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Salvador Dali and his fierce cat Famous People and Pets

Salvador Dali and his fierce cat Famous People and Pets


Salvador Dali and his fierce cat

Dalí and Babou at the St. Regis hotel, New York where

Salvador Dalí and his ocelot Babou (1965) (photo by Roger Higgins, via Library of Congress/Wikimedia)

Salvador Dalí with his Great Dane. Big PeopleFamous ...

Famous Artists Photographed With Their Cats

Picasso's Sausage Dog

Salvador Dali with his ocelot

Actor, mender and friend to cats. Paul Newman with Louis XIV. Find this Pin and more on Celebrities And Their Pets ...

It just doesn't get any more unique than this. Salvador Dali taking his Anteater for a walk. Emerging from the Metro. Coolness.

Famous Artists Photographed With Their Cats

Johnny Cash is holding a kitten. All arguments are invalid.

salvador dalí

Cats And Dogs With Their Famous Humans

Whether you believe in God or not does not matter so much, whether you believe in Buddha or not does not matter so much. You must lead a good life. - His ...

Famous Artists Photographed With Their Cats

Georgia O'Keeffe / Photograph by John Candelario / Courtesy Palace of the Governors Photo Archives

painters-in-color: Colorized photo of Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) and his cat Vaske, c.1906.

Romare Bearden (1911-1988) artiste peintre et écrivain américain et son chat "

Vivien Leigh and her Siamese cat, New Boy. New was one of her favorite cats and would regularly travel with the couple to the theatre as a good luck charm ...

Former Monkees vocalist and teen heartthrob Davy Jones snuggling with his fluffy cat.

Anita Ekberg, Swedish Actress - Celebrities and Cat

Brian Eno + Cat. Cat PeopleDog ...

Grace Kelly In the Hollywood actress was photographed clutching a kitten while working as a part-time model, some eight years before she would become the ...

Freddie Mercury With One Of His Many Cats

Frank Sinatra with his dog Ringo

Peter Lorre with cats! 1942

Lenin with His Cat

Meryl Streep pet chat cat presse print millions d'amis magazine

Pablo Picasso With His Cat

Elizabeth Taylor and kitten in the 1940's. Cat PeopleVintage CatYoung Elizabeth TaylorCat LoversFamous PeoplePetsVintage ...

horreure: “ The Minx Effect, Christina Ricci for The Face, October 1998 ”

Candice Bergen, actress, with kitten. Find this Pin and more on Cats & their famous humans ...

2 Days in Paris - movie cat. Find this Pin and more on Famous People and their ...

from almost famous cats · Marianne Faithfull

Peter O'Toole and friend

Errol Flynn and his first mate: Siamese cat 'Bes Mudi.' Remarkably bóth seem to be at ease aboard Flynn's yacht.

ozzy osbourne

celebrities and their pets - Bing Images

Zachary Quinto, who played Mr. Spock and did justice to the role, (which Leonard Nimoy approved and they are now good friends. Cool piece of trivia) Very ...

Anthony Hopkins More

Roger Daltry and little friend. Find this Pin and more on Cat's & Their☞ Celebrities✫ ...

Gustav Klimt and his cat.

Charlie Chaplin's Cat Distinguished looking cat + Charlie Chaplin. Taken in Charlie was always more of a cat person, he liked their independent nature.

Truman Capote, writer, born in New Orleans, LA

What are two things the Internet loves? Certainly indie rock and cats would be on the short list. Nirvana is one of the most important forebears of modern ...

15 Cool Photos of Famous People with Cats

16 Famous Writers And Their Cats

Famous People With Cats.famous people and cats Audrey Hepburn

Celebrities and their Pets - Young Liz Taylor!

(She was famously a huge cat lover.) That's a really cute cat.

Jack Kerouac and cat

Davy Jones and Siamese cat


Salvador Dalí with his Afghan Hound during his stay in the United States 1940-1948 | Famous People with Pets | Pinterest | Afghan hound, Dog and Dog breeds

Jane Fonda

deadbirdsclub: “ From the 'A Magazine' archives Tilda Swinton by Ali Mahdavi for NºD Magazine Featuring Olivier Theyskens.

Jim Henson and his cat

Star Pets! Meet the Rescued Animals of Your Favorite Celebrities

Salvador Dali and his pet ocelot by suncoastparadise on Etsy

I hate cat hair on my suits.Alan Rickman photoshoot by Stuart Hendry for Gambit

from almost famous cats · Davy Jones (The Monkees)

The CATalist's - Charlene Tilton - · Angora CatsTurkish Angora CatCat PeopleKitty CatsPet PhotographyFamous ...

