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THROUGHOUT the ages Mongolian tribes in the remote region

THROUGHOUT the ages Mongolian tribes in the remote region


The nomadic reindeer tribe who live in remote parts of Mongolia

So You Want to Play Polo in the Mongolian Wilderness - Travelogues from Remote Lands

Kazakh golden eagle hunters

Mongolia travel - This August I am traveling to the remote Altai region of Mongolia horseback riding and hiking with Zavkhan Trekking - come join me!

ABOVE: The fascinating nomads of the Altai are notably friendly, traveling across the empty plains to speak with newcomers

Mongolia travel tours focused in the northern area offer a chance to see a large population of reindeer and other remote places ethnic group.

At one with nature: There are 40 families who make up the Tsaatan tribe in

Unique way of life: Belgian photographer Pascal Mannaerts spent days horse-riding across the

mongolia horse trek

Why Mongolia's Moment Is Now

Mongolia Nomadic life

A 5 Month Round Up of Central Asia & Iran: Highlights Of Our Journey Through The Least Touristed Region On Earth - Goats On The Road

Ultra-Luxe Mongolia by Private Plane or Helicopter - Travelogues from Remote Lands

rental unit in Terelj natural park, Mongolia


Altai in Siberia: A study of genetic markers in DNA showed that the lineage of

Polo was supposedly a way to train Mongolian warriors in the Middle Ages, according to the Genghis Khan Polo and Riding Club.

See These Rare Photos Of Remote Tribes Before They Disappear | The Mind Unleashed

Mongolia, the country of adventure, land of steppe nomads with real freedom and great

Mongolia Western region

The land of the blue sky (Credit: Tatyana Leonov)

Venture forth on the adventure of a lifetime as you tackle thousands of endless miles along the Mongolian steppe

Mongolian landscape the Roam project

Image description

Western Mongolia

Lake Hovsgol National Park tour, Northern Mongolia travel destination, Mongolian Adventure Tour Operator Company

Altai Tavanbogd Natural Park

Badekar Monastery (1749) near Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Called Badgar Zuu in Mongolian

A yurt in the Mongolian Steppe.

So one might reasonably ask why I would want to go to Mongolia, the least densely populated country in the world, ...

Western Mongolia

An elder tribesperson on the Mongolian steppe

Table des illustrations


Polo Players Thunder Through a Match in Mongolia

Spectacular volcanic landcape around Khorgo Volcano, Mongolia

Finding Genghis Khan in Mongolia

Winter Naadam festival displays horse culture | Herdsmen dressed in Mongolian ethnic costumes wait for horse-lassoing performance during the Ice and Snow ...

It's time: A woman running after the reindeer near to sunset to bring them back

Mongolian National Parks

An Evening of Mongolian Shamanic Culture", Berkley, CA Jan.

Bayan Olgii, Mongolia: Hazen Audel with a golden eagle, wearing traditional hunting clothes

Around Ulaanbaatar

This is a harsh environment and it requires great skill to survive. Alternatively, I simply relied on the help of the ger camp's staff.

A Wakhi nomad girl stands on a rock as she overlooks the harsh, desolate terrain

Using natural materials: The tribes yurts are made from birch bark, pictured a tribesman

Baagii, a Mongolian reindeer herder, wearing the Tsaatan traditional dress. Courtesy of Pascal Mannaerts ...

9 Amazing Things to Experience in Mongolia

Казахи в Баян-Улгии. Часть вторая (Mongolia)

And then of course, there is eagle hunting. Kazakhs use eagles to hunt for rabbits, marmots and foxes and if very lucky wild wolves.

Tears before bedtime: A young Tsaatan girl wails next to a young reindeer in her

A Mongolian miner smiles while working at Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi, a coal mining company in

Changing Planet

Agrandir ...

Archaeological evidence places early Stone Age human habitation in the southern Gobi between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago. By the first millennium B.C., ...

Mongolia. Local ...

Why You Need to Go to Mongolia Now in 16 Stunning Photos

Living in the Altai Mountains of Outer Mongolia, children are introduced to and raised among the animals starting from a very young age.

Cutting the Cord: Finding Peace in the Mongolian Altai

Tsaatan Dukha Reindeer Herders Mongolia

URL, http://journals.openedition.org/emscat/docannexe/image/2542/img-3.jpg

Adventure Holidays in Mongolia

There's beauty everywhere in Mongolia.

Eagle hunters are well-respected within their tribe.

Their lifestyle hasn't changed much in that time.

... still time to play. And one could swear that the children learn to ride a horse before they learn to walk, so strong is the bond with this animal for ...

Man with eagle

Remote Landscapes: Sights of Siberia


Northern Mongolia Img

Reindeer are treated like family members and the young children are taught to show them respect

Russians Share Jesus Christ in Remote Parts of Mongolia

Taking a Royal Enfield across the Mongolian Steppes

Nomadic Nenet reindeer herders

Isolated tribes' territory lies far up the Curanja River in the remote Peruvian Amazon.

'Native Americans' actually came from a tiny mountain region in Russia, DNA research reveals | Daily Mail Online


Centuries old Buddhist petroglyphs carved in Mongol script (Hudum Mongol bichig) in a remote

To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the longest train journey in the world, Phoebe Smith undertakes the classic Trans-Mongolian railroad, ...

Western Mongolia


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Mongol and Ming periods[edit]

Mongolia: a travel documentary

Early morning in Thailand's Mae Hong Son province.

Himba people walking through the desert