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Satyr and Nymph by Claude Michel known as Clodion 178039s

Satyr and Nymph by Claude Michel known as Clodion 178039s


Claude Michel, known as Clodion, "Satyr and Nymph ...

The Intoxication of Wine

Satyre portant une bacchante jouant du tambourin, ou, Satyre portant une nymphe accompagné par

In the Style of Claude Michel Clodion (French, 1738-1814) Terra-cotta Satyr and Nymph

Nymphe et satyre folâtrant, ou L'ivresse du vin

a satyr and a nymph by claude michel clodion

Nymph and Satyr. Artist: Clodion (Claude Michel)

group of nymphs and satyr by claude michel clodion

Nymph and Satyr. Claude Michel. Clodion ...

▫Nymphs Holding Aloft a Platter Charged with Fruit. Artist: Claude Michel, called Clodion, French (active Paris), 1738 - 1814. Place of origin: France

nymph and satyr by claude michel clodion

CLODION, Claude MICHEL called,

Satyr and Nymph

Nymph and satyr. Claude Michel Clodion

A satyr, nymph and putto, 1875–1899. After Claude Michel Clodion

'Poetry and Music', marble sculpture by Claude Michel, 1774-1778, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.

After Michel Claude Clodion Gilt bronze figural sculpture group depicting a seated male satyr with two satyr children. Signed "CLODION" on the back base.

After CLODION,Group of a Satyr, Bacchante, and Putto,Heritage Auctions,

CLODION, Claude MICHEL called,

Claude Michel (Clodion), The Intoxication of Wine (Satyr and Nymph Carousing), 1780-1790, terracotta, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.

Bacchus and a Nymph with a Child and Grapes, Clodion (Claude Michel) (

A Nymph and Two Satyrs, 1875–1899. After Claude Michel Clodion

At an ordinary public auction this past April, Nationalmuseum purchased a magnificent terracotta sculpture by French artist Claude Michel, known as Clodion.

A Patinated Bronze Bacchic Figural Group After Claude Michel, Called Clodion

Female satyr carrying two putti, terra-cotta statuette by Clodion; in the Walters

Fauna family after Claude Michel Clodion circa 1870

Clodion Group of Satyr and Fauns « Claude Michel (December 1738 – March « Artists « Art might - just art

CLODION Claude Michel - French (1738 - 1814) ~ Zephyrus and Flora natural bonded

After CLAUDE MICHEL CLODION (French 1738-1814) Satyr and Nymph -circa 1850

edward mccartan | Nymph and Satyr, Edward McCartan, 1920, via Flickr.

Claude Michel Clodion - Satyr Crowning a Bacchante, 1770

Large 14 3/4" french statue of Bacchanal ,Nymph and Satyr, from Claude Michel named Claudion (1738-1814) in solid bronze with beautiful patina and hand ...

Two Small Terracotta 'Bozzetti' Attributed to Claude Michel Called Clodion

Bacchic group: satyr and bacchante with infant satyr, Clodion (Claude Michel) (

One description of this particular work (below) noted that, in the sculptures of Clodion, "Man is often the satyr, a little grotesque, a little clumsy, ...

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Satyress reclining against an urn, with a putto feeding her grapes

After CLAUDE MICHEL CLODION (French, 1738-1814) Nymph and Satyr with Putti

Bronze de Vienne érotique jeune satyre et nymphe à la colonne

Claude Michel, called Clodion Jean-Baptiste Lepaute The Dance of Time: Three Nymphs Supporting a Clock, 1788 Terracotta, gilt brass, glass 40 in.

Girl with doves Clodion (Claude Michel) (French, Nancy 1738–1814 Paris

European Bronze Sculpture of a Nymph, Satyr and Putti after Clodion For Sale

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After Claude Michel Clodion, (French circa superb Century Bronze sculpture depicting a naked Bacchante feeding a young Satyr grapes.


