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Spinel Crystal Color Variety Mogok Weight largest here is 25 cts

Spinel Crystal Color Variety Mogok Weight largest here is 25 cts


Spinel - is the magnesium aluminium member of the larger spinel group of minerals. It

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A Spinel Macle With Multi-phase Inclusion: Mogok, Burma. / Mineral Friends <3

Deep Pink Spinel. Oval Cut. 2.47 ct

Kunzite Crystal

natural cherry pink spinel

Purple Red Spinel. Oval cut. 1.66 ct. Beautiful Gem

Red spinel on calcite matrix. From Mogok, Myanmar. Spinel is 0.8cm across. Photo by Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com

Light purple Spinel cushion weighing 1.05cts, from Mahenge, Tanzania

Mogok Red Spinel, 1.35 Cts.

Purple Spinel

Crystal and Jewel: Burmese faceted-red spinel; x 7 x mm,, with a Burmese spinel-crystal, 17 x 12 x mm

Spinel on Calcite

Attractive and Beauty Red Burmese Spinel. Oval Cut. 3.18 ct

A very nice Ruby crystal with spinel like habit, reportedly from Mogok, Burma.

Vibrant Red Spinel from Mansin mine, Mogok, Burma and Diamond IVY ring. #

Platinum light Purple Spinel from Mogok. Oval Cut. 2.17 ct

Spinel var. Angel Wing from Mogok, Myanmar (Burma)

A remarkable specimen of ruby spinel from Pein Pyit, Mogok, Myanmar (Burma)

Platinum Lavender Violet Mogok Spinel. 2.50 ct

Untreated Orange Red Burma Spinel, Cushion Cut, 2.37 ct Loose Gemstones for sale MdMaya Gems

Distinct Vivid Maroon Spinel - Oval 21ct -Perfect Spinel for a trendy Ring - GRS

Very Impressive Flame Orange Spinel! Burma. Cushion Cut. 2.29 ct. Amazing

Spinel - is the magnesium aluminium member of the larger spinel group of minerals.

Pretty Bluish Gray Spinel Unheated, Cushion Cut, 1.22 ct

Spinel on Marble from Burma - Hibiscus Moon Crystals

Old Burma Spinels #yavorskyy cut from Mogok. Buy online now EBay Yavorskyy store.

Hot Red Burmese Spinel Cushion Cut 0.92 ct

Some of the nicest colors of Spinel from Myanmar (Burma), mostly from Mogok and some from Namya.

Stunning Tourmaline on Quartz From Mogok Township, Mandalay Division, Burma (Myanmar) Credit

Momeik, Mogok, Myanmar (former Burma) - A pair of attached gemmy crystals of spinel without matrix. Historic alluvial rounding and chipping present.

Enchanting Pink Burmese Spinel for SALE! Unheated, Oval Cut, 2.44 ct. Pretty

Red Spinel weighing cts from Tunduru, Tanzania cut into a fancy lip shape

Ruby in Marble, Mogok Valley, Burma, Miniature, 5.0 x 4.0 x 3.0

Blue Spinel from Afghanistan. Most blue spinel is rather opaque and not very intensely colored, but these crystals from Afghanistan are.gemmy, ...

Radiant Cut, Cinnamon Color Spinel, 1.36 Cts. (2715)

6.89 ct hot pink Tanzanian spinel

Spinel mm), a cyclic triplet of normal spinel twins, Mogok, Burma:

Magnificent Greyish Purple Burmese Spinel!. Cushion Cut. 3.25 ct

Top Red Spinel , Burma | Buy natural loose #gemstones online at mystichue.com


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Spinel Mogok, Myanmar thumbnail - 1 cm - Gem quality spinel crystals to Dark purple color, the transparency is evident with a little bit of backlighting.

Cobalt Blue Spinel rough from Vietnam

David Bowie Matched Pair Spinel, Flanders Cut, 2.41 Cts. (2795)

Spinel twin of spinel. Pinpyit, near Mogok, Burma/Myanmar. 7 mm

Spinel-Pein-Pyit_Mogok_Pyin-Oo-Lwin District_Mandalay Division-1021.jpg

Hetrochromic Matched Pair of Spinels, Flanders Cut, Cts.

