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Statuette of Aphrodite known as Aphrodite Heyl 2nd century BC

Statuette of Aphrodite known as Aphrodite Heyl 2nd century BC


Clay statuette of Aphrodite, from Asia Minor (Turkey), 2nd century BCE. (Altes Museum, Berlin)

Statuette of Aphrodite (known as Aphrodite Heyl) Statue clothed, moved (sculpture /

Aphrodite (Venus), Hellenistic statue (marble), 2nd-1st century BC, Archeological Museum

Aphrodite Leaning Against a Pillar (third century BC)

Aphrodite statuette from Myrina, 2nd century BC

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Statuette of Aphrodite 'Anadyomene' allegedly from Crete, 2nd century. Marble, height 63 cm. © National Museums in Berlin, Collection of Classical ...

Aphrodite statue, type of "Crouching Aphrodite" - marble from Roman period, based on original from Greek area circa c. BC - at the Louvre Museum

Aphrodite Heyl

Aphrodite and Eros, marble statue - Aphrodite head and both hands are missing, Eros is beside her bestriding a Dolphin - Roman imperial period, circa c.

Terracotta figurine of Aphrodite seated on a goose (3rd–2nd c. BC)

Artisan Crafted Christianity Wood Sculpture - Our Lady of Guadalupe | NOVICA

Marble statue of a naked Aphrodite crouching at her bath, also known as Lely's Venus. Roman copy of a Greek original, 2nd century AD.

Roman copy of Aphrodite, Greek work of century BCE, Hermitage Museum

In the 4th century BC the sculptor Praxiteles created a life-size naked statue of Aphrodite (Venus). It was placed in a shrine in her temple at Kni…

Statuette of Aphrodite. Eastern Mediterranean, first half of 2nd century B.C. Bronze, 38


Aphrodite and Eros on a Goose - Greek statuette terracotta, circa 4th c. BC - at the British Museum

Marble cult statue of Aphrodite Hypolympidia, from the santuary of Isis, 2nd c.

Statuette of Aphrodite leaning on a small statue, Greek, East Greek, Hellenistic Period

Venus de Milo

Venus (Aphrodite), Roman statue (marble) copy of Greek original, century AD (original c.

Aphrodite Terracotta Statuette - Goddess with in Shell, Hellenistic period, circa 3rd century BC, at the Christie's collection

Terracotta statuette of Aphrodite and Eros - from ancient Myrina, circa 3rd c. BCE - at the Special collection

Marble statue of a naked Aphrodite crouching at her bath, also known as Lely's Venus

mythologer: Aphrodite Anadyomene, Greek, Hellenistic Period, 3rd-1st century BC

Marble Statue of Aphrodite in the Metropolitan Museum of Art - Greek, Hellenistic, 2nd

Hellenistic 2nd-1st century BC.

Statuette of Aphrodite Anadyomene. Possibly from Thebtynis, Egypt. Ptolemaic Period, late 2nd

Statuette of a Female Figure (Aphrodite?) Rhodes 2nd century BC Greek Национальный Археологический

Early fifth-century BC statue of Aphrodite from Cyprus, showing her wearing a cylinder crown and holding a dove

Statuette of Aphrodite. Culture: Greek Place: Eastern Mediterranean Date: first half of

Statue of a Muse (Polimnia?). Parian marble. 2nd cent. BCE

Terracotta statuette of a veiled woman, century BC Greek,South Italian

century statue of a nymph, modelled after a famous century BC statue of Aphrodite, exhibited along the portico of the Stoa of Attalus, which houses the ...


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centuriespast: “Parian marble statue of Venus. Roman Date1stC-2ndC Excavated/Findspot: Ostia British Museum ”

Statue of Aphrodite or a Roman ladyRomanImperial Periodabout mid-1st century A.D.(via MFA Boston) contrapposto (the understanding that the human body stands ...

Terracotta statuette of Aphrodite Aphrodite riding on a goose, 3rd century BC, Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Munich #hellas

Aphrodite- type known as the Venus of Arles. A Roman statue in marble of the 1st - 2nd century AD in marble from Rome. The statue is a 1.94-metre-high (6.4 ...

Venus of Arles (Aphrodite), Roman statute original attributed to Praxiteles, discovered in Arles, century BC (Musée du Louvre, Paris).

Bust of Aphrodite - from ancient city of Myrina, circa 2nd c. BC -

Aphrodite of Milos better known as the Venus de Milo, is an ancient Greek statue

Statuette of Aphrodite with Dove and Ivy Wreath. Taranto, allegedly from Canosa (Puglia

Statuette of the Goddess Nike - 2nd century B.C. Terracotta. Culture: Greek, Asia

Artist unknown - Statue of Venus (the Mazarin Venus). Roman - 2nd century. Marble.

Terracotta statuette of Aphrodite in a shell, 3rd century BCE I think the shells that

A Hellenistic Marble Torso of Aphrodite. Circa 1st Century BC, 24.8 cm

Statue of Aphrodite riding on a goose, Greek, Late Classical Period, about 4th century B.C.

