a deer from the Pazyryk burials, 5th century BC

The White Stag

Snow White meets the White Stag in the Sanctuary, image courtesy Universal Pictures.

red lion white hart. Above- Lion print- proud masculine, strength and honor etc. Lion's and Hart's (aka stag) are the most popular pub names in England.

Notes and sketches…

White Stag, promotional poster art, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part II,

White Deer

The white stag is a familiar creature of myth and legend. Its origins are likely in the totemic period of early Indo-European society, particularly the ...

And when it comes to the deer, well there is much talk of the stag, but little mention of what was once an important spiritual figure to our northern ...

February 2008: Separate sightings of the mythical white hart and the white stag

The White Stag blesses Snow White. Image courtesy Universal Pictures.

Deer Spirit, Totem, & Power Animal Symbolism and Meaning 1200x1200

JoMA Archives: Nonfiction : Where the White Stag Runs: Boundary And Transformation In Deer Myth by Ari Berk


Sacred deer in Nara Park , a garden of the Kasuga shrine, Japan

In Miranda Green's book Symbol and Image in Celtic Religious Art she states, “animal symbolism associated with goddesses reaches it apogee with horned ...

Marc Brunelle captured this photo of a white stag while on a stag do for his close friend Damien Zoyo while walking in the Perthshire Highlands.

Now that we know more about deer's traits, we will dive into the symbolism behind it. So what does a deer mean? What does a stag mean?

The Vision of St. Hubertus", Wilhelm Räuber (1849-1926) ,

Marc Brunelle captured this photo of a white stag ...


This symbol of the White Stag has been cropping up for me again lately, and is one that has been with me a long time, so thought I would do a post ...


White hart1

The White Stag appears in the dark forest of Mirkwood, in The Hobbit: The


Figure of a white horse cut into the hillside.

The Green Men, the White Stag, and the Rebirth of Gaia's Divine Masculine

The image of a deer with a light between its horns may be popularly accredited to the vision of Saint Hubertus, a 7th century Christian and patron saint of ...

White Hart is the latest in my series of animal portraits with the moon. (See also Lunar Owl, Badger Moonrise, The Listening Hare, Fox and Lunar Eclipse and ...

I ...

The book The Golden Deer of Eurasia published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is a wonderful visual exploration of the sacred significance of the female ...

If partygoers had stood too close to the fire, or became overheated from dancing, they went to stand by the Snow Princess, as she brought a refreshing ...

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  • There are many white animals in Celtic ...

In Siberia, female shamans wore red and white costumes trimmed with fur, horned headdresses (or felt red hats!) and practiced the tradition of shamanic ...

Graceful: The beautiful creature eventually disappeared silently into the bushes


White Horse by Tom274 / DeviantArt

JoMA Archives: Nonfiction : Where the White Stag Runs: Boundary And Transformation In Deer Myth by Ari Berk

JoMA Archives: Nonfiction : Where the White Stag Runs: Boundary And Transformation In Deer Myth by Ari Berk

White Hart Publications

Stag or Deer Celtic Zodiac Sign Animal 1280x960

Ant - Industry, community, craftsmanship

White Horse Hill

White Park Cattle: A Truly Ancient Breed

White Stag (PERMAFROST #1)

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In many cultures, including Native American and Celts, the white stag is a symbol of spiritual renewal. Christian art during the Renaissance featured a ...

The Deer Mother has also been visualized as a seated woman/goddess, wearing a horned headdress into which is woven the tree of life and the bird (emblematic ...

Meaning of White Animals in Mythology. Present Day and in Mythology By Candace Wood Pierce College Mythology November 22, ...

The Sacred White Animals of Prophecy

The deer goddess was known across northern Europe. From The Deer-Cult and the Deer-Goddess Cult of the Ancient Caledonians by J.G. McKay “There are an ...

Gwynn ap Nudd Mythical king of Annfwn. Gwynn was the son of Nudd; therefore he was called Gwynn ap Nudd. His father was sometimes called Nudd Llaw Ereint or ...


Ancient deity with deer antlers.Forest and Nature Spirit.male deity.Celtic shaman

Celtic Zodiac Animal Meanings & Celtic Astrology 1280x960

The Celtic horned god (Cernunnos, ruler of beasts) also bears a resemblance to a stag

Revellers spot white stag during hike in Scottish Highlands - The Scotsman

Ancient deity with deer antlers.Forest and Nature Spirit.male deity.Celtic shaman

Riding the Seas: The Kelpies and Other Fascinating Water Horses in Myth and Legend | Ancient Origins

The white buck and white deer are a rare sight. There are many myths and legends that state seeing a white buck or deer is a sign of big ...

Herne The Hunter – The Horned God And Lord Of The Forest In British Mythology

Tufted deer, along with other muntjacs and the water deer, are the only living cervids with tusks

Père David's deer is an extremely endangered species, and extinct in the wild

Snow White is saved by a white mare, who perishes in the forest (the

Old godesses such as ANath fertilized themselves with the blood of men and bulls, Cybele is noted for her castrations and the ancient myth of human origin ...

5 Gluten Free Beers from 9 White Deer

Pictured: Mythical white stag found in the forests of Gloucestershire By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 2:07 AM on 07th December 2009 White stags have ...

The Deer, the Christ and the magnetism of symbols