Salvador Dali - if I ever turn into a crazy artist this will be Greg and I | Awesome !!! | Pinterest | Dali, Salvador dali and Salvador

Ian Somerhalder with Moke - People Magazine Real men really DO wear cats!

Keith Moon, drummer of The Who, and his kitty

Wilford Brimley and his doppelganger, the "diabeetus" cat! DiabetesFamous PeopleFunny ...

Salvador Dali Favourites By Reaktorplayer On Deviantart

michael j fox holding a cat celebrities-holding-cats: “ ” it's michael j. fox holding a cat.

almost famous cats

We present you 10 amazing old photos of you favorite celebrities with cats.

Celebrities and Their Pets

Steven King and his cat Clovis

Drew Barrymore en Ojos de fuego.

Authors and their cats: Gore Vidal

Lillian Jackson Braun famous author of the Cat Who books

Artists and Their Cats

It's no secret that James Franco is a cat man, but did you know his love for farm animals also…

Spock (original, played by Leonard Nimoy) with cat, from Celebrities With Cats -- Episode is "Catspaw" He should have been the Captain.

Salvador Dali (1904-1989, Spanish

Alain Delon Photo: Alain and his love for animals .

Pyewacket the Siamese cat from the movie Bell Book and Candle and co-star James Stewart. Find this Pin and more on Celebrities & their Animals ...

Salvador Dalí's Anteater

French author Georges Perec ( Life: a users guide) and his companion cat.

Salvador Dalí · Cat ArtFamous PeoplePostsKlimtSalvador ...

Salvador Dalí and his pet ocelot, Babou.

Ricky Gervais and his cat Ollie. Owners of cats start to look like their cats after awhile too. Find this Pin and more on Celebrities & their Animals ...

Cool Old Photos of Celebrities with Their Cats

30 Renowned Authors Inspired By Cats. Cat PeopleCat LoversFamous ...

Salvador Dalí photographed by Horst P.

Actress Carole Lombard and a black cat. Find this Pin and more on Celebrities and their ...

Famous Paintings Improved With Fat Cats. This is the best thing ever.

almost famous cats

Hamilton the hipster cat

Baby Sock Cat Toy. Sock CatFamous PeopleMartha Stewart PetsCat ...

Dog is making Capote choose. Truman doesn't like ultimatums and easily chooses 'Tiffany' to be his primary care giver. Dog humps Capote during photo shoot.

Arthur Stanley "Stan" Jefferson with hsi kitty he was known as Stan Laurel from Laurel and Hardy - Mr. Jefferson with his 'own' smile!

The Pop Art Abraham Lincoln and his cat "Dixie" Poster

The Scoop on People Magazine's Sexiest Cat Man Gilles Marini

Robert De Niro Lil Bub Photos - Robert De Niro and cat Lil Bub attend the Directors Brunch during the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival on April 2013 in New York ...

Ava Gardner, cat lover

Salvador Dali and his fierce cat

Dalí and Babou at the St. Regis hotel, New York where

Salvador Dalí and his ocelot Babou (1965) (photo by Roger Higgins, via Library of Congress/Wikimedia)

1 ...

salvador dalí

Salvador Dali Favourites By Reaktorplayer On Deviantart

Salvador Dali and his pet anteater, Paris, 1969

Cats have been loved and featured in art since Ancient Egypt. Bast a.k.a. Bastet, a.k.a. Ubasti, a.k.a. Pasht was the was the daughter of the sun god, Ra.

Gertrude Stein's Poodle

But as Virginie Mouzat discovers, the Chanel designer has never had a shortage of fabulous—and fiercely devoted—female companions.

Jack Kerouac and cat

Enter The Weird World Of Salvador Dalí S Wine Tastes In This New

Isabella Rossellini on Why Chickens Make the Best Pets

Dalí With His Pet Ocelot Babou In New York. Сальвадор чудит Неспящие в Торонто Portrait

Elizabeth Taylor and Sugar

woman and a cat

Salvador Dali and Amanda Lear at Le Bal Oriental, Paris 1969 via.


ocelot cats

Dali as a child ...

In many parts of south eastern Asia, white elephants (an extremely rare color variety of the Asiatic elephant, rather than a separate species) were thought ...