2nd century AD Roman marble sculpture of Aphrodite (Venus), 'Dresden Capitoline Type

Statuette of Aphrodite, ca. 150–100 B.C. Greek, late Hellenistic; variant of the 4th century B.C. Aphrodite of Knidos by Praxiteles Bronze H. 20 3/8 in.

Basalt statue of Aphrodite - Imperial, late C. Roman adaptation of a C. BCE Greek statue known as the Medici Aphrodite

Statuette of Goddess Nike - found Tarentine in Greek, circa 3rd c. BC,

Greece,Gods,Goddess,History,British Museum A terracotta statue of Aphrodite. Curious how most of her statues show her doing something with her feet.

Aphrodite spanking Eros - from ancient Attica in Greek religion, circa 200-100 B.C, made in bronze, high 16 cm - at the J. Paul Getty Museum


Terracotta figure of Aphrodite crowning a herm of Dionysos with an ivy wreath - 100 BC, circa from Myrina, now British Museum

"the Aphrodite Kallipygos" or "the Callipygian Venus", literally meaning "beautiful buttocks" - marble statue from Ancient Roman, circa or c. BC - at the ...

Aphrodite of the Syracuse type. Parian marble, Roman copy of the 2nd century CE after a Greek original of the 4th century BC note: neck, head and left arm ...

Terracotta statuette of dancing Aphrodite with Eros,Classical period. 4th century Greek,perhaps

Bronze Statuette of Aphrodite Entering Her Bath Egypt, said to be from Alexandria 2nd century

theseus aegean's ancient greece greek gods statues mythology | Aphrodite, Terracotta and Asia

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So-called “Lely's Venus”: Aphrodite surprised as she bathes. Roman copy of the Imperial era after an Hellenistic original.

Crouching Aphrodite, Hadrian period copy of Greek original by Doidalsas mid. 3rd century BC

Isis-Aphrodite. provenance unknown, 2nd to 1st century BC.Terracotta,greek

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Terracotta statuette of Aphrodite seated on a rock,Hellenistic period,3rd century BC Greek

Hellenistic Terracotta Aphrodite - 2nd century BC, at the H.S. Collection

2nd century B.C. Paris, Louvre Museum.

Statuette of a nude Aphrodite and a goose on a high molded plinth. Hellenistic Period, 1st century B.C. - Myrina. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Aphrodite in a Shell, Hellenistic statuette terracotta - circa c. AD - at the Hermitage Museum, Petersburg

Aphrodite of Milos ( c. 100 BC), Louvre

Aphrodite riding a dolphin | Aphrodite riding a dolphin over the sea. The sweeping movement of the cloth, far over the head of the goddess, represents the ...

Aphrodite (known as “Psyche”). Marble. Roman copy of the Hadrian period of a Greek original of the 4th cent. BCE. Inv. No. 6019.

Roman bronze Isis-Aphrodite with dove headdress, circa 2nd century AD.

Enthroned deity: the so-called goddess of Tarentum (Persephone, Hera, Aphrodite

cyprus goddess -Terracotta | GREEK,ROMAN,ETRUSCAN TERRACOTTAS | Pinterest | Cyprus, Goddesses and Terracotta

Roman marble statue of Aphrodite Kallipygos, Aphrodite of the beautiful buttocks, 1st-2nd

The Venus of Arles, century b. Aphrodite ...

Aphrodite terracotta statuette - probably from Myrina, 2nd century BCE | TESOROS y OBJETO ARTISTICOS | Pinterest | Aphrodite, Terracotta and Greek

Greek goddess Aphrodite - Winged Victory. Brescia, originated in the 3rd century B.C. The

كنوز التاريخ .. قديمه وحديثه: الهة الحب والجمال ( افروديت )

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Roman marble Aphrodite - circa 1st-2nd c AD - at the Christie's collection, London


Hermaphroditus was the son of Aphrodite and Hermes. According to Ovid, born a remarkably

Marble statue of Aphrodite. Period: Imperial. Date: 1st or 2nd century A.D.

Greek Sculpture | PARIAN GREEK LADY, c. 19th century. Finely detailed classical Greek ... #SculptureArt

A Roman bronze figure of Aphrodite. Circa 1st-2nd Century A.D.


Statue of #Aphrodite admiring her reflection in a mirror or in Ares' shield. Roman copy after an Early Hellenistic original. Wikipedia

Statue of Venus Genetrix in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Marble statue of Aphrodite - Venus Genetrix Greek Antiquities: Sculpture (Statue) Roman Empire.

Aphrodite Of Aphrodisias

Terracotta figure of Aphrodite standing, head turned to her right, both hands raised to

Marble head of a statue of Dionysos. Greek. Classical or Hellenistic Period, c

Venus (Aphrodite), Roman statuette (bronze), 1st-2nd century AD

Ombra della Sera - Etruschi - 300 bc - Museo_guarnacci | ETRUSCAN | Pinterest | Roman sculpture, History and Archaeology