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She is not the evil thats the the reason I protect her DSA

She is not the evil thats the the reason I protect her DSA


(DSA-Splitterdämmung) - She is not the evil, thats the the reason

DSA had the privilege to speak with Zerto's Chief Marketing Officer, Gil Levonai with regards to their APJ expansion plans at the ZertoCon Local 2017 event ...

WestCoastCon 🇺🇸 on Twitter: "Allison Hrabar - locked her twitter account. The reason: she posted tweets bragging about harassing DHS Sec Nielsen.

Chicago, IL - Aug 4th, 2017 - Democratic Socialists Convention at UIC

The worst part about Illinois' anti-BDS legislation from the standpoint of the Palestinian cause is that it protects companies that profit directly from ...

Isn't Sanders' campaign all about openness and transparency?

... the Democratic Socialists of America is organizing a boycott of Deep South Taco because of Hamilton's closeness with Howard. The DSA cites its vehement ...

One can actually understand why New Yorkers especially would fall for that agenda of promises. When I was a child there in the 1950s and 60s, New York was a ...

... TV commercial for breast augmentation, spoken by a beautiful, thin, middle-aged woman looking at herself in a mirror. She is telling the lie that nearly ...

A Cop With A Tattoo He Swears Isn't A “Nazi Tattoo” Says A Lot About Police Free Speech

[Attached pic] ...

Against Social-Imperialism in the DSA

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none DSA with left beef on Twitter: "if youre feeling bad today just give this a quick once-over ok i love you take care… "

How the Denver DSA Convinced the Local Democratic Party to Endorse Socialism in Its Platform

Photos via New Orleans DSA Twitter and New Orleans DSA Facebook


Bernie Sanders supporters hold a sign in Los Angeles during the 2016 election campaign.

That poor woman. I'd like to come to her rescue.

(L. Couch)

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28, the NPC issued a statement on its vote the previous night to censure, but not remove Fetonte from their ranks:

Anti-DSA Leftists trying to explain why Alexandria Ocassio-Cortez is actually bad ...

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Got my sets in today. Definitely some glaring inconsistency issues with both the caps and dye-sub, but as an overall product, not bad.

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DSA member reports sexual harassment to the DSA LA chapter. results are not good. : ChapoTrapHouse

BRADDOCK: She said she was drawn to this area because of its economic diversity. And despite its economic growth, “We have definitely seen through the years ...

Chris MacArthur

My mum, like millions of other women, puts all her trust and last hopes of carrying a successful pregnancy in the hands of health professionals. She ...

Student Lauren Hall in Oxford

DM – He was asked to perform a Walk & Turn first according to the affidavit, but 'could not maintain starting position,' 'missed heel to toe each time ...

Top of the list of student demands: not lower fees, but more counselling | Education | The Guardian

It was against this background of established notoriety that Jacobs published, very much under the guidance of the editor Jason Epstein, “The Death and Life ...

Voting For Hillary is a Privilege—One Not Shared By the People She'll Bomb

Châu Ngô and Jose “Chito” Vela at August DSA meeting at Scholz Garten.

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I often put up postings that are tongue in cheek and poke fun at Miscavige and his Merry Band of Minions.

Edmond: I went to law school in Orlando when George Zimmerman was being tried nearby for shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. My classmates were marching ...

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I responded, with a “what's your point” - that the owner of Deep South Taco was, too. Hamilton then replied to me, and you can see the thread here.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a long post about random number generation, which I find to be one of the most fascinating subjects in cryptography — mostly ...

But where their analysis goes awry is the conclusion that if you are running on the Democratic Party ballot line, you yourself are necessarily ...

DSA – ZM4 – 8/4/05 – Alison Merrilees ...

... 167-2 DSA News

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Adolfo Franco

Terri assures him in her calmest cat-toying-with-a-mouse voice that when the DSA investigators arrive, they'll discover the cause ...

... Switzerland was equipped with the Premium package that includes among other things, Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) and Gear Shift Assist.



All East Bay DSA members who are with us in this correct path forward are encouraged to bring a spatula to the convention as a symbol of the unity in ...

Photos by Josh Edelson/AP Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation (Kim), Scott Strazzante/San Francisco Chronicle via AP (Breed), AP Photo/Ben Margot (Leno)

They give heavy bonuses to their new players and an option that allows them to play for free to check the website and see if they like it or not.

When you've been a DJ for a while, you can find that your moods and actions have been “hardwired” in a way that may not altogether please you… or those who ...

'Being a student has been a struggle,' said Donna, an MA student. '

He's been very supportive of my participation in the DSA. He encouraged me to get involved in both the Ethics Committee and ...

Examine key strategies for developing personal business relationships that help us get things done, make connections, and build a strong framework for our ...

362 best Words of Wisdom images on Pinterest | Forever living products, Healthy lifestyle and Healthy living

When I emailed her spokesperson to confirm or deny whether she was a multimillionaire, a claim supported by a 2016 Daily Beast report, ...

“One thing I found was that we could afford rent or a car, but not both,” says Shannon. “For that reason, we had several cars repossessed.




The lawyer for a British model who was allegedly kidnapped in Milan has said suggestions that she colluded with her captors are 'evil'.

Rachel isn't too awful bad now that I've finally started using her. She's almost as tanky as Blackrose is, and her evasion is much higher ...

The 8 Royal Rules of Social Media via Socially Stacked #infographic

The notification informing residents of the Alaskan Way encampment sweep. Photo courtesy Seattle DSA.



He discusses how nearly 16 million direct sellers today earn income through their independent businesses that contribute to ...

Democratic Socialists of America Celebrate Record Membership in Chicago. Now What?

Oh Blob, I think you've been smoking too much of that moon wheat. Reviewing video games and movies on Youtube in your mom's basement is a glorified hobby.

One of my roleplaying characters from DSA (Das Schwarze Auge). Painted in…

Is Beachbody's Shakeology A Scam?

“We use gun culture as a way to relate to people. No liberal elitism. Our basic message is: guns are fine, but racism is not.”



Rampant Pregnancy Discrimination in America's Top Companies

An0nand0n Member

Before too long, we reach the bottom of the dungeon. See if you can't guess what room Wiseman is in! I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't ...

Rachel isn't too awful bad now that I've finally started using her. She's almost as tanky as Blackrose is, and her evasion is much higher ...

Shouldn't there be more students from the smaller housing types, and from the lower-income group who should be attending university, but are not able to?

not my pilot.jpg

Melaleuca VS Affiliate Marketing

UC certificates have 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. It's also the only Certificate Authority included in this review that offers premium ...


The Year in Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Meh

Asma Ishaq

Who's Got Your Back?

Kristina Swift