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South Dakota Car Junkyard Julie A Lopez PhotographyRepin

South Dakota Car Junkyard Julie A Lopez PhotographyRepin


World's Largest Old Car Junkyard: Old Car City U.S.A.

... Abandoned Vehicle Laws

Rusted and Ruined: Despite the rarity of cars with almost zero on the odometer -

Shirtless entrepreneur: Terry Porter is the owner of Country Auto Parts and is the setting

Crushed: Davies reversed his three-ton 4x4 into the police BMW, smashing the

Vintage: Mr Shubb keeps his vehicles - from a 1914 Ford Model T to a

In July 1969 Ted Kennedy's car plunged upside into 8ft of water, but Ted managed

That car was also found after it went missing for decades. It was so badly

Law enforcement officials help search the area in Oakland Township, Michigan in June 2013,

Pontiac LeMans Tempest

Officers were seen loading a body into the back of a vehicle in the seaside town

Heavy metal: Syrian rebels have built a makeshift tank from an old car and parts

Physio Lee Robinson has won what he believes is a landmark case that will lead to

A wind-whipped fire on Mt. Baldy has burned at least 30 acres so far.... Two officer-involved shootings in L.A. County today -- two people are dead.

Alden, whose family hung the shark high above their wrecking yard (pictured),

Car dealer Harsikander Dhillon has admitted selling death trap vehicles including a Mini Cooper welded together

Blogging dogs: These Cavalier King Charles Spaniels owned by auto salvage millionaire Ron Sturgeon have

One of the two cars used in filming, pictured, was preserved and sold three


Jack Weimer pulls a part from a junk motorcycle at Aadlen Brothers Auto Wrecking. It's

Written off: This picture shows the aftermath of a Boxing Day crash that saw a

Saving the planet: The Hybrid Air technology could allow a car the size of a

'Ignorance and insensitivity': Horrified archaelogists say there is no way the construction workers. '

Land Cruiser builders are back in business

The other car - a 1950 model Chevrolet - contained three bodies believed

Terry and Lyndsay Walker, owners of Metro Salvage and stars of BBC1 Scrappers, have

On thin ice: A man called for a salvage truck to help pull his off

Danish Museum lets you scratch this £135,000 Lamborghini | Daily Mail Online

Father builds guillotine and chops off own hand in bid to end years of agony | Daily Mail Online

A row of destroyed vehicles lies on the ground. The NYPD usually gets about 2

Emile Leray car

Today, Unipart employs more than 6,000 people and has a turnover of £900 million

Washed up: A Lamborghini and Ferrari worth £550,000 in the flooded underground car park

Rachel is the scrapyard boss' fiancee - she says people ask her if she is

Paige Foster believes thieves used a laptop to hack the keys to her Mercedes outside her

Despite Mandy facing the unimaginable, she has still carried on being the active person that

Sad: Though she was there to support a good friend at the event, she

A picture Mr Oyefoso took of his two cars before the accident in the early hours

What happens in Vegas: Rodrigo hopped in a flash car and head down to the

Research: The father-of-two spent hours online researching photographs of the car

This includes educating them about everything that is going on so there are as ...

Mel and his uncle bought the four engines following the break-up of British Rail

Marilyn Monroe had purple blotches on her face, falsie breasts and 'didn't take care of herself' reveals mortician who prepared her and other stars for ...

When Tara Westover arrived in Cambridge from the United States she felt unworthy

Closed: This restaurant in Richmond London, is among those that will be closed

It's memories, magic and mayhem, ...

The boat was salvaged this evening

Acquisitive Fundraisers

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scrap metal art | The Incredible Scrap Metal Sculptures by John Lopez

A salvage crew recover a black BMW car from a canal in Timperley, Greater Manchester

The show, which debuted in 2004, typically consisted of drivers with horribly beat up

White van driver forces cyclist off road in West Sussex | Daily Mail Online

Overpriced: The driver of this $430,000 uninsured Lamborghini Aventador was left fuming according to officers

At least 24 people were killed when a lorry's brakes failed on Field's Hill in Pinetown

As the driver pulls out of a petrol station onto the road his wallet slips from

Residents in Breezy Point, Queens, return after the hurricane to see the damage caused

A car left wrecked by the devastating hurricane

... r ...

Arthur Sharp and Lisa Luke with their sons, Albert, 12, Arthur, 4

Classic car: The Lamborghini Miura generated much publicity as the world's fastest road car when

Muzzo was returning home from his bachelor party in Las Vegas when the crash occurred (

Pictures show the wheels of the aircraft lying across the deck of the Russian salvage ship

Custom plates: A white luxury car had custom plates reading PAULYD

Teresa Halbach was killed on Halloween 2005, after she visited the Avery salvage yard in

Meet the Posher

Private investigator John Hoda was driving on the other side of the road and was the

John Lopez Studio - Dakota

A beautifully ...

Grovelling: He added: 'I have already said sorry to my family, my

They will spike a driver's auto insurance premium, and many come with hefty financial penalties. But depending on the violation ...

Landing gear of the Airbus A330

Meet the Posher