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Rose Metal Heart Elsword t Rose Anime and Elsword

Rose Metal Heart Elsword t Rose Anime and Elsword


Rose (Metal Heart)

[ElswordKR] Rose 4th Class Metal Heart, Optimus

Elsword: Optimus and Metal Heart Preview

Rose-Metal Heart

[Elsword KR] Metal Heart & Optimus new combos

Elsword on Twitter: "The end is here for the Enemies of Elrios! Metal Heart and Optimus here NOW! https://t.co/rvzkAvgPi3… "

For old school sci-fi and Anime fans, at level 35, Rose can advance the Metal Heart Job to Elsword's ultimate bastion of all things sci-fi, Optimus.

Elsword-Metal heart

Elsword - Rose 4th Path, 1st Job (Metal Heart) Dungeon Run

[Elsword KR] TEST Rose : Metal Heart/Optimus l FR

[Elsword INT] Metal Heart in 4-6 (Altera Core) - YouTube

Our Empyrean Gunner transforms into an alluring but very deadly looking Cheshire Cat with her Rose in Wonderland Costume. She also gets her very first skill ...

[Elsword KR] Metal heart/ Optimus test play - 10-3: Elysion Tower - YouTube

Elsword Rose Metal Heart and Optimus Classes Trailer

[Elsword KR] Rose 「Optimus」 PvP with S players - YouTube

I drew a Metal Heart chibi (Rose) <3

[Elsword KR] 4Rose's 1vs1 PvP(ST, CR, Freyja, Optimus) #01 - YouTube

Find this Pin and more on Rose (Elsword) by Caipher.

Crimson Rose · download Crimson Rose image

14601005_318490951840121_5288156687256594498_n.jpg (960×960). Elsword 2 Elsword GameManga ArtDrawn GirlsStorm TroopersAmazing ArtAnime GirlsRosesArte Legal

Beyond the technology and mechanical mayhem of Rose's new release, Elsword goes for broke... with the cute and cuddly! Elsword's new Corgi Mount is ...

Metal Heart (Rose) · download Metal Heart (Rose) image · 8 Fav Rose (Elsword )

[Elsword KR]- New Job For Rose (Metal Heart & Optimus) Skills Highlight!!~ - YouTube

Rose // Elsword // Optimus

Valkyrie (Rose) · download Valkyrie (Rose) image · 5 Fav Rose (Elsword)

Aisha Void Princess - Rena Wind Sneaker - Lu Noblesse - Ciel Dreadlord - Raven Blade Master - Elsword Rune Slayer - Elesis Blazing Heart - Rose Metal Heart ...

Heavy Barrel (Rose) · download Heavy Barrel (Rose) image

Elsword Rose

Rose (Elsword) download Rose (Elsword) image

Rose (Elsword) by Venthest

Rose is still battle ready even when she's about to sleep! Let Rose slumber in comfort in her new Lovely Night Pajama set!

สิ่งประดิษฐ์ของ Rose นอกจากจะทรงพลังแล้ว ยังมีความซับซ้อนและปราณีตอีกด้วย. 1st Class Command : Metal Heart

Rose (Elsword) download Rose (Elsword) image

Rose (Elsword) download Rose (Elsword) image

Elsword and the gang are serving tea to the baddies. No sugar. But more than two lumps. Dress them up in Classic Maid and Servant attire with matching ...

locoboyon1: “ Rose complete ”

Rose may not be comfortable wearing a frivolous get-up like the Royal Blood but it's good to indulge the Empyrean Gunner once in a while.

Like a true child of the earth, Rose has been blessed and clothed by Gaia to destroy Elrios' baddies. Suit her up in the powerful Salvatore Gaia found in ...

Rose Metal Heart

... streets of Elrios with the Royal Maid outfit. She'll get rid of the baddies and clean up their mess! Collect the pieces from Rose Ice Burner tomorrow!

Our Empyrean Gunner transforms into an alluring but very deadly looking Cheshire Cat with her Rose in Wonderland Costume. She also gets her very first skill ...

