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The Big 8 Diamonds from the Cullinan mine Famous Diamonds

The Big 8 Diamonds from the Cullinan mine Famous Diamonds


The nine major stones. Top: Cullinans II, I, and III. Bottom: Cullinans VIII, VI, IV, V, VII and IX.

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... diamond ever discovered. The Cullinan I, or Great Star of Africa, weighs 530.4 carats and is part of the British Crown Jewels.

Gemstones, The Crown Jewels of Great Britain, the Hope Diamond, the Dresden Green Diamond, the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, the Great Chrysanthemum Diamond, ...

The Big 8 Diamonds from the Cullinan mine. | Famous Diamonds | Pinterest | Diamond, Big and Emeralds

The Big 8 Diamonds from the Cullinan mine.

The Millennium Star diamond is the second largest colourless diamond with the highest colour rating


World's largest diamond found in 100 years could fetch over $70M


Famous Type IIa Diamonds. Shown here: (1) The De Beers Millennium Star

The Excelsior weighs 995.20 carats and remains to be the third largest rough diamond of gem

IIa Diamonds

World's Biggest Diamond


The Cullinan diamond was polished into nine large stones and ninety-six smaller stones

colorful diamonds—I'll take them all said the girl who loves color & sparkle

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The circular-cut fancy reddish orange diamond, weighing approximately 3.15 carats With report 2145320178

Cullinandiamond1. Experts of the precious stone market state that Cullinan I initially was bigger.

Cullinan Diamonds

Replicas: the rough stone, and the nine numbered polished gems

The Star of Africa, or the Cullinan 1, is a massive 530 carats and tops the sceptre of the British Crown Jewels. It is about the size of a chicken egg.

The Cullinan Diamond on black background

fIND: Petra¿s Cullinan mine, where the biggest diamond in the world was

The Mysterious History of Blue Diamonds


Cullinan IX (and remaining Cullinan pieces) · Click here for the rest of Queen Elizabeth's Top 10 Diamonds.

The Cullinan VI (lower, 8.80 carats) and Cullinan VIII (upper, 6.80 carats)

World's Largest Diamond Jewellery Is Prepared For Jubilee Exhibition

The Great Star of Africa. Known as The Cullinan ...

Cullinan Dream blue diamond The ...

The Cullinan Diamond

The 10 Biggest Diamonds Ever Found Biggest Diamonds In The World

The London-listed company's discovery comes just months after it sold a 29.6 carat blue diamond from the same mine for more than $25 million

The Cullinan

A rare blue diamond has been found at Petra Diamonds' Cullinan mine, with nearly five times as many carats than the diamond sold last year for R181.9 ...

The Cullinan I, a.k.a. the "Star of Africa"

The record for the biggest diamond in the world is still held by the " Cullinan

[Guide] The 99 Most Famous Diamonds of the world

Petra finds another massive diamond at its Cullinan mine

The nine numbered Cullinan Diamonds in their rough shapes (left) and after polishing (

The Worlds largest Fancy Blue Diamond to be Auctioned

Five of the world's most famous diamonds

_75506335_bluediamond. Diamonds dominated the ...

Nine largest stones split from the rough Cullinan diamond


18, 2014 and made available by Petra Diamonds of a 29.6 carat blue diamond which was recovered at the Cullinan Diamond Mine near ...

Hope Diamond. Hope Diamond. More on the Hope

The 3106-carat Cullinan diamond, uncut (Cullinan Mine Archives

The Big 8 Diamonds from the Cullinan mine. | Famous Diamonds | Pinterest | Diamond, Big and Emeralds

Why Is The Cullinan Diamond Mine In South Africa Famous?

... the mine's potential resources. Karowe AK6 diamond

The Cullinan Diamond, weighing 3,106 carats in its rough state, was first discovered in 1905 at a mine near Pretoria in South Africa ...

... the 3,106 carat Cullinan Diamond. Subtle, don't you think?

The Cullinan Diamond mine is located on a diamond bearing kimberlite pipe at Cullinan in the

Other Famous Diamonds from the Cullinan (Premier) Diamond Mine in Cullinan, South Africa - YouTube

The Hope Diamond.

3 – The Cullinan Diamond. June 8, 2017/ BY Frank van Poorten

Examples of rough CLIPPIR diamonds from the Letseng mine, Lesotho

Replica of the 9 largest stones polished from the Cullinan diamond. Image: Taken by

The Cullinan VI and VIII Brooch

Replica of the original, uncut Cullinan Diamond


Petra Diamonds' Cullinan Mine

Cullinan, the most glittering name in South Africa's diamond history, is the source of many of the most renowned diamonds in the world. Two of the largest ...

Click below for a detailed look at each of the nine numbered Cullinan pieces:

Petra Diamonds, which last week unearthed a 232-carat white diamond (right)

The Big 8 Diamonds from the Cullinan mine. | Famous Diamonds | Pinterest | Diamond, Big and Emeralds

'Exceptional' 122.52 carat blue diamond found in South African mine | Daily Mail Online

Kimberley Underground Diamonds

Replica Of the Cullinan I for size. Today, Cullinan I was surpassed as the world's largest cut diamond ...

CULLINAN DIAMOND. In 1905, the ...

Following 29.6 Carats of Vivid Blue Diamond

The programme featured the St Edward's Crown, the Imperial State crown as well as the Orb and Sceptre. These 'Crown Jewels' are housed in the Tower of ...

Christie's announces the Magnificent Jewels and the Cullinan Dream New York Live Auction · 10. The Cullinan Dream is the largest of four blue diamond's ...

It's been a good year for Petra Diamonds.

(The stone can be removed from the Royal Scepter and worn as a pin or pendant.) The Star of Africa, a pear shaped diamond ...

Most Famous Diamonds – Bigger, Better, and Highly Desired: Part II

Also known as the Cullinan I and Star Africa, this particular diamond happens to be the largest cut diamond in the entire world.

The Ungraspable Value of the World's Largest Diamond


The Cullinan IX in it's setting

South Africa Cullinan, Premier Diamond mine, Replica of biggest diamand ever found until 2007

Crown Jewels: The two largest cuts from the Cullinan Diamond were set into the Sovereign's

Fifth biggest diamond found in mountains of Lesotho, Africa

Find out more about the largest diamond ever discovered

The Centenary Diamond

Cullinan Diamond Replica

Main: The rough Cullinan Diamond (public domain). Inset: One of the

The world's most expensive blue diamond, the Oppenheimer Blue sets a new world record - CNN Style

Rare 25.5-Carat Blue Diamond Is the Latest Treasure to Be Harvested From the Legendary Cullinan Mine

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