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Stiles Winchester for the win forever Steo vs Sterek SterekTeen

Stiles Winchester for the win forever Steo vs Sterek SterekTeen


Stiles Winchester for the win forever. Steo vs. Sterek.

Stiles Winchester Au Sterek I don't ship Sterek at all but I love the combo and the Destiel < < < Haven't seen Teen Wolf yet, but kinda ship Sterek already ...

Stiles is dying and Sam wants him to die human, like a Winchester

Stiles Winchester Au where Stiles and Cas were fighting some supernatural creature and Cas died

This is perfect and heartbreaking in so many ways. Supernatural CrossoverFandom CrossoverSterek FanartWinchester BrothersDestielTeen ...

sterek, stiles winchester

Btw I love Stiles Winchester and its all thanks to sextingsterek on Instagram PLEASE FOLLOW

Stiles is possessed by a demon and has killed Derek, but Sam refuses to back

Dean shows up, and Stiles wasn't expecting ...

Part 3/3 · Supernatural CrossoverFandom CrossoverFandoms UniteDestielMerlin Teen WolfSterekSuperwholockWinchester

Stiles always had the sarcasm and wit of a Winchester. Sterek and Destiel

Dean doesn't want Stiles dating Derek.

Stiles Winchester · Sterek ...

Stiles Winchester. The Winchesters find out they have a brother, but when they show

Sam finds out they have a brother...and Dean already knew about him

1/2 Stiles goes to the Winchesters to negotiate

Rowena goes to Beacon Hills and makes Stiles her droid with magic. She comes to

NO BUT THOSE SPN SCENES ARE WITH CASIFER!!!!!!!! Supernatural CrossoverSupernatural FandomFandoms UniteWinchester BoysDestielTeen Wolf SterekAkatsukiFunny ...

Amara kidnaps Stiles to use him against Dean, and Sam reacts. Winchester BrothersSam WinchesterJensen Ackles Jared PadaleckiSterek ...


Stiles is hurt and Derek finds him, and then Stiles' brothers help ...

I AM YELLING · Supernatural CrossoverFandom CrossoverFandoms UniteWinchester BoysDestielTeen WolfSterekSuperwholockFangirl

Stiles Winchester Au · Supernatural CrossoverSupernatural DestielSterek ...

Teen Wolf and Supernatural crossover

(I'm finding all this stuff with Stiles as the third, younger Winchester brother who just so happens to be dating Derek Hale and I'm living ...

Stiles was attacked by a supernatural creature and Dean and Sam aren't sure they…

Supernatural Fandom, Supernatural Crossover, Fandom Crossover, Fandoms Unite, Sterek Fanart, Winchester Boys, Destiel, Teen Wolf, Malec

Kai and Malia <3 (not my edit) *Fandoms: Teen Wolf and The Vampire Diaries*

Superwolf and Stilinski Twins 4 · Winchester BrothersWinchester BoysSupernatural CrossoverFandom CrossoverFandoms UniteDestielTeen Wolf SterekSuperwholock

Cas overheard Stiles and Derek having sex, and Dean isn't ready to accept that…

Fandom Jokes, Fandom Crossover, Supernatural Imagines, Sterek Fanart, Dean Winchester, Teen Wolf, Malec, Superwholock, Ouat

Supernatural and Teen Wolf mix! Supernatural CrossoverSterek ...


Meet the Parents

I never knew crossovers for Teen Wolf and SPN excisted omg

2/2 Stiles goes to the Winchesters to negotiate

Stiles is ready to argue with Derek, but his brother's boyfriend drops in, unexpectedly

Stiles Winchester Au where Sam and Dean couldn't make it to Stiles's lacrosse game

Sons of Anarchy & Teen Wolf Crossover│Jax Teller & Stiles Stilinski

Season one Peter Hale's hair vs Sam's hair

SuperWolf. Supernatural CrossoverSupernatural FandomFandom CrossoverTeen Wolf StilesFandoms UniteFangirlSterek FanartWinchester ...

Kira and Scott talk about Sterek, who are so wrapped up in each other,

Sterek, Ouat, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Wolves, My World, A Wolf, Bad Wolf, Once Upon A Time

Superwolf; Supernatural; Teen Wolf; crossover; Lydia Martin; Stiles Stilinski; Dean

sterek is eternal. Stiles Teen ...

Sterek and Winchesters Superwolf · SterekWinchesterWalk InTeen ...

I can't tell if they're suppose to be cross road demons or. Super NaturalDean WinchesterSterekCrossoverSuperwholockFanfictionPercy JacksonOuat Teen Wolf

Stiles Stilinski is a Winchester

Sons of Anarchy & Teen Wolf Crossover│Stiles Stilinski & Tara Knowles

I'm not crying.

