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SPHENE from India 292 carats with great dispersion FINE

SPHENE from India 292 carats with great dispersion FINE


Sphene has the second highest dispersion 'fire' of any stone, the highest being

Sphene is generally considered to be a collector's gemstone. And with its high refractive index and amazing dispersion, Sphene's remarkable brilliance ...

Sphene...Richard Krementz Gemstones

Daraina; Gems:Faceted, Very Rare Gemstone: Chrome Sphene - 31.85 Ct..

Mineral ...


Golden brown sphene. This stone weighs 40.33 carats and measures 20.03 x 20.05 x 12.86 mm. Inventory #18755. (Photo: Jason Stephenson)

The festive color of the season imagined in an extraordinary carats Colombian Emerald Ring with diamond side stones.

Figure 24. A variety of less familiar gem materials were commercially produced during the 1990s

Titanite, Austria

Green Gemstones from GemSelect

Mineral ...

What stunning workmanship - a 52-carat aquamarine gem sculpture by Larry Winn. Secrets

De Young Red Diamond - 5.03 carat, modified round brilliant-cut, fancy dark

Mineral ...

A spectacular Art Deco 8.75 carats Emerald Cut Fancy Yellow diamond ring with 4+ carats

Brilliant Sphene Gemstone

Tanzanite crystal - 292 carats / Tanzania such an intense colour - reminds me of old bottles of ink

PREMIUM Quality Natural Australian Green Chrysoprase Mineral Display Specimen BN

VERY FINE EMERALD, SPESSARTITE GARNET AND DIAMOND RING. Centring on a hexagonal emerald weighing 12.01 carats between shoulders set with kite-shaped ...

Gem Stones-Rocks Minerals Opal Ruby Topaz Emerald Sapphire Science T Shirt S-3Xl

Zircon Brillance and Fire

Cuprite from Namibia, 46.07 carats, elongated oval 25.61 x 14.2 x 9.8 mm. Inventory #18563. (Photos: Mia Dixon)

Very fine, over 70 carats, unheated, top, Ceylon Sapphire.

An important 5.23 carats Kashmir sapphire and diamond ring

[According to gia.edu: "...the diamond's per-carat price, $1.2 million, was actually well under the prevailing market price for similar rare ...

5.2 carat African Kunzite Gemstone

Sapphire and Diamond Rings

Ametrine 1.08cts of G color white diamonds 13.58g of 18k yellow gold

Titanite with Clinochlore

1.71 ct. Rough Uncut Reddish-Brown Diamond with Firey Glow in Its Center

Enhydro Skeletal Smoky Amethyst with Hematite inclusions - Brandberg, Goboboseb, Namibia via Bijoux et

Blue Diamond

Trinity Mineral Co Auction: Minerals tanzanite with prehnite

Stephen Avery - Farlang

Opal at its best i think

Page 10 - 292-3_SchmuckDesignModerne_engl - Munsteiner

Figure 1. Madagascar was one of the largest producers of sapphires—in a variety

Extremely Rare Certified Purple Taaffeite Facet x MM Oval Carat


AN UNMOUNTED BURMESE CABOCHON STAR RUBY Weighing 20.17 carats With certificate 37884 dated 8/8

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Impressive Sphene

Sapphire/Ruby crystal 138 carats / Tanzania

Boleite on Matrix w/Atacamite

... BY GAZDAR Designed as a star, set with baguette and brillant-cut diamonds, centering upon an oval-shaped sapphire, weighing approximately 40.49 carats, ...

Diamond cutting - The 253-carat Oppenheimer Diamond—an uncut diamond does not show

Mineral ...

Chrysoprase - Asher's Stone - 10th foundational stone of the New Jerusalem. (Rev.


Brazilianite w/Muscovite, Brazil

Segredo das Pedras: Coríndon, coríndo ou curundum; Rubis e safiras

Sparkling beauty, a 24.22 carat emerald cut diamond ring from Jewels by Rakesh Khanna.

Mineral ...

Jewelry Designer Blog. Jewelry by Natalia Khon: #jewelleryfacts365 296/365 Diamond fact

Bulgari Trombino Unheated Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring

We love mineral Specimens at Renaissance Fine Jewelry in Vermont.

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7.86 ct GIA Certified AAA+ Triangle Cut (13 x 13 mm) Bluish Violet Tanzanite

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Amethyst (sceptered) - India

Wulfenite, San Francisco Mine, Mexico I love orange

EKKEHARD F. SCHNEIDER – Edelsteinschleiferei · Von Links nach Rechts Aquamarin „Santa Maria Africana

Item: opaj480_opal-jewelry

Jewelry Designer Blog. Jewelry by Natalia Khon: #jewelleryfacts365 315/365 Diamond fact

Forsterite v Peridot

Diamond Inclusion photomicrograph image

Brilliant bright red Vanadinite with excellent luster from Mibladen, Morocco.

Figure 20. This two-strand necklace, which was owned by the Maharajas of

Gemmy twins of golden selenite sprouting at either end of this pretty specimen from the clay

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A transparent crystal of deep blue Linarite. It really shows the transparency when backlit. It is a pretty big piece for Linarite, that usu.

... to give protection from negative entities, and its energy helps to remove negative attachments. There are many other excellent qualities that this stone ...



These crystals best glassiest luster want Tsumeb azurite ALL


Deep violet-purple Erythrite from the famous cobalt(-silver) mining district Bou Azer, Tazenakht,. Morrocco Erythrite crystallizes in the monoclinic system ...

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Queen Ellizebeth II's coronation necklace and earrings


Figure 3. Saturated-color aquamarine comes from relatively few deposits, and Africa was

Sunstone: It stimulates the vegetative nervous system and ensures the harmonious functioning of all the

Jewelry Designer Blog. Jewelry by Natalia Khon: Jewellery masterpieces

Tourmaline enlongated hexagon ct by stephen avery gems

Raw Jade


The 6.40-carat yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka rests next

Cuprian Tourmaline on Quartz from Paraiba Mine, Brazil

Mineral ...

R2DiamondUnited States More info »G3354SpinelBurma More info »G8106FluoriteSouth Africa More info »G9892CalciteUnited States

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Indian Paint Stone

Item: opaj481_opal-jewelry

Item: ...