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Skyscraper Souls Classic PreCode and Silent Hollywood

Skyscraper Souls Classic PreCode and Silent Hollywood


Skyscraper Souls

Helen Mack

Skyscraper Souls

Skyscraper Souls

Skyscraper Souls

Philosophy of Science Portal: Those "pre-code" Hollywood films

Skyscraper Souls

Maureen O'Hara

How Green Was My Valley

Skyscraper Souls

Skyscraper Souls

Skyscraper Souls

How Green Was My Valley

Skyscraper souls behind the scenes

Grand Hotel/Skyscraper Souls Dress

Jean Harlow & Clark Gable · Old HollywoodClassic ...

Original vintage 8" by 10" black and white photo from the 1932 movie Tarzan

Baby Face (1933)

The Hatchet Man, Skyscraper Souls, Employees' Entrance, One Way Passage, and What Price Hollywood?, however, I've been sitting on for awhile.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

A pre-code Hollywood portrait of actress Marion Martin, 1930s

Beautiful silent film star Bebe Daniels looking ravishing in the 1920s. # vintage #beautiful

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Listen ...

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Jean Harlow (seen here on a 1935 Time cover) was propelled to stardom in pre-Code films such as Platinum Blonde, Red Dust, and Red-Headed Woman.

Meanwhile ...

What Price Hollywood? finds Brown Derby waitress Constance Bennett hitching her wagon to star director Lowell Sherman (himself a director of several films ...

Films made in the pre-Code era frequently presented people in sexually suggestive or provocative situations, and did not hesitate to display women in scanty ...

16 August 2011



Of course, there is a rogues gallery of great pre-Code players in each, with Wallace Ford, in his younger, skinnier guise, appearing in key roles in each ...


Warren William is undoubtedly Skyscraper Souls' star turn with an appropriately domineering screen presence for a man who's building all around it.

Movies in the Pre-Code era were frequently marketed with suggestive tag lines like this one for a picture in which Stanwyck sleeps ...

Ahem… anyway, you can order the set direct from Warners or through Amazons: good value with four films for the price of two and Bettie Davis too!

Warners Forbidden Hollywood Collection Volume 7. The Hatchet Man, Skyscraper Souls, Employees' Entrance, Ex-Lady Warner Archive Collection

Red Dust (1932)

Skyscraper Souls [VHS]

... and Edgar Selwyn's Skyscraper Souls (1932), both starring "the King of pre-Code" Warren William, reside in the same WA Forbidden Hollywood collection.


... downward due to his own problems with alcohol, it makes Sherman's onscreen plight in What Price Hollywood? that much more poignant and hard-hitting.

Employees' Entrance: This is a sequel to or re-working of Skyscraper Souls featuring Warren Williams as a similarly Machiavellian manager in a comparable ...

Norma Shearer.

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Norman Foster and Maureen O'Sullivan

Perhaps the most versatile actresses ever to appear on screen. She excelled in anything she was in - light comedy, serious dramas, romance movies.

Review: Warren William Magnificent Scoundrel of Pre-Code Hollywood by John Stangeland

But ...

Despite the fact that Sherman's alcoholism was no doubt a taboo onscreen subject at the time, and while I appreciate the film's willingness to tackle such a ...

Forbidden Hollywood, Vol. 2:

Warren William: "The Mind Reader," "Gold Diggers of 1933," "Employees' Entrance," "Under 18," "The Mouthpiece," "Three on a Match," "Skyscraper Souls"

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Now that's a grand entrance.

Category Archives: Classic Film

Boris Karloff: "Frankenstein," "The Black Cat," "Five Star Final," "The Criminal Code," "Night World," "The Mask of Fu Manchu," "The Mummy"

Dwight Buildings and diminutive neighbour.

A Free Soul (1931)

Night Nurse (William Wellman, 1931) - This notorious Pre-Code melodrama from William Wellman mixes mystery, horror, sentiment, social drama, romance, ...

Most viewers get a kick out of pre-Code movies because of their explicit, unromanticized depiction of sex. Few expect films that are 80 years old to be so ...

On a recent Friday night, I struggled to find an empty seat at Film Forum, the Downtown Manhattan movie mecca where I spend most of my free time and ...

Anita Page

Also of interest is the mysterious Rowland Brown's role as one of eight(!) writers on the picture. Brown would go onto direct three potent pre-Code ...

Warren William and Verree Teasdale

The name of this blog is “Hooray for Hollywood,” and usually I write about just that, Hollywood. However, there are times in life when you realize what is ...

Scenes such as this, in which a man is about to kiss a woman in bed in her nightgown, (Warren William and Ann Dvorak in 1932's Three on a Match) were ...

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Bette Davis and Warren William in Satan Met a Lady, 8x10 Still Photo

A famous scene from It Happened One Night, in which Claudette Colbert hitchhikes using an unorthodox method to attract a ride, after Clark Gable's failure ...

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Warren William

Hollywood. “

A beautiful bounty of Constance Bennett.

Warren William almost distrubing in Employee's Entrace.

Warren William in Arizona, 8x10 Still Photo

Blu-ray: Deluge

Dancers rehearsing in abbreviated clothing in 42nd Street (1933) illustrates the allure of the backstage musical

Kay Francis dreamily asks for your complicit silence.

TCM Friday Night Spotlight Pre-Code Hollywood, Part III - Hooray for Hollywood!

Blink and you'll miss him. In truth I did. After doing a little research on the film I went back and sure enough there he is. Perhaps a missing scene that ...

Free market finance at work


Pre-Code Hollywood Before and After PreCode and PostCode Hollywood The Retro Set

Cleopatra doesn't go as far as 1932's The Sign of the Cross, which is a pre-Code classic, but it's still suggestive in a toned-down way.

Will H. Hays was recruited by the Hollywood studios in 1922 to help clean up their image after a series of scandals, especially the Roscoe Arbuckle ...

Pre-Code Hollywood Daily Lazy PreCode Hollywood

Warner Baxter, lookin' good.

'Heroes for Sale'


More known for her beauty than any of her acting achievements, Bruce did possess a unusual but alluring face, and had a deep, velvety voice - she was ...

Warren William and Jeanette MacDonald in The Firefly at MGM

carole lombard white woman poster 02


Jean Harlow was described in the Encyclopedia of Hollywood as "the reigning sex symbol of the 1930s." Harlow was propelled to stardom in pre-Code films such ...

What's on TCM: October 2010


Chandra ...

Katherine Alexander and Warren William of Step-daughters of War