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SkiFfy MYTHOPOEIKON Future Promised t Sci fi

SkiFfy MYTHOPOEIKON Future Promised t Sci fi


Space/spaceship/spaceship concept/ future travel/ -by Stephan Martiniere-. Science Fiction ...

Trippy '70s Soviet Space Magazine Covers

Frank Kelly Freas illustration Queen :: News of the World album, 1977


Ed Emshwiller - Rendezvous on a Lost World, 1961 / The Science Fiction Gallery

Sand and dust by Blinck Sci-fi structure desert planet science fiction art image


retroscifiart: “Painting by Vincent Di Fate 'Future Fears' for Analog Magazine from the book Tomorrow and Beyond; Masterpieces of Science Fiction Art ”

I, Robot - Isaac Asimov - Vintage Science Fiction Sci-Fi Novel Paperback Book…


The Place Promised in Our Lonely Days (Makoto Shinkai)

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Boris Vallejo / Sci-Fi Art from the 70s and early 80s

Science fiction

This bit of news has been six months in the making, but I can finally announce that I will be editing a science fiction magazine, to be published in ...

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John Berkey - Up in Space

The stories are remarkable and some polished gems but it solidified for me that I don't like sf/f short stories. Too much world-building to dip into and ...


America of the Future, c. 1910s-30s.

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) presented the 52nd Annual Nebula Awards, the Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic ...

New Genre Wednesdays: Mid-Future Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian YA Fiction

Phillippe "Manchu" Bouchet #art #artwork #scifi #sciencefiction #illustration

i did however pick up this

staylenhag art

The Vault of Retro Sci-Fi, John Harris

John Polgreen

Interstellar by techgnotic on deviantART

Science fiction, since the birth of the genre magazines in the 192os, has been seen as a category of pulp publishing more than as a literary ...

Tom Cassauwers, on OZY, says Sci-Fi Doesn't Have to Be Depressing: Welcome to Solarpunk:

(2) FUTURE TENSE. “Safe Surrender” by Meg Elison, author of The Book of the Unnamed Midwife, is this month's entry in the Future Tense series that examines ...

Aurora Battle. Sci Fi ...

The future just isn't what it used to be… not least because people keep changing it. Recent years have seen a significant growth of academic and public ...

Color Splash & More

Good Show, Sir reports Lee Moyer, artist, designer and illustrator, has created a gallery of sci-fi cover recreations on his website. For example –

A couple weeks ago I did a cover reveal for my forthcoming novel, Mind Breach. Overall, it was very well-received. But, as is the case with most parties ...

http://images.amcnetworks.com/blogs.amctv.com/wp-content/uploads/mt-legacy/ scifi-scanner/jcblbmar.jpg


Mark Weaver (1)

Pirates Of The Asteroids by Peter Elson, Science Fiction Illustrator

THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES is Bradbury's best and best-known science fiction book, given that we allow it to be called science fiction at all (this has always ...

Spaceport of the Future

Chris Garcia – bless him – made a point of hugging everyone. He is awesome. We made our way on stage and I mumbled or something. I don't know.

Jam arguably standing on an honest-to-god piece of science fiction, but in particular preventing her SJW credential from reading Scalzi's The Collapsing ...



File 770

Nick Stathopoulos at home with his painting 'Don't touch that dial!'

(14) REMINDS ME OF HEINLEIN. More dreams: “Elon Musk says rockets will fly people from city to city in minutes”.



Appealing description of this on Amazon, which shows some other related, like a Nalo Hopkinson-edited---anybody read this?

It blends a realistic projection of future technology with an intriguing mystery. I think that fans of Sarah Pinsker's Our Lady of the Open Road might ...

http://stuffpoint.com/apocalyptic-and-post-apocalyptic-fiction /image/215013-apocalyptic-and-post-apocalyptic-fiction -the-quiet-earth-screenshot.jpg

Jeopardy Logans Run

In the nearly 70 years since late author Ray Bradbury published “The Illustrated Man,” various short stories in the classic science fiction anthology have ...

(15) PULLMAN'S MATERIALS. Entertainment Weekly interviews the author: “Golden Compass' Philip Pullman on returning to His Dark Materials”.

Yeah, I remember being hooked on the DEATH WORLD books


Well, sure, I could blog about all of that…if a certain military uniform didn't keep making my heart beat so rapidly with its seductive call.

The emergence of the post, which didn't get that much traction when it was first posted, is almost solely so people can mock it.

Next in my series of reading nonfiction books about science fiction, proceeding in roughly chronological order, is this short book of six essays, ...

Vincent Di Fate 'A World in the Clouds' for Analog magazine. Image from The Science Fiction Art of Vincent Di Fate

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Science Fiction Golden Age art

thumbnail_RS Ford scifi now review.jpg

Print List Price: $18.00

So, as promised, here is the e-cover of the new Penric & Desdemona novella. It will be #6 in the current internal chronology (and publishing order.)

New work by Naomi Alderman and Juno Dawson are amongst some of the 2018 offerings for the Doctor Who list, publishing to celebrate the debut of Jodie ...

I don't think I covered this with the rest of the Denny's Star Wars-themed advertising: “Solo: A Star Wars Story exclusive trading cards, available only at ...


Thousands of dollars and many hard drives later, we ponder our purchases—and data.

Gardner Dozois has named the 38 stories that will appear in The Year's Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fifth Annual Collection, due out in July of 2018:

It is the richness of the setting in all its darkness and horror that I find so appealing about the 40K universe. It's very far from a generic sci- fi ...

Larry Correia with the cover of his new novel at the Baen party:

Amazon.com: The Buried Life: Recoletta Book 1 (The Recoletta) (9780857665218): Carrie Patel: Books

(Early 2010 was the Year of J G. Ballard.) I have laid in a supply of novels, non-fiction writings, a biography, ...

Barkley — So Glad You (Didn't) Ask: A Column of Unsolicited Opinions #32

An official T-shirt approved by the author, Jeff VanderMeer. The inspiration for the novel was a 14-mile hike through St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in ...

Alumni News Archive

editors' picks · The Best Science Fiction ...

You can read an excerpt of THE PROMISE OF KIERNA'RHOAN here. The author has also written Christmas on Eldora Station, a holiday-themed science fiction ...

Here Are the 1960s Science Fiction Novels Everyone Should Read

Enjoy food + drinks, entertainment, and be the first to hear our 2018/2019 Season announcement! Attendees will be the first to be able to reserve tickets to ...

Exploring New Places, edited by Fred Patten, is launching at Anthrocon 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA over the July 4th holiday weekend (July 5-8).

(4) SHOULDN'T BE A MYSTERY. On Friday night, the Jeopardy! game show had a “Science Fiction” category during the “Double Jeopardy” round.

Dafydd ab Hugh, sometimes science fiction writer, has become a right-wing pundit.

Back in 1991, when I laid out for the publishers of Science Fiction Age the vision I had for that magazine—which I'd go on to edit through the year 2000—I ...


Cityscape 3 by cyberpunk, future city, cyber city, flying car, futuristic city (Future Tech Sci Fi)

These omnibus editions I found aren't actually complete, or the Venus isn't, anyway here's one of the latter series that

(3) BUILDING THIS WORLD. Malka Older's talk on “Speculative Resistance” at #PDF18 is available on YouTube. Think about worldbuilding as an activist tool and ...