Hahahha · Supernatural CrossoverSupernatural FandomSupernatural Imagines Sterek FanartFandom CrossoverTeen Wolf StilesFandoms ...

Sons of Anarchy & Teen Wolf Crossover│Gemma & Stilinski

AU; Teen Wolf; Scott McCall; Stiles Stilinski; Lydia Martin; Kira Yukimura

The pack at Beacon Hills find out the Winchesters aren't like the other hunters

He is really a perfect Destiel love child! <~je is lerfect and a tenn wolf (original characters) and spn fic on this would be great!

Sterek · Superwholock · Superwolf; Supernatural; Teen Wolf; crossover; Allison Argent; Lydia Martin

Sons of Anarchy & Teen Wolf | Jax Teller, Tara Knowles, Juice Ortiz, Stiles Stilinski

Supernatural & Teen Wolf Crossover │Sheriff Stilinski & Jody Mills

derek hale, funny, oh my god, sterek, stiles stilinski, teen wolf

The vampire diaries/Teen wolf/Supernatural

Dean comes to Beacon Hills to protect his younger brother, but Sheriff Stilinski isn'

Stiles Winchester. Superwolf AU

#deanxelena | Tʋ | Pinterest | Supernatural, Crossover and Dean

Melissa McCall & Stiles Stilinski...hahhaha XD Scott's mom is ...

#wattpad #romantiek All his life stiles has kept this secret and has lied to

Fandom Crossover, Supernatural Fandom, Fandoms Unite, Sterek Fanart, Winchester Boys, Destiel, Teen Wolf, Superwholock, Ouat

Dean's come around, and Stiles isn't too happy to see his oldest brother. (not the biggest sterek fan but superwolf is my religion so)

Probably the best Dean Sterek mashup ever!

Superwolf; Supernatural; Teen Wolf; crossover; Allison Argent; Lydia Martin; Kira · Supernatural CrossoverFandom CrossoverStydiaSterekTeen ...

SuperWolf! *howls*

Castiel checks in with Chris Argent to find out about Stiles

Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, & Teen Wolf Crossover│Jax Teller, Stiles Stilinski, Winchesters

910924ad77b6f4aae0c2ae33f9cc0ed7.jpg (736×974)

SuperWolf GIFset

Theo came back for Stiles.and manipulates him into dating him and begins abusing the human, upon threats against the Sheriff and Stiles' friends.

Dean and Sam try to keep Stiles safe.

1/3 Sam and Dean come to Beacon Hills to kill Derek. They come

Sterek Snapchat Teen Wolf

Stiles weighs in with dating advice for his oldest brother regarding a certain angel.

Superwolf; Supernatural; Teen Wolf; crossover; Lydia Martin; Stiles Stilinski; Dean

No I definitely think Sam would top Gabriel

Teen Wolf Supernatural crossover I fucking wish

So saaaaaaad. I'm gonna cry 😢. Find this Pin and more on sterek ...

Superwolf; Supernatural; Teen Wolf; crossover; Lydia Martin; Stiles Stilinski; Dean

1/2 The Winchesters go under cover at the Beacon Hills school dance

Sterek AU. Derek gets hit by a magic spell from a witch and regressed by

Sons of Anarchy & Teen Wolf Crossover│Jax Teller, Donna Winston, Stiles Stilinski

Superwolf Sterek and Destiel

Stiles' first hunt

This is Dylan and he's drunk.he's honestly still the hottest thing ever.

Rowena has turned Stiles into something...and the Winchesters have to find out

bah tah win — Totally Scary Bugles!Werewolf!Stiles and Mildly Aggravated Actual! Sterek ...

Nogitsune (Stiles) vs Dean Winchester | Rule the world {AU} --. Supernatural CrossoverDean WinchesterTeen WolfSterekFandomsAuFandom

Teen Wolf Status Asthmaticus - Theo and Stiles

Sons of Anarchy & Teen Wolf Crossover│Jax Teller, Stiles Stilinski, and Gemma Teller

Teen Wolf - Stiles and Scott

Sons of Anarchy & Teen Wolf | Stiles Stilinski, Sheriff Stilinski, Gemma Teller

Sons of Anarchy & Teen Wolf Crossover│Tara Knowles & Stiles Stilinski

Sterek is the hottest thing in the world

Teen Wolf Stiles: Maybe you caught a rabbit or something? Scott: And did what? Stiles: Ate it. Scott: RAW? Stiles: No, you stopped to bake it in a little ...