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The Makaras are my favorite thing Especially Kurloz like omfg hes

The Makaras are my favorite thing Especially Kurloz like omfg hes


The Makaras are my favorite thing. Especially Kurloz like omfg hes So FReaKiNG AdORAblE!

Croptop by Casentine on DeviantArt

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The Makaras Grand Highblood Kurloz & Gamzee

gamzee makara His growth (?) I even love his crazy look. ;0) ——Growth picture (Complete)—— [Aradia Megido] [Terezi Pyrope] [Equius Zahhak] [Kanaya Maryam] ...

Kurloz Makara dressed as Jack Skellington. ~v~ Rumminov - Tumblr

Kurloz got an AntEater


Kurloz Makara - Creepiest character in homestuck in my opinion- well then.

The Platitudinous Place. - clock-heart: needed some more kurloz today so.

Gamzee -- Homestuck ((Grocer's Clerk)) aww he's so cute

(2) Homestuck One-Shots [EN] - Day Without Stitches {Kurloz

Kurloz Makara

I love it I want 12 (Art by…

Sober Gamzee

Don't look at me like that, Gamzee Makara.

Sometimes I avoid this fandom cuz so much ableism but every time I see anything it's like oh no too much cuteness fuck I love these babies~ .

Stuck Gamzee by fictograph on DeviantArt

Kurloz Makara Prince of Rage

I still don't know how I feel about Kurloz but this is super cool so, yeah. <----- Kurloz is awesome. <--- i'm sorry but am i the only one who sees the ...

Kurloz knows what's up.

AA T ¶ ⒞

Kurloz Makara. Eeeeh, so cute!

Day Twenty Eight-A Character you'd want to know in real life: Kurloz Makara.


kurloz makara

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Kurloz--- oh damn I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a weak spot for this makara

Kurloz Makara by Kanda3egle.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I was recently talking to my friend about the tarot card versions of homestuck.

BrOaDwAy GaMzEe - Sober [Toxic] (+playlist)

Kurloz Makara, Meulin Leijon, Skitty de la série Homestuck, Pokemon


Kurloz Makara from Homestuck as drawn by Pupukachoo of DeviantArt.

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Homestuck Grubs, Lazy Cat, Fanart, Gemini, Funny Pics, Cancer, Fandoms, Pumpkin, Death

Kurloz makara

gamzee and kurloz makara - Google Search


Gamzee makara- My little Murderous Baby

a fusion between lil hal and mettaton, named Hellaton. forgive me for i have sinned with these hands**No you didn't, this is the most fabulous sin if you ...

Gamzee Makara.

Captor Grubs were in but now Makara Grubs are taking the stage

Like a boss

My art k 5k kankri vantas mituna captor kurloz makara cronus ampora horuss zahhak rufioh nitram baby trolls

Amporas by Charliedzilla

Omg is just me or does Gamzee looks freaking adorable with glasses? < < < < < you will never be alone when it comes to Gamzee if your mind set is like this hes ...


Homestuck - Kurloz Makara x Meulin Leijon - Meuloz

Day Twenty Eight-A Character you'd want to know in real life: Kurloz Makara.

Homestuck Kurloz Makara by http://xamag-homestuck.tumblr.com/

"Kurloz stop it" You giggled as your Moirail planted butterfly kisses on your neck, you were becoming a squealing mess alright, he had you beneath him p.

kurloz and gamzee - Google Search

Kurloz is such a creepy mofo and I love him for it.

Ladies and gentlemen Be heartlessly welcome To Cirque De Morgue And what a show we have for you tonightRestless souls will put on their dancing shoes ...

HEY WAIT A MINUTE, did Kurloz like knock his teeth out or something before sewing his lips shut? Because the Makara's have some wicked fangs.

blood homestuck My art epilepsy warning update kurloz makara kurloz

Gamzee Makara.


Gamzee Makara

i think this is kurloz and meulin but the begininnging makes me think of gamzee and nepeta so hard to decide

Aradia, Damara and The Handmaid

Cronus Ampora, Kurloz Makara, and Horus Zahhak grubs

you go kurloz rock those wings plus I want a hoodie like that.

He's got the legs to pull off those heela

Some Makaras every once in a while is good Wow Kurloz chill

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Homestuck, Capricorn, Feels, Babe

Sober Gamzee // love you fuckin makara!


Kurloz Makara is really Carlos Maracas. (lawl)

I always love this picture probably because to me it looks like a representation of Gamzee's

Peixes by Charliedzilla

Zahhaks~ Vantases Amporas Captors Makaras Peixeses Serkets Maryams Megidos Pyropes Beta kids Alpha kids VantasMakara Caliborn and Calliope

homestuck My art nadiezda kurloz makara kurloz

Gamzee and Kurloz as grubs with Grand Highblood <3

Why is the Captor family the most adorable thing I have ever seen? < < < I put "bitches love captors" underneath a pic of Sollux and a pic of Mituna and I had ...

Kurloz Makara [Homestuck] by Cotton-Monster

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^o^ | Makara Family | Pinterest

Gamzee Makara by kichigai ...

mituna captor and kurloz makara - Google Search

Horuss Zahhak,Kurloz Makara,Cronus Ampora and Meenah Peixes

gamzee god tier - Google Search

HaLlOwEeNsTuCk MaKaRa fAmIlY ♑ TrICk oR TrEaT ((My sign looks so amazing just so honkalicous with a hint of subjuggulicous aswell (o;

:0) Honk

Homestuck- Kurloz and Muelin. Back when they weren't deaf and mute.

mituna x grand high blood | Kurloz And Gamzee And The Grand Highblood Gamzee, kurloz, and grand

Homestuck - Kurloz Makara x Meulin Leijun - Meuloz

knihovnička | Co se skrývá v lidském těle · Especially

The Makaras are so insane which makes them really fun to cosplay (ive been gamzee and im hoping to get supplies for kurloz soon) < < the Makaras are great ...

I love kurloz

Humanstuck/Homestuck- Kurloz and Gamzee

If Nepeta still has her ancestor's feelings for Vantas(es?)- does that mean she also could have had feelings for the beta troll Makara?

AA T ¶ ⒞

gamzee makara - Google Search

26 Likes, 1 Comments - Sp00ky Jim Was Here. (@depressedchocolatemilk) on Instagram: “Baby Gamze #gamzeemakara #homestuck #capricorn” | Pinterest | Homestuck ...