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The Gilded Century Guns t Guns

The Gilded Century Guns t Guns


Jaeger Rifle - Our GOTD is the father of the Kentucky rifle! In our Timeline

Old musket gun. copy. Old musket gun. the beginning of the eighteenth century

An engraved percussion muzzleloading target rifle crafted by L. Tisdel of Scranton, PA.

Late Century/early Century Ottoman Albanian "Rat Tail" Miquelet Flint Pistol with ornate decorative brass furniture.

Catalog – HG106 | Authentic Ottoman Flintstock Gun – 19th century

An all-metal flintlock wender pistol, Tula, 2nd half of the 18th century

OTTOMAN TURKISH FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUSS, 1800s. http://www.faganarms.com. Glock GunsWeapons GunsFantasy ...

An ornately carved and engraved percussion hunting rifle crafted by Gastinne Renette of Paris, mid century.

Pair of French Belt Pistols, c. late 18th/early 19th century

An ornately engraved percussion target rifle crafted by A. Escherich or Baltimore, mid century.

West-European flint gun of 19 century with bayonet. - Stock Image

Double Barrelled Turnover Flintlock Pistol - 1750

Russian military flint pistol of 19 century - close up - Stock Image

... Flintlock gun ...

A pair of 18th century British flintlock pistols. - Stock Image

A rare double-barrelled percussion shotgun from the property of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, century.

Gold and silver decorated flintlock blunderbuss originating from Turkey, early 19th century. Black Powder GunsWeapons GunsOttoman ...

James D. Julia, Inc. presents Extraordinary Firearms Auction March 21, 22 & 23, 2018 (Catalog 1 of 2)

An early century flintlock blunderbuss,proof marks on the escutcheon,brass bound walnut stock incised chased gilt brass trigger with ram rod, ...


Caucasian / Circassian flintlock.

Old gun. copy. Old musket gun. the beginning of the 18th century.

Flintlock Gun of Louis XIII (1601–1643), King of France, Pierre


French cased duelling pistols by Nicolas Noël Boutet. Single shot, flintlock, rifled,

What if the guns had landed?

... Colt Custom Shop 1991A1 .38 super, Engraved Gilded New in Box - 2 of ...

Some would find it symbolic that one of his gold-dipped firearms was pulled from Gaddafi's grasp as he lay maimed and bleeding in a Sirte sewer pipe October ...

lot0089-0.jpg "



InRut Non-Typical Hunting Rifle

17th Century 60-bore East European wheel lock Tschinke rifle

... Colt Custom Shop 1991A1 .38 super, Engraved Gilded New in Box - 3 of. Guns International #: 100692586

Catalog – HG106 | Authentic Ottoman Flintstock Gun – 19th century

Spanish miquelet pistol, 18th century.

Adolf Hitler kept a golden pistol ...

... Pair of Flintlock Pistols of Empress Catherine the Great (1729–1796) ...

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However, the "Howdah" in game is actually a Lancaster pistol, and not a true Howdah although they are sometimes classified ...

... the KH-2002 is heavily based on this Chinese M16 copy.

Historic Firearms and Early Militaria May 3-4, 2017

Early production Bergmann Simplex pistol

Restocked flintlock musket with pieces from multiple firearms including a British India Pattern Brown Bess lock

18th Century English flintlock pistol. - Stock Image

Historic Firearms and Early Militaria May 1-2, 2013

N.K.A. on Twitter: "Hekimoğlu türküsünün Aynalı Martin'i 😎 https://t .co/N65ghJH7zI"

Old six-barreled musket gun. The beginning of the eighteenth century. copy of

Firearm Auction - Modern, Military, Antique & Class 3 Machine Guns


Three Spanish Ruby/Eibar pistols from various makers

When a rich white man was murdered in front of the Princeton Club, gun control came to New York

same with this flare gun "

Late production Bergmann Simplex pistol ...

I have no desire to own a gun with purple and turquoise zebra stripes. Simple, neutral colors are my preference in firearms (and most other tools).

Guns, dildos and Christmas: Conservatives cling to guns as identity markers, not for practical use | Salon.com

.45 or .44? by Benjamin Nicholson / Forty-Five / A Journal of Outside Research

Crawford Starrick's customized Colt.

R&L 1849 pepperbox pistol

Mid-production Bergmann Simplex pistol ...


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CZ 805 Bren Pistol

The Ten Best .22 Handguns

Catalog – HG106 | Authentic Ottoman Flintstock Gun – 19th century

18th Century English Tower Heavy Dragoon Tower Flintlock Pistol. - Stock Image

The Hi-Point pistols have two defining characteristics- they are cheap and they work. Mostly. The broad consensus is that they are a turd, and best used as ...

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... case contains cap box with the label of a Calcutta outfitter. Since I don't know which way is up, I provide two views. My thanks in advance.

5; 6. Then about a century ...

Old musket gun in male hand. Isolated on white background Royalty Free Stock Photos

Carl McCrow's Disarming New Show Transforms Guns into Provocative Statements on Violence - Artsy

This piece is complete and has a really nice set of rubber grips on it that has virtually no damage to them. Nice example of a little revolver that wasn't ...

I will assemble the skin like a paper craft.

The Rend Asunder

HUNT: Horrors Of The Gilded Age preview – Left 4 Mercenaries

"Receiver markings of a Model 1903 Turkish Mauser start with the symbol at the top: the Toughra, the mark of Sultan Abdul-Hamid II,

Iran obtained a total of 165,525 M1 Garands. The first lot of 66,493 was ordered and delivered in 1963. The second lot of 99,000 was ordered immediately ...

The hammer here also releases the top strap and the gun opens, as you can see

And here's a rifle and some info

Crosman Exclusive F4 Classic NP Break Barrel Air Rifle with Scope, .177 Caliber

See what I mean... that's the wheellock under discussion at the back... and that in front of it is an Alexander Campbell (Doune) of the mid 18th century .

Winchester Repeating Arms Company

Pair of Pistols Coated with Gold, Dating from the Beginning of 18th Century

Holster safety knob on a military Eibar/Ruby pistol

The two pistols below, from the Poulin Antiques auction site were listed as velodogs because they look like ordinary velodogs but they were chambered to use ...


I know of many officers who carry stainless steel duty guns, and more who carry them off duty. I think it is more a matter of maintenance and preference.

These guns are familiar, what are they? i know the first one is defiantly american originated . it says ""length 33cm, bore 10mm.