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Sventovit Konstantin Vasilyev slavicgods t Artwork

Sventovit Konstantin Vasilyev slavicgods t Artwork


Sadko and Master Marine - Konstantin Vasilyev

Русский воин

Sventovit by Konstantin Vasilyev.

"Valkyrie" by Konstantin Alexeyevich Vasilyev

Konstantin Vasilyev, Knight

Yaroslavna's Lament by Konstantin Vasilyev.

The man with the owl - Konstantin Vasilyev

Painting by Russian artist Konstantin Vasilyev

Konstantin Vasilyev On The Bridge

Konstantin Vasiliev, The North Legend, 1970

Wotan - the supreme god of the ancient Scandinavians - Konstantin Vasilyev I thought it was odin?

Painting of Nastasia Mikulichna by Konstantin Vasilyev

Find this Pin and more on Konstantin Vasilyev by robstevens88.

Artist Konstantin Vasilyev - Eupraxia

Giant by Konstantin Vasilyev

sif ✯ Artist Konstantin Vasilyev ✯. See more. Васильев Константин Алексеевич. Князь Игорь

Wotan and Brünnhilde. The original Sleeping Beauty. Find this Pin and more on Art of Konstantin Vasilyev ...

Konstantin Vasilyev self-portrait

Farewell of Slav - Konstantin Vasilyev

Birth of the Danube - Konstantin Vasilyev

Mermaid, Konstantin Vasilyev

Konstantin Vasilyev (1942-1976) Russian artist

In another window - Konstantin Vasilyev

Konstantin Vasilyev Ozhidanie- La espera

Valkyrie above dead warrior - Konstantin Vasilyev

Sventovit by Konstantin Vasilyev.

Svjatogor's gift by Konstantin Vasilyev

Russian art / Konstantin Alexeyevich Vasilyev / Old Man.

Volga - Konstantin Vasilyev

Painting by Konstantin Vasiliev.

Konstantin Vasilyev Russian artist - Beauty will save

Pagan March - Vision of the Past

Sviyazhsk by Konstantin Vasilyev.

Рождение Дуная / Birth of the Danube. Painting by Konstantin Vasiliev

Konstantin Vasilyev. “Geese-Swans” Константин Васильев Гуси-лебеди, 1967

Konstantin Vasiliev - Valkyrie Above Dead Warrior (detail)

Prince Igor by Konstantin Vasilyev.


Dobrynya's battle with a dragon by Konstantin Vasilyev - Dobrynya Nikitich slew the dragon Zmaj Gorynych and saved the lovely princess Zabava

Russian art / Konstantin Alexeyevich Vasilyev / The Quarrel of Ilya Muromets and Prince Vladimir.

Konstantín Alexeyevich Vasilyev (Russian: September in Maykop, died October 1976 in a railway accident

Birth of the Danube - Konstantin Vasilyev

Konstantin Vasiliev

Konstantin Vasiliev. The Reaper. 1966

Художник Константин Алексеевич Васильев

Village of Mari - Konstantin Vasilyev

Konstantin Vasilyev "The northern eagle"


Scandinavian warrior by Konstantin Vasilyev.

Васильев Константин Алексеевич. Авдотья-Рязаночка. Pencil Art

Андрей Шишкин

Константин Васильев. Плач Ярославны.-Russia ancient but not forgotten as light fairy tale

Konstantin Vasiliev - Knight Peresvet against Chelubey

Slavic mythology

Картины художника. Константин Васильев. Часть 2 (131 фото)

7 best "Моя графика - Мировоззрение славян". images on Pinterest | Art drawings, Art paintings and Art tattoos

Day of Slavic god Perun.

Cut Rough To Smoke Smooth!

It was art commission for Kobold Quarterly [link] The theme was "Divine Gifts". There are ancient slavic gods Perun & Magura. Gifts from Old Days

Андрей Шишкин

Перун / Perun

Elementale dell'Acqua by MatteoArfanotti on DeviantArt

Viking Illustration More

Современный художник Игорь Ожиганов

Svjatogor by Petar Meseldžija. Titanic hero-warrior in Russian mythology and folklore. A

Свентовит / Sventovit

Painting by Russian artist Konstantin Vasilyev

Пустынник, Шишкин Андрей.

"Тьма разойдись, Солнце народись". А4 рапидограф, тушь.

Totemic figures painted by Matteo Arfanotti - Ego - AlterEgo

Свентовит / Sventovit

Берг - Васильев Константин Алексеевич

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Велес / Weles

"Мара пришла..."


Slavic Tattoo, Russian Mythology, Norse Mythology, Celtic Druids, High Fantasy, Wicca, Shamanism, Deities, Vikings

Old-Fashioned Charm: Old-Fashioned Artist: William A.


Slavic Gods

MATER SLAVA (MATER SVA) Slava is a beautiful bird - a messenger of God Perun, every feather of which was said to shine a different color.


Slavic mythology

Find this Pin and more on славянское by petrik888382.

The Seven Gods by Sukharev

Norman Rockwell

Slavic mythology

Slavic mythology by Igor Ozhiganov – Slavorum


Russian art / Konstantin Alexeyevich Vasilyev / Self-portrait.

Велес / Weles


Андрей Шишкин

Slavic warriors hearing elder sing tales of Slavic Gods and their battles.Slavic mythology by Igor Ozhiganov

Yevpaty Kolovrat by Andrey Shishkin(well-known artist, who was born in Moscow in Here he lives and works now. This Russian artist works in the style of ...

Hawk or sprey--symbol in Slavic mythology

Perun and Yarovit by Righon

У свечи - Андрей Шишкин

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