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Sad ghost jon Eddsworld Drawings t

Sad ghost jon Eddsworld Drawings t


eddsworld jon | Tumblr

Sad ghost jon | Eddsworld|

No fuck this I will not stand for this bullsHI T

#Jon #eddsworld #ghost :^>

eddsworld jon | Tumblr

why would you have me do this? i made myself sad. T-T

Au where Jon sticks around with Mark and Eduardo as a ghostie

#OneLayerContest it's ghost Jon yay

Thanks for the awesome request had fun doing it while it last. ouo

sweet cinnamon roll that needed to be protected at all costs

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Eddsworld: switched- page 19

Don't mind me I'm just imaging if Matt went back in time to fix everything and he knows whats gonna happen and Hes really sad that Jo will die and that all ...

Eddsworld – Jon

Read Monster Tom X from the story EddsWorld OneShots Book [Requests OPEN] by (ᏩᏂᎾᎦᎢ) with reads.

Eddsworld: switched- page 30

The End

Prince Juan awww look at him

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Imagenes De Eddsworld

I don't no whether to laugh or cry

Eddsworld Jon | Tumblr. See more. from Tumblr · Nuuu, Jonsprite 3;

For some reason I like this I don't ship it tho!

The feels.

eddsworld | Tumblr

Eddsworld | Tumblr

Imagem relacionada

Can Jon just NOT be dead? Please? Like, maybe he somehow he survived and just had to be taken to the hospital??? Please?? Im crying please ...

Eddsworld - The Mattening by Boredman.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I don't ship it but it's so cuteeeeee

Eddsworld | Tumblr

eddsworld jon | Tumblr


Eduardo x Jon (i have my rights)

Tord & Tom. Eddsworld ComicsFunny ComicsFrameDrawingEddsworld ...

Jon doesn't have a reflection y because in the episode the end * spoiler alert if you haven't seen that episode* he dies *crys* nuuuuu

Sweet/Bitter love

eddsworld jon | Tumblr. See more. from Tumblr · You see this bandit? He's mine.

i know i say i don't draw eddsworld and i wont anymore BUT this

Based on my irl conversation with a student

this person has a folder just for jon

eddsworld jon | Tumblr

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TomTord And Other Ships pictures

Eddsworld | Tumblr

Imagenes Eddsworld - 16.⭕Jon⭕ - Wattpad


Eddsworld | Tumblr

Jon and I believe those guys in the game off by mortis ghost

I feel so bad for Tom but even more so for Matt. He was Edd's first friend and they have been together for so long. That must be terrible to have to ...


Love eddsworld

from the story Imágenes de Eddsworld by Comunidad_Eddsworld (EW_Squad) with reads.

Why cry ink when you can cry salty water?

Eddsworld one-shot

eddsworld neighbors | Tumblr

Matt my precious cinnamon roll!

•Imágenes y Traducciones de Comic's de Eddsworld/Ellsworld• - • Jon •

Wow, look, nothing! | Ах. Мило и грустно.

----EDDSWORLD SPOILERS---- Jon was a tiny baby he never deserved to die ;; - by cottonserenity - PaigeeWorld

This is really adorable

☆RTS' Headcannon Jon☆

#eddaqorld #eddsworld #fanfiction #wee


Eddsworld Oneshots!!!

Poor tom poor Jon I feel sad now

jon eddsworld | Tumblr

Album - Google+

My entry for the #DyphynxDrawpile I decided to draw Teen/2004 Tord. He's just my favorite version of Tord?? I love him.

#bing #edd #eddsworld #edwardo #ell #hellucard #jon #larry #mark #matilda #matt #oneshots #patryk #paul #romance #tamara #tom #tord #tori

Aww they have Tommee bear up for sale :,(

eddsworld jon | Tumblr


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eddsworld | Tumblr

Draw the squad Eddsworld

It's the beautiful and amazing Jon. you're loved.

there he goes

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Why is this so upsetting?

Nobody asked for it, but here is a dabbing ghost jon, now in meme flavor OR extra spicy meme flavor -soldier mom

This is cute

Image result for ghost jon eddsworld

aa I don't ship tomtord but this is just so funny

... Here just take this drawing of Edd I did pretty quickly, I also have Edd Gould written on my fingers in honor of em.. I don't own a green hoodie sadly ...

i really hate shipping them all together but it's so hard not to i really hate tomtord the most but im failing to stop looking at it

This was a request from a best friend.


It's pretty ironic on what Edd thought of if he doesn't exist because... It happened. Well except for Tord though- (EDE means Edd Doesn't Exist)

eddsworld jon | Tumblr

Is that how you professionally hold a gun? I don't think you hold