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The CGR 1st Class 260 of 1891 is a South African steam

The CGR 1st Class 260 of 1891 is a South African steam


1st Class Baldwin 2-6-0 with short capped chimney

1st Class Baldwin 2-6-0 no 1A with longer stovepipe chimney, c. 1896

VEREENIGING Station Forecourt, SAR Class 6B no 500

CGR 0-6-0ST

Ex CGR no. 538, SAR Class 6J no. 646

South African Class 6Y 2-6-2

SAR Class 4 no. 1478.jpg

This 2016 image is courtesy of the photographer Laurie Mulrine; it was 1st posted here: SAR Class 7A: no. 1009, Outeniqua Transport Museum, George, ...

South African type XM tender - Image: SAR Class 4AR 1554 (4 8 2

This 2016 image courtesy of the photographer Laurie Mulrine: it was 1st posted here: SAR Class 8A: 1097, Potchefstroom station forecourt, ...

CGR 4th Class 4-4-2

South African Class 10B 4-6-2 - Image: SAR Class 10B (

Beira Ry BR7 (4-4-0) SAR Class NG6 b.JPG

CGR 1st Class 2-6-0ST

CSAR Class F no. 266, SAR no. 84, on a suburban, c. 1910

SAR Class 38-000 38-012.JPG

149, SAR Class H no. 232, c. 1900

South African Class E38. Amcoal Class E38 E38-003.JPG

South African Class NG10 4-6-2

South African Class 8D 4-8-0

South African Class KM 0-6-0+0-6-0

SAR Class 36-200 36-201.JPG

South African Class 6Z 2-6-4

SAR Class 16B 805 Johannesburg 270378.jpg

23 on the Sea Point line, c. 1906

... and kindly took some photos for use by me on this blog page. Thanks again Louis (& also Therése, for waiting in the car on a hot day) !!!

CGR 3rd Class 4-4-0 1889

SAR Class 35-200 35-294.JPG

South African Class 6J 4-6-0

South African Class 17E. SAR Class 17E E1826.JPG

SAR Class 6E1 Series 7 E1807.JPG

CGR 3rd Class 4-4-0 1883

SAR 19D #3327 NBL 26047 1948 - Bftn Shed 13 April 2011 courtesy Rod Smith. "

No. E38-002 at Sentrarand, Gauteng, 8 October 2009, in Anglo Coal's white livery

It was unfortunately a short visit, and if we have got some numbers and classes wrong, or, if we've missed something, please rectify us."

South African Class MJ1 2-6-6-0

South African type YC tender

South African Class 10A 4-6-2

PPR 26 Tonner 0-6-0ST - Image: PPR 26 Tonner 0 6

Class 18E 18-670.JPG

South African Class 5B 4-6-2 - No. 723 plinthed at Strand

SAR Class 18E Series 1 18-224.JPG

topic. The Cape Government Railways 1st Class ...

South African type XE1 tender - Image: SAR Class 6 432 (4 6 0

topic. The Cape Government Railways 1st Class ...

South African type XM tender - Image: Class 4A (4 8 2) b

South African Class 11 2-8-2 - Class 11 no. 933,

Cape Government Railways - A photograph of the Port Elizabeth – Uitenhage railway line in 1877

No. 1337 at SANRASM, 10 September 2010

Illustration[edit]. The main picture shows Class ...

South African type XC1 tender - Image: Type XC1 tender of Class 6B

South African Class 11 2-8-2 - Image: SAR Class 11 918

South African Class MF 2-6-6-2 - Image: Class MF

South African Class 7B 4-8-0

Rear view of Esslingen-built NZASM 46 Tonner no. 230 Jan Wintervogel, in steam at Witbank, April 1993

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South African Class 10C 4-6-2 - Image: SAR Class 10CR 778

No. BR6, SAR F2 no. NG106, Sandstone Estates, 9 April 2006

topic. The Natal Government Railways Class ...

and 19D 3327 white painted nos."

South African Class 16D 4-6-2 - No. 860 on the Union

CGR 0-4-0ST 1881

Werkspoor-built SAR no. 47, unnamed NZASM no. 236, plinthed at Pretoria station, 8 October 1989

South African Class NG G11 2-6-0+0-6-2

Tilney's extended smokebox

CSAR Class C 2-8-4T - Image: CSAR Class C 2 8

213, the engine Australien, at Barberton station in 1901

South African Class NG G16A 2-6-2+2-6-2

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28 Dec 2010 photo courtesy Charles Baker - image first published on his blog SAR CONNECTA.

topic. The South African ...

South African Class 10E

CGR 2nd Class 4-4-0T

CGR NG 0-6-0T

South African Class 8A 4-8-0 - CSAR Class 8-L1 no

Finnish class Sk1 No 124, built 1885 by SLM, at the Finnish Railway Museum

NGR no. 4 after modification, c. 1884

Possibly this sample had been cannibalized for parts for the other cranes - for example, from the photos, it is obvious that all axle boxes on the 1st and ...