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Smith and Wesson 38 Special Guns and stuff t Feu et

Smith and Wesson 38 Special Guns and stuff t Feu et


S&W Lew Horton 624 3 inch 44 NIB 1985 Smith Wesson : Revolvers

Smith and Wesson Model 15-4 in .38 Special A very beautiful and classical

Smith and Wesson Revolvers This is a beautiful thing right here! Amen to all you gun builder!


Revolver Smith and Wesson cal 44 .Old Russian 1869. Gravé argenté .

Performance Center 627 V COMP 357 MAGNUM, Performance Center 629 V COMP 44 MAGNUM, · Smith And Wesson ...

Smith & Wesson model 3, 3eme mod. russian civil 44 russian

Smith & Wesson 8 Shot (Now where can I find an eight shot speedloader?

Standard .357 Magnum loads felt like 9mm and, compared to the brutal little Airweight, shooting standard pressure .38 Spl. felt like an airsoft gun.

frpost: “ whiskey-wolf: “ S&W MAG 8 Shot Revolver with 8 rounds of Hydra-Shok ammo outlaw-SR


Smith & Wesson S&W Model 36 (Chiefs Special) 38 Spl Revolver 1-7/8 Inch Barrel


Smith & Wesson Engraved Model 60 .38 special stainless steel finish 2" barrel full


HK USP S&W One of the top gun manufacturers in my opinion.

Simply stated, the velo dog was a smaller, more streamlined and less powerful version of the bulldog. Yes, it was made for cyclists but also for many other ...

smith and wesson model 500 one big gun for a hand gun but I would love to shoot it I have held one this thing will make your hands look small even ...


Some Arminius 6.35 pistols used the hollow in the grip to store five extra rounds. This was an ingenious idea but it did not catch on.

One more photo to show relative sizes. The largest gun is a Colt 38 Army Special (basically the same gun as an Official Police), a Colt Police Positive ...

Pimp my gun. Not nearly as pretty as a Python, to be sure:


Webley Mk VI revolver and Fairbairn-Sykes commando dagger

You may remember some time ago we showed a Melior .32 that was a cosmetic copy of the FN Browning Model 1900 that worked quite differently, in order to get ...

Clement arms also produced a large variety of small guns and revolvers, including this tiny .22 short baby, under 4 inches stem to stern

I will have more to say about both velodog extractors and safety mechanisms in the next section, dealing with velodog special features.

One essential feature of the velo dog was that it was small, from a little over 4 inches front to back to about 5 inches.


As you can see in the photo above, in single action mode there isn't much room for the trigger to move rearwards. It doesn't need it.

Smith & Wesson Revolver. I love the wooden handle on this. I cant wait

A second shape, known as the bossu, or hunchback, is essentially the same gun with a square rear hump.Many people found this shape pistol easier to handle ...

SHTF Skills: Handguns designed for concealed carry. Every woman should know how to handle a gun

Pimp my gun. Not nearly as pretty as a Python, to be sure:

The velo dog, with its larger and more powerful cartridge was designed to serve the needs of the general public as well as the bicycle rider.

larvatus prodeo ?

S&W 8¾" Registered Magnum

as well as velodogs chambered in 6,35, such as the pistol below, when that cartridge became available. Note the unusual safety screw in the base of the ...

To see how great the difference between a large bulldog and a baby bulldog might be, see the two pistols below

We would all be lucky to have a reputation as stellar as Dan Wesson revolvers do. Unfortunately, hope as gun owners did, DW didn't manufacture any for many ...

Cette étude, fort bien documentée y compris dans sa conclusion, à été menée alors que le Ministère de la Défense poursuivait ses études sur les armes ...

S&W 8¾" Registered Magnum

Feb. 14, 2018

Manurhin 88SX .357 Mag .

This next pistol bearing an Oury trademark seem to be exactly like one bearing a Galand trademark. Oury and Galand seem to have inspired each other quite a ...

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Jiverly Wong, 41, fired at least 98 shots from two handguns, a Beretta 92 FS 9-millimeter pistol and a Beretta PX4 Storm pistol, inside a civic association ...

My M&P R8 "

Manurhin MR73 4" Gendarmerie, last action variant

S&W 8¾" Registered Magnum

The two pistols below, from the Poulin Antiques auction site were listed as velodogs because they look like ordinary velodogs but they were chambered to use ...

First year 342 PD No-Lock EDC

The Tue-Tue version of the velodog was similar to the standard version but chambered a more powerful .32 caliber cartridge and hence the name, ...

It has no import marks, but they weren't required until the Gun Control Act of 1968 took effect in 1969 — and the same act banned the import of small ...

My EDC revolver.


The designs were excellent but evidently it was easier, and probably cheaper, to use what was standard on most small hand guns ...

Inside the pamphlet proudly proclaims how this and the 38 caliber version are the 'official arm of the police departments of the leading cities throughout ...

I went to the SHOT Show. Here are my impressions.


I promise you, you can't. You don't know. And for the safety of yourself and all those around you, unless you have sole control of the weapon and positive ...

Dating smith wesson 32 revolver

Ruger Blackhawk


This one is presently back at S&W having a titanium cylinder fitted.



The Melior is lavishly marked with a legend, proofmarks, and "Safe" and

... Smith & Wesson, My .38 SPL S & W model 12-2 (5).jpg .

Bookseller reference : 17495

A transfer bar safety is employed to ensure that the hammer can't contact the firing pin unless the trigger is pulled. This allows for safe, hammer-down ...


Dan Wesson M1911 ACP pistol

Single action double action da sa sao

Muzzle Loaders: Proper Loading and Maintenance

Indeed, along with Colt's revolvers, --indeed, surpassing the Colt revolver-- the bulldog became the gun of choice for self protection.

Smith & Wesson Model 29 - Image: S&W Model ...

Collectors Firearms Montenegrin Gasser

What is sole control and positive knowledge? It means the weapon is in your hands, you inspect the chamber, and it stays in your hands.

... people think great things are being done. It is only after all is over and there is no result that they begin to wonder what it was all about.

After the word “feu” the pistol may be raised and fired, but not fired later than the word “trois.”

Smith & Wesson Model 29 - Image: S&W Model 29 comparison

On the 197th round of the day (#997 of the test) the pistol experienced a failure to eject. While hotter than the CCI Blazer Brass, the American Eagle is ...

No serial number, has nickel-plated frame and blued barrel with Herstal proofs. Functional, has folding trigger and checkered bakelite grips.

... look to the eye as being of equal numbers, owing to the blue being so inconspicuous[Pg 233] compared with the red, the red compared with yellow, ...

GLOCK G41 in .45 Auto (top) and the "small" GLOCK G42

Near Excellent condition, with all-matching numbers and bright and strong bore. Complete with lanyard-ring, double broad-arrow British property marks, ...

Dating smith wesson 32 revolver

... Shimmering GLOCK Gen- 4, 17 USA (Davidson special Edition) Forest Green, ...

.38 S&W.38 Special.357 Magnum9×19mm Parabellum ...

Clean casting and machining isn't the end of the story, as the trigger is pretty nice from a functional perspective as well. The double action pull starts ...

... Shimmering GLOCK Gen- 4, 17 USA (Davidson special Edition) Forest Green, ...

Very few wish to kill their man. He can be held off with a pistol which commands respect, but a little toy is only laughed at.

A black rear sight like that is my preference, but I like the front to be visible with either a nice dot or a fiber optic. I'm not exactly old, ...