Storm Trooper (Rose) · download Storm Trooper (Rose) image · 10 Fav Metal Heart ...

Rose metal Heart And Optimus. ElswordGirls CharactersAnime ...

Ara, Elesis, and Add are watching over the seas of Elrios. Dressed up in their Sailor outfits, our three heroes are ready to take down any marine menace ...

Rose takes her obsession with Nasod technology to another level. Summoning them isn't enough, now she wants to wear them. Give Rose what she wants, ...

... アクションRPG「ELSWORD(エルソード)」において、プレイアブルキャラクター「ROSE」の上位職「METAL HEART 」「OPTIMUS」を実装するアップデートを実施した。

Become a heavy metal fighter when Elsword and friends suit up in the latest Nasod Battle Suit MK-2 (Light) /MK-B (Dark). Gain the strength and speed of the ...

Dress Rose up as an Elite soldier with the Military Costume set. The only attire fitting for a heavy-hitting elite soldier such as herself.

Eldoodle: Elysion (Atlas Station) [] - Forums - Elsword Online Forums

Lu. Ciel. both Lu and Ciel. Rose

Japan's costume design winners finally get to showcase their proud work! Just check out all these unique designs for each characters!

Today is the day we launch Elsword's newest character, Rose. An elite marksman, and soldier of the highest honor, Rose locks iron sights on those who've ...

[Elsword KR] Bloodia & Crimson Rose Combo & Skill introduce

Elsword Elesis (Blazing Heart) x Male Reader by PectoralisMajor on DeviantArt

Rose is literally sent from heaven! What's a better clothing option for someone who's a warrior of heaven than an Archangel costume you can get from ...

【Elsword KR】T.Crimson Rose 11-6 Lost Elrian Sanctuary

Rose Last Path Rolls Out! Plus, Checkout the Mystery Item Mall Item! By GM Amelia

Elsword's Rose Gets Fourth Job Class

Look so sharp you give people papercuts just by staring but feel as light as air with Dark Feather and Shining Feather costumes!

[Elsword KR] Rose - Gunner test play first day - 9-6

[Elsword] T.Crimson Rose Henir Challenge

The greatest show on earth won't be complete without the right accessories; you don't want to disappoint magic-lovers do you?

[Elsword NA] Rose Optimus 8-6 Heart of Behemoth in 3:50 for Light Speed. (Solo Queue Buff) - Most Popular Videos

Elsword KR - Rose - Metal Heart, Optimus - skill, combo class test

ELSWORD อัพเดทแพทช์วันที่ 28 กรกฎาคม 2559 □ Rose Metal Heart & Optimus □ Heroic Dungeon Mode

Elsword 10 years anniversary illusts (Official)

bulgeunk · Follow. Unfollow · elswordrosemetal heartdanganronpandrv3new ...

And that's all fo—wait a minute! What is this? What on earth could this be? A Bunny? Well, cat lovers this is definitely not for you, that's fo' sho'.

[Elsword KR] Storm Trooper test play - 10-3: Elysion Tower

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Elsword x Ain [Fixed Link]

This ANIME Game is BEAUTIFUL! (Elsword Season 2)



All-New Character, Ain, And What He's All About

Elsword: El Lady Episode 01 [Eng Sub]

The anime, Elsword: El Lady also uses these paths for the characters ◊

Elsword - Storm Trooper (Rose) in 8-6


"Flowers on the Battlefield" #art #artoninstagram #digital #digitalart #drawing. "

Rose <--- She's so peaceful.--few seconds later she starts shooting things with giant guns--

Elsword Official - 3rd Job 3rd Path Trailer

Rose. Add .

[Elsword KR] 체인지 고드름 개사기! 트와일라잇 '체인지 스킬'

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo. ›

She's finally got a complete Bunny Girl Set to call her own! Complete with costume, skill cut-in and a pair of wonderful heart eyes! Check it out tomorrow, ...