Majestic Red Spinel, 3.22 Cts.

Rare fine "star of david" spinel crystal

33562: Spinel from Mogok, Sagaing Division, Myanmar (Burma) in

Burmese Spinels in host matrix

another tajik spinel - from an awesome article about spinel, follow link to read!

Natural Loose Brilliantly Cut Gemstones! These Spinels Sparkle.

Blue Spinel Crystals on Matrix, Helena, Montana

Nice bright Gray Spinel. Oval Cut. 1.55 ct

Ruby - Mogok, Sagaing District, Mandalay Division, Myanmar (Burma

25 - Fluorite, Massif Aiguille Verte.jpg

Spinel on Calcite - Pein-Pyit, Mogok Township, Pyin-Oo-Lwin District, Mandalay Division Burma

2.26 Cts Rare Natural Translucent Fine Spinel Trigon Specimen from Burma -- Kel's Minerals

Padparadscha Color Spinel Wholesale Loose Gemstone for Jewelry

Red flaming Spinel. Mogok. 4.70cts

Rare 74 carat Natural Golden Danburite from Mogok, Myanmar. The Value Gems and Jewelry, Yangon, Myanmar +959799979345

Zanas Mogok Ruby on crystal

Spinel ~ Mogok Township, Pyin-Oo-Lwin District, Mandalay Division, Burma

Natural Mogok Purplish Pink spinel around 7ct. Great cutting thus excellent luster. The Value

2.78 Mogok spinel - New Gemstones - Finewater Gems

T08-75 Spinel Gon Deposit, near Timpton River, Lena River Valley, Aldan

Rose color Spinel from Tajikistan, twenty-seven carat.

Spinel on Calcite - Mogok, Mandalay Burma

Spinel - Pein Pyit, Mogok, Mandalay Division, Myanmar.


Matched Pair Platinum Light Purple Spinel. 3.07 ct. pair. Heart cut

Fantastic colour palette by Vlad Yavorskyy

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Red Spinels from Burma, Rough Crystal is 3.83 ct, and Cut Stones are 4.21

Beautiful Pair of Deep Blue Mogok Spinel. Oval cut. 6.34 ct total

Sometimes spinel crystals twin and grow in a 'star of david' pattern, it's

Rare cyclic twinned Spinel Crystal from Myanmar 2.63ct

The spinel from Sri Lanka is exceptional for its intense violet-blue color, unlike any in the National Gem Collection

Norbergite with Spinel Mogok, Burma Miniature, x x cm This specimen features a GEMMY, translucent norbergite crystal perched on matrix

Tourmaline on Quartz - Mogok Township, Mandalay Division, Myanmar Watch it on video here

Brilliant luster Natural Rich Red Burmese Spinel! Oval cut. 1.30 ct

Ruby Crystal of 4.78 cts reportedly from Lin Yaung Gyi mine near Mogok (Burma)

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Two Shades of Grey Spinel, Matched Pair of Flanders Cut, 2.21 Cts. (

Rose Pink Spinel, Mogok, Burma

Флюорит Cave-in-Rock District, Hardin County, Illinois

Pierres Précieuses, Fines et Métaux

Purple spinel

Natural Mogok 6.7 ct red spinel from Myanmar. Available for sale at The Value Gems

1.65ct neon pink spinel form Tanzania

Rare Pink Raspberry Spinel from Burma. Cushion Cut. 2.34 ct

A beautiful pair of Spinel from Vietnam. A soft, feminine color.

Trapiche Spinel ~ Mogok,Mandalay Burma

Eric Saul displays the fruit of Mahenge, a spectacular red spinel

Although frequently confused with ruby, spinel stands on its own merits. Available in a striking array of colors, its long history includes many famous ...

Sharply brilliant Lavender Spinel from Madagascar, just under four carat, feels cool and refreshing