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Soldiers of the Great Northern War 41 Swedish Guards Infantry 42

Soldiers of the Great Northern War 41 Swedish Guards Infantry 42


Soldiers of the Great Northern War. 41: Swedish Guards Infantry. 42: A Guards Cavalryman of Saxony. 43. Polish Lancer. 44. Prussian infantryman of the ...

Swedish foot regiment, Great Northern War:

swedish uniforms seven years war - Google Search

Swedish infantry The Great Northern War. Click on image to enlarge.

Russian army of the Great Northern War

Charge of the Swedish cavalry against Russian troops, Battle of Fraustadt, Great Northern War

Swedish Carolean soldiers, Great Northern War

Russian household guard officer in the Kremlin, Great Northern War

The Great Northern War; Swedish Infantry Regiments 1701-18


Controversial: The Northern World War II Association wear uniforms and hold genuine weapons during their

The Great Northern War Russian Guard of Peter I

The US Special Forces Berlin unit, pictured, were trained to sabotage enemy communications and

Well I have been working on some 20mm Early war tanks and trucks for my Poland 39 Chain of Command games that I will be running at the club.

Great Northern War.jpg

World War I casualties

Swedish soldiers during a training exercise.


Sweden has introduced military conscription – perhaps the UK should consider its own form of youth force | The Independent

A group of foreign journalists observing something during snowfall in Mainila, where a border incident

Sweden conducts biggest military exercise for more than two decades amid growing Russia threat | The Independent

Russian Dragoons and a Great Northern War Club Campaign

LCMSDS Photo Holdings

Russia causes alarm with 'largest ever' military drills in Belarus | The Independent

I couldn't attend this year, so a big THANK YOU to Jesper for carrying home these minis from the Excel event, where Michael and he hosted a Medieval-themed ...

Graphic pictures: Yemeni troops annihilate entire Sudanese contingent paid by Saudi Arabia

Legio Heroica added new Swedish infantry to their 15mm Great Northern War range:

Curfew in force across Thailand after military seizes power in bloodless coup

Russian border guards patrolling the top of Zaozyornaya Hill at the Khasan crossing point on the

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Italian soldier in Rome with an ARX-160

[US Soldiers in Poland] ...

In the UK 16-year-olds can't legally play Call of Duty but they can join the army | The Independent


On Patrol: US soldiers, part of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force

Minnie Chan

Kremlin lies: President Vladimir Putin is accused of covering-up his reliance on mercenary

Captain Megan Couto of the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, makes history

... the Great in its entirety, and covers in depth old Russian troops and irregulars, as well as Peter's new standing army (guards, infantry, dragoons, ...

British Army 81mm Mortar

The Official Order of mobilization had been sent out to the regimental colonels, everything was prepered. The Regiments had been assembled, the soldiers ...

Swedish Home Guard soldiers in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm.

THE WAR YEARS 1939: Blitzkrieg ...

Chinese troops at LAC

Israel Soldiers Abduct 41 Palestinians In The West Bank

A soldier from the Vatican's Swiss Guards shakes hands with Pope

(North Korean infantry with PPSh-41 submachine guns march in Pyongyang in 2013.) (photo via RT News)

Agence France-Presse

Assessing Russia's Reorganized and Rearmed Military - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Armed forces must have pay rise to entice new recruits, defence minister says | The Independent

On patrol in the DMZ: North Korean landmines, biting winds and tin cans | World news | The Guardian

Pfc. Mickey Rooney imitates some Hollywood actors for an audience of Infantrymen of the 44th Division.

China, India border dispute bubbles over once more, but no one is quite sure why | South China Morning Post

Nato and Afghan soldiers prepare to burn drugs in Helmand, Afghanistan on November 2, 2017. Photo: EPA

Home Guard soldiers (2015).


Charles DeGualle Proclamation June 18, 1940 Recording; 42.

World War II: Allied forces securing Paris

In this photo taken Friday, April 21, 2017 Col. Gregory Beaudoin, right

The Washington Post

III. First American Combat and First American Combat Deaths

British soldiers could face prosecution at the Hague after the International Criminal Court. Pictured are

(Late-1990s / early 2000s exercise of the Worker-Peasant Red Guard Militia, using WWII-era ZiS-3 anti-tank guns.)

Eight Syrians including women and young children have been shot dead by Turkish border guards while

Australian solider provides protection in Tarin Kot

Sweden conducts biggest military exercise for more than two decades amid growing Russia threat | The Independent

Israeli soldiers seen at an IDF gathering point in a field near the Israeli border with

In this photo taken Friday, April 21, 2017 paratroopers with the 82nd Airborne Division's

Bengal Native Infantry

An armed soldier attacks a protestor on Bloody Sunday when British Paratroopers shot dead 14 civilians

So Jesper, Micke and I packed the car with our Great Northern War participation game in 28mm, based on a scenario of the Battle of Holowczyn 1708.

Newsreel of American forces invading the Philippine islands, 1944.

(This North Korean press photo shows the conclusion of a 2013 Worker-Peasant Red Guard exercise. Mixed in with the Cold War-era AK-47s and RPG-7s are a ...

Flags by Lesley Prince

OUT OF STOCK - 8048 Great Northern War Swedish Infantry 1687-1721; 43 Figures in 11 poses. Made in light tan. These could be used for American Revolution ...

World War II: Free French forces

1956 (Austrian infantry ...

Swedish Military | Marching in Prussian Style | HD

I don't think these two chaps are to scale, although it's always HILARIOUS to give the smallest soldier the most unwieldy, outsized load and stand him next ...

Army Units

World War II: Allied landing

French president Emmanuel Macron to bring back compulsory military service for young people | The Independent

SergeyShamenkov does the colour plates of uniforms

Marine Pfc. Douglas Lightheart (right) cradles his 30-cal. machine gun ...

—Photograph ...

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Wearing Red Army World War II-era uniforms, Russian troops march in the annual Victory Day parade at Moscow's Red Square, Friday, 9 May 2008. (AP Photo)

(North Korean troops march with WWII PPSh–41 submachine guns in 2016.)

In the summer the campaign picked up again as I run a Napue demo game in Ropecon. After the summer we were given a demo on the game system Maurice (by Sam ...

A Swedish Home Guard soldier with an Ak 4 battle rifle (Swedish-made variant of with the H&K G3) with Aimpoint sight mounted.

Spoiler Alert, click show to read:

Police officers stand guard during an official ceremony in Agadez, Niger, January 15,

Waffen SS prisoners taken by British troops at Caen in July 1944.