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Scorpio Capricorn What a lot of people do not know is that a Scorpio

Scorpio Capricorn What a lot of people do not know is that a Scorpio


I took my mothers advice and did this years ago, granted my life is way better off without them, nothing much has changed otherwise.

Scorpio truth but also people truth

Things People Don't Know About the Signs <

They all apply to me except the pisces. I will just eat the pisces then.

Scorpio Capricorn What a lot of people do not know is that a Scorpio and a Capricorn can easily hit it off even within just a short period of time.

Ok I'm a Sagittarius and I approve, but can we just take a second to read Capricorn. if someone you know is a Capricorn and this applies to them then you ...

I don't like small talk- so awkward and it's as if people don't really care what they talk about

... Scorpio. Taurus! People don't know that we are evil. So when we sneak up on you it makes it all more fun :)

Scorpio ~ Wow! So true!

I'm Gemini and yah lots of people hate me. I don't understand why but all that matters is that more people love me than hate me.

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Reasons to love yourself (for the signs)

"I don't know vs I don't care" Aries, Leo

How to comfort me is bring coffee & chocolate. If I don't talk in five minutes, I'm not going to. But it says to hug me to infinity.

Hahahaha, this is just TOTALLY my best friend lisa, who is capricorn too if you'd ask her; what do you really, really hate? I just surely know she'd say; ...

Scorpios can be very nice, they just have a low tolerance level for people and their bull.

hahaha trying to act normally ahahaha and failing miserably ahahahahaha i would SO do that

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Those with Mars in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Leo with positive aspects to Pluto or the Sun make for GREAT bed partners.

I don't know what is all about.. I just love the sentences.... #Cancer


Scorpio Capricorn Quotes

Zodiac myths vs realities Pisces,-->I do wanna escape.

Sagittarius · Scorpio ...

12 Quotes about SCORPIO-CAPRICORN Relationships | Scorpio Quotes

Sassy quotes that prove Scorpio women are the most intense of all the Zodiac signs. Look to astrology to find out why someone with a Scorpio horoscope is so ...

Scorpio. If that's not me then I don't know who I am!

The WORST thing you can do to each sign…

I'm a Scorpio and I'm good at concealing my feelings and not letting people know what's going on inside unless it comes to fandom's then I'm like 'THESE ...

All About Scorpio, the most passionate, powerful and magnetic members of the zodiac.

Scorpio Quote: Not telling me something because you don't want to piss me off is probably the best way to piss me off.

You dont know.. #Scorpio | Zodiac | Pinterest | Scorpio, Zodiac and Gemini

Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio Compatibility

Ha ha.. do not know how much of this is true but good to. Scorpio ...

Zodiac society · A few things you probably did not know about the signs · Scorpio ...

Yeah, don't screw around with us.

Capricorn Women, Scorpio Men and Emotional Stability

Scorpio (me) Capricorn (Jennifer) my best friend

Gemini can easily feel isolated or alone.

Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for Zodiac Facts Horoscope | Scorpio | ♥♥

"They'll spend many hours mastering and controlling their chaotic emotions"

Capricorn girl

No man I'm Virgo and I am hug-repellent only like four people are allowed to hug me and three of them are my immediate family one is my fren

All my besties are scorpios.and a cancer and a crazy capricorn:)

Cry>> These people really don't know signs... Leo's don. Scorpio ...

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility

scorpio and capricorn compatibility


A lot are funny and sometimes tru. However, i dont like it when people deeply believe in these and blame their signs for their wrongdoings

Not sure about the scorpio! The one and only Scorpio that I know is also the biggest LIAR of them all!

Scorpio - "To be afraid and not care that you are afraid is the courage

May not say that I here but it's true · Pisces ZodiacZodiac QuotesScorpio ...

Astrology Zodiac, Scorpio, Scorpion

But I have too many and I don't know. I'm so confused | Leos | Pinterest | Pisces, Capricorn and Gemini


No I'm not fake, but I know people who are, and I · Zodiac CapricornScorpio ...

More Zodiac Compatibility here · Aries Sun SignScorpio SignsCapricorn ...

Quiet if they don't know you. Wild if they do. Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces


I guess i make it hard for people to like me, yet the people do unstand me are the ones in closest too, dont look at me for what you see or ...

Zodiac Mind - Your source for Zodiac Facts. Find this Pin and more on Capricorn and Scorpio ...

Why are Aquarius like that? They have to do something. If they don'. Aquarius And Sagittarius CompatibilityScorpio ...

With children

The signs as types of relationships/friendships #Zodiac #numerologychart #numerologylove

Virgo/ Libra cusp w/ Aries in my chart a long w/ Scorpio, libra and Virgo once again. Pretty interesting and complicated chart!

Scorpio Season · I just had to pin this...so real. Except number 8 is

Scorpio and Capricorn is a favourable pairing, for these two get the opportunity to not only enjoy a loving relationship, but also really grow and mature as ...

Mix of Different Kinds of Intensity

not beating you up, sharing my food, helping others, doing everyone's work. cancer so true .

i notice everything. i just act like i dont. PISCES, SCORPIO, VIRGO

this Scorpio is me except I'm not annoyed at ares I'm annoyed at my fake "best friend"

i'm a capricorn and that's true but pisces is so precious

As a Capricorn when you have a bad day you call a... -. Scorpio ...

zodiac signs, gemini, taurus, virgo, scorpio, capricorn, aquarius

How to know a Scorpio is rejecting you.

Exactly for now people who try to play me, ill be watching you, Scorpio

Did you know. astrology, capricorn, horoscope, scorpio, signs

Having someone as a friend is better than not having them at all #horoscopeslove

capricorn woman scorpio man

Scorpio. Capricorn ...

Capricorn and Scorpio Love Relationship

So my crush is a Taurus. If we date, we'll probably just · Zodiac ScorpioZodiac ...

scorpio 2018 horoscope

I'm not even close to being popular but if you give me the time of day there will never be a dull moment with me

I can keep a secret and I have a major secret but I just acquired it.

I Keep It Real Cause I'm Not Afraid To Make Enemies. Squad: Aries-Taurus-Gemini-LEO-Scorpio-Capricorn-Pisces-Sagitarius-Libra Strong Enough For Enemies.

Are scorpio and capricorn compatible

Secretive people have a lot to hide. Gemini's down there at the bottom. It's for weak minded people. Embrace it fully. I don't have the patience for games ...

How To Attract The Zodiac Elements | #zodiacelements #zodiac #astrology | Scorpio‍♀ | Pinterest | Zodiac elements, Zodiac and Horoscopes

Scorpio. Any other Scorpios? This actually described me pretty well.

How do they know?? Oh I'm such a predictable Scorpio ;)

Virgo tho frankly all of these are me. Ya the people I know think I don't know what feelings are

Pin by Autumn Borchardt on Zodiac | Pinterest | Zodiac, Horoscopes and Scorpio

Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, Sagittarius, Cancer, Libra, Pisces, Tarus, Gemini, and Leo.

Scorpio ♏; I'm a party of one, so I have nooo problem being on my own~ I have a lot to give, but it in turn means you need to put up ...

Way too true