Salvador Dali. Ocelot. Tumblr La373A53Ku1Qaxihzo1 500

Born in 1904, his life and art reflect the turbulence, and the social, political and philosophical change, of the century into which he was born.

250 Great Boy Cat Names


Salvador Dalí: The Paintings, 2 Vol.: Robert Descharnes, Gilles Neret: 9783822838228: Books - Amazon.ca

The Phenomenon of Cat Art and the Craze it Provokes

Image of a chihuahua

Tabby cat

Today I'd like to explore cats in art and how they inspire art. In my research for this post I found out that many famous artist had cats that they loved as ...

Big Cats of Colombia: Four Ferocious Felines You Must See

i am not a cat person….never had a cat as a pet…never wanted a cat…..i was always a dog man ….dogs were always happy to see me, followed me around…dogs ...

... Dalí signs his book 'Lettre ouverte a Savador Dali&


Black and white photograph of Leonora Carrington

An Ocelot ...

Salvador Dali died and was buried in a crypt under the Teatro-Museo Dali's geodesic dome in Figueres, Spain.

When you have a cat, you can never be quite sure which one of you is the pet, or as someone once said, cats make great pets - out of their owners.

[Note: "Graveyard Tom" was the great nemesis of our very first "Famous Cat," the "Post's" legendary Von Hindenburg.]

Orange Male Cat Names

Male Cat Names Gray



... Artist Creates Surrealist Animals That Look Like A Salvador Dali Painting ...

The Morses lent 70 oils and 35 other works to “Salvador Dali: 1910–1965,” a historical, 250-piece retrospective in New York City's Gallery of Modern Art.

ocelot The Adorable Ocelot [30 pics]

Nebelung – a cat from fairytales

header image ...

Dali with his ...

The 100

Some users speculate that polymers could have been to blame, though others pointed to nitrogen, one of the main components of urine

Is it true that most animals ...

White Male Cat Names

The Ocelots appearance is similar to that of the domestic cat. Ocelots are graceful and slender cats and grow to be about 2 – 3 feet (65 – 100 centimetres) ...

Humans and Animals. The Momentary and the Eternal” — St Petersburg 2016 - Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art


A Letter To My Cat alettertomycat.com

As these photos show, in addition to being very affectionate and well-behaved, he is also very handsome. I promised myself I would not be dressing him up in ...

Salvador Dali Paintings: Revisiting 10 Of His Greatest Paintings

Page 1

Carl Akeley posing with the leopard he killed with his bare hands after it attacked him, ...

... //www.brooklynrail.org/article_image/image/8885/long-web1.jpg, Salvador Dali ...

Who the hell killed Lizzie Borden's parents? (Yes, there are some people who are not sure about the answer to that.)

Looks who's on the homepage of ALetterToMyCat.com right next to LIL BUB - they

Black Cat Names Male

Dali attended drawing school in Figueres and studied with Ramon Pichot, a local painter who introduced him to impressionism and became his mentor.

... //media.liveauctiongroup.net/i/11189/11535439_2.jpg?v=8CE82E41B749C40, Salvador Dali ...

Mozart Collaborated With A Pet Starling

To appease the woman's fear, Dalí told her Babou was nothing more than a normal cat he “painted over with an optical illusion design.

... Don't dilly dally, get this Salvador Dali action figure now ...

The Other Art History: The Overlooked Women of Surrealism


A Brief Note From 1911 About Shaving Cats

Start a dog walking business. Dogs rock!


chose a name for your cat +17000 name http://ift.tt

Secrets Hidden in the Striking Work of 8 Contemporary Artists

Henry might have been a model, Rommel was a crazy homeless person.

Funny Male Cat Names


You are Salvador Dali's pet ocelot, an exotic feline wrenched against your will from the wilds of South America, forced into studded collar and leash to be ...

Humans and Animals. The Momentary and the Eternal” — St Petersburg 2016 - Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

Dali Wild Salvador Dali for women Pictures ...

This ...

ocelot cat

On View

Diamond Dogs revisited : an interview with Orson Peellaert

You are Salvador Dali's pet ocelot, an exotic feline wrenched against your will from the wilds of South America, forced into studded collar and leash to be ...

In his posthumously published picture book, Dr. Seuss asked, "What pet should I get?" But for knitters, the question seems to be, "What pet should I knit?

Salvador Dali Dali Wild

Original Cat Collection by Cat Coquillette

Whether you're a cat person or not, you've gotta admit you might want one of these babies as a pet.