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The Garifunas reside on the Carribbean coast in Honduras They

The Garifunas reside on the Carribbean coast in Honduras They


Garifuna woman from Honduras Today the Garifuna live primarily in Central America. They live along the Caribbean Coast in Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, ...

Garifuna Communities of Honduras Resist Corporate Land Grabs

Honduras Garifuna mother and daughter walking on beach Sambo Creek Village Caribbean coast Central America

The Garifuna people of Honduras have lived along the country's Caribbean coast since the 18th century. | Photo: EFE

Garifuna people, Honduras. “


Punta ...

Children from Garifuna community in Roatan, Honduras, play on the beach, March 17

Honduras Garifuna fishing boats landing boats on beach Caribbean coast

1: Garifuna songs are our history books

Honduras Garifuna mother and daughter walking on beach Sambo Creek Village Caribbean coast Central America -

Garifuna Festival 2017

Cayos Cochinos, Honduras, Garifuna

Garifuna- Tamborero in Honduras


Honduran Caribbean, mega-tourism, Garifuna

Garifuna People, ecotourism

Cayos Cochinos, Honduras, Caribbean, Garifuna People

Honduras history Roatan expresses its colorful culture!

In fact, the Garifuna “…are the largest group in the circum-Caribbean region to have retained a substantial aboriginal heritage (as well as ...

My love for color started here, Honduras Garifunas know fun fashion. Always inspired me.

garifuna. The Garifuna people (1635- ) live mainly along the Caribbean coast ...

Fishing canoes along the coast belonging to the Garifuna people. Santa Rosa, Mosquito Coast

Miama (Garifuna village), Honduras

UNESCO proclaimed the language, dance, and music of the Garifuna as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in Honduras.

Garifuna Festivals in Honduras. They were never slaves! The Garifuna are descendants of West


Garifuna parade on San Isidro Day, in Livingston (Guatemala).


Garifuna Exchange on the Fight for Land: Honduras and Belize

teleSUR Investigation: Garifuna Take on Mega-Tourism, Displacement and Organized Crime in Honduras | Analysis | teleSUR English

3: Garifuna language, music and dance is a UNESCO Heritage Masterpiece

The empty, white, sandy Caribbean beaches of Trujillo, Honduras, a Afro-

A beach in Roatan, Honduras. Ted Campbell photos.

Walk west on the beach ...

Honduras Central America Garifuna village thatch and mud home Sambo Creek Caribbean coast Horizontal

The Garifuna are an Afro-Indigenous community along Central America's Caribbean coast, mainly in Honduras. | Photo: EFE

Live On A Private Island In Honduras For $23/Night. Here's How I Did It!

Honduras Garifuna fisherman wooden dugout canoe with sail Caribbean coast Central America Horizontal

4. History The ...

Celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize

Map of Garifuna Territories on the coast of Eastern Honduras. Photo by Teofilo Colon Jr

Tracing the Roots of Garifuna Settlement Day Back to Balliceaux in the Grenadines | Grenadines |

Roatan: As the sun lifts over the Caribbean Sea and the Bay of Honduras, the small island of Roatan rises out of the morning mist.


TOCAMACHO SETTLEMENT, HONDURAS - Garifuna man on horseback riding in surf on Caribbean coast.

Map of Garifuna Territories in the Central American countries of (from left to right)

... Honduras, Garifuna people - Cayo Chachahuate | by Massimo De Nino

Map of Garifuna Territories on the coast of Eastern Honduras. Photo by Teofilo Colon Jr

... Honduras, Garifuna people - Cayo Chachahuate | by Massimo De Nino

... the British exiled most of the Black Carib population to Roatan, located off the north coast of Honduras.[4] From that point, they colonized the coasts ...

A group of children playing soccer on the beach - Stock Image

La Ceiba, Atlaneida, Honduras. 4th May, 2013. 5/4/

For centuries, the Garifuna people —descendants of both Africans and indigenous Arawak people from the Caribbean— have lived peacefully in seaside towns on ...

November 19 is celebrated throughout the country as Garifuna Settlement Day.

Man and his grandsons playing traditional Garifuna music in the Garifuna village of Triunfo de la

Santa Fe, Garifuna lands stolen

Honduras Garifuna fisherman canoe with sail Sambo Creek Village Caribbean coast - Stock Image

... Garifuna People Are Risking Everything to Flee Their Ancestral Honduran Homelands ...

Garifuna Festival in Punta Gorda Roatan

In 1797, ruling power Britain exiled the surviving Garifuna by shipping them to Roatan, in the Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras.


Miriam Miranda, Garifuna

Honduras coast (Funky Tee)

“'We have hundreds of kilometers of beaches that aren't developed, and it's a waste,' said the then Honduran Tourism Secretary (IHT), Ana Abarca in 2001.

Caribbean food in Honduras is delicious – A typical Caribbean entree is basically a protein (fish, beef, chicken) with rice, beans, and plantains.

The Bay Islands, Roatan, Honduras. Map: Courtesy of Garifuna Heritage Foundation.

... garinagu-dangriga-hopkins-seine-bight-garifuna-1

The Garifuna Village at Chachahuate, Cayos Cochinos, Part of Honduras' Caribbean Paradise! Photo by Peter A Hughes

Circuito en la Costa Norte de Honduras del Caribe Maya

The Garífuna people are of ...

Woman of the Garifuna people washing clothes. Santa Rosa, Mosquito Coast, Honduras.

Roatán, Bay Islands

A member of a people of mixed Carib and African ancestry living along the Caribbean coast of Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Nicaragua. The Garifuna were ...

Part of the celebrations for Garifuna Settlement Day include a reenactment of their arrival via water. The yellow and black flag waves proudly in the wind ...

... Four year-old Garifuna kid Didier Mejia at his family's apartment in the South Bronx ...

Above is a map highlighting (in blue) the countries where significant Garifuna populations reside. Honduras ...

A view of the beach in Travesía, Honduras.

Marvin Chávez

In 1635 two ships carrying captured Nigerians were shipwrecked off the coast of St. Vincent. Some of the Africans were able to swim ashore and find shelter ...

The Garifuna of Roatan

Map of Garifuna Territories in the Central American Countries of Belize, Guatemala and Western Honduras

Ofraneh is a cultural rights group which works to protect Garifuna communities in Honduras.

Fighting Displacement: The Popular Garifuna Hospital in Honduras

The island of Roatan ("Rubadan" in the Garifuna Language), which is

Garífuna life in Belize

Garifuna migration map.

Garifuna Music and Dancing - Livingston, Guatemala

Beach and fishing boats at Garifuna Village in Chachahuate Cay, Cayos Cochinos

Miskitu and Garifuna community leaders are speaking out to defend their territories from oil and gas activity in Honduras. In contrast to Belize and Costa ...


Garifuna: Africans in St. Vincent, Caribbean and Honduras, South America