After Claude Michel, called Clodion (French, 1738-1814) Bronze of Satryress

Clodion (Claude Michel) Nymph and Satyr terracotta. Metropolitan Museum, New York

Claude Michel - Clodion Pan poursuivant Syrinx sous le regard de l'Amour. 1782

Bacchant courant avec deux thryses / Circle of Claude Michel Clodion

Bronze de Vienne érotique à transformation satyre et nymphe

century Claude Michel Clodion (French, 1738 bronze figural group of a dionysian female revelers and a baby satyr, Bacchanalia, the classically clad woman ...

Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux's Ugolino and His Sons (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1861–

Girl holding fruit - Clodion (Claude Michel)

Dionysus supported by a Satyr. - marble statue, from Roman Age in Flavian period

Claude Michel, called Clodion — Relief with Dancing Maenads via The Pictorial Arts

Circle of CLODION Claude Michel - French (1738 - 1814) ~ circa 1800

Narcissus - by Adolph Weinman

The Asia Minor Ma

Claude michel (known asClodion (1738-1814: Satyr playes with a young infant

Blush pink-painted iron chairs with a classic trestle table, all grounded by global-inspired outdoor rugs.

In the manner of Claude Michel, called Clodion (1738-1814) French,

Bacchante from the chimneypiece by Luke Lightfoot in the North Hall at Claydon House, c

satyrs and fauns

Pan seduces Dafni, beautiful demigod son of Hermes and a nymph, while teaching him to play the syringe. Many do not know ...

Sculpture: Dionysus supported by a satyr. Dionysus is a two-sided figure; his wine can provide comfort and inspiration, but can also bring on a mad frenzy.

Satyrs - otherwise known as fauns. The Greek god Pan, god of the wilderness, shepherds and flocks, and rustic music, is depicted this way

statue of Ares, so called "Ares Ludovisi" - Roman copy of Hellenistic original mable, now at the Ludovisi collection in National Museum of Rome

A Satyr is a creature companion of Dionysus with horse-like features, including a

Dido's death by Claude-Augustin Cayot, 1711. Musée du Louvre, Paris

Alexandre Cabanel Nymph and Satyr painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Alexandre Cabanel Nymph and Satyr painting is ...

Bronzioni signed Satyr/Faun/Devil Bronze Sculpture Figure

Silver stater of the island of Thasos depicting a Satyr abducting a nymph; a fine

Claude Michel Clodion. Francés 1738-1814. terracota.

Barberini Faun - Munich Glyptothek 'The pope used to keep this statue in his royal quarters and it is often referred to as the Pope's chair.

Bacchus and a Nymph (Bacchante) with Child and Grapes - Clodion .

Michel Claude Clodion (French, 1738 -1814)

Walter Crane [Nymph between two satyrs]

A Louis XVI Style Patinated Bronze and Marble Jardinière CLAUDE MICHEL ...

The statue of Dionysus and a satyr, an AD 2nd century Roman copy of a

Jean-Baptiste, called Auguste Clésinger French, 1814-1883 | lot | Sotheby's

Architectural Adornments ⌖ ornate building details - decorative column details

The Captive Hercules, Carved Ivory, 8.1 x 20.7 in., 1655. The

... (1927) Majolica glazed earthenware figural sculpture entitled "Tritonen". The sculpture is modeled as a lascivious Triton and a (sea nymph) Nereid.

Pictured is a statute of Dionysus, known as Bacchus by the Romans, the god

Chimera, photo by Edarlin, Fontaine Saint-Michel, Paris

Aphrodite Braschi Glyptothek Munich 258 - Ancient Greek art - So-called Venus Braschi by Praxiteles, type of the Knidian Aphrodite, Munich Glyptothek

Venus Riding a Satyr Dirck de Quade Van Ravesteyn, 1602

4 Clodion (Claude Michel) Nymph and Satyr ...

La Passante

Barye, Antoine-Louis: Jaguar Devouring a Hare

On the Balcony