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READ SCIFI F COL Tony Stark is known throughout the world as

READ SCIFI F COL Tony Stark is known throughout the world as


Iron Man Poster

Tony Stark Iron Man Vol 1 1

Granov Variant Textless

Tony's childhood. In ...

Iron Man Three Poster

Howard Stark in Captain America: First ...

4360171-antmanpre2015001 int2-2.jpg

Tony's pet peeve

... talk and process information in three different bodies at the same time. Tony has been mentioned by Reed Richards to be the world's best multitasker.

Tony Stark is pictured center wearing a smart suit, against a black background, behind

Sebastian Stan

Iron Man Issue - Read Iron Man Issue comic online in high quality

In life, your past always has a habit of catching up to you. Remember that girl who borrowed your eraser in fifth period study hall and ended up stalking ...

Tony "Sarcasm" Stark

I Robot: Book written by the late Isaac Asimov Read this when I was in High School. My dad had all the old sci-fi books I loved to read.

Brian Michael Bendis's Tony Stark is more akin to the film version of Tony played by Robert Downey Jr. The brilliance ...

Howard Stark presenting Tony to Maria. In ...

Stark breaking his sobriety

Tony Stark's nicknames for Lt. Col. James Rhodes.

Tony, as Iron Man in his battle damaged suit sitting with water around him,

Tony Stark Debuts His GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Armor In IRON MAN #5


Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 288 003

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) and Amanda Armstrong (Earth-616) from

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Anthony Stark (Earth-616) from Iron Man Vol 1 288 002

Iron Man Three - Red White and Blue Suit

Stark has always been about his ego on thrusters.

A lot of secrets were revealed in last night's episode of Agent Carter — and a lot of them revolved around Howard Stark, one way or the other.

Now in terms of Avengers: Infinity War Part One, after seeing it twice, I'm going to do something different and focus on the movie's villain; Thanos played ...

'Avengers: Infinity War': Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange Explain Thanos to Tony Stark (Video)

Howard preparing for the role by riding an F-16 flight simulator.

Stark using the R.T. node to project energy at will

... for some of our superhero's friends and those thoroughly unaccountable Agents Of Shield, and yet one of the very worst of the bad guys is Tony Stark ...


Tony Stark (Iron Man)

'Iron Man: Crash' (72 pp) was published as a Marvel Graphic Novel in 1988. Along with the 65 pp graphic novel, there is a 7 page afterward featuring an ...

... essays on C. Anthony Martignetti and Terry Pratchett left me deeply mindful of their impact on ...

... written by new-school talent–the caliber of writers found in this book is a dream-team of storytellers ready to hack into your skull and implant their ...

Rogue Fae (A Spy Among the Fallen Book 3) cover

Unlike Steve, Tony had access to both parents, and I say access, because although they were present, his relationship with his father was a contentious one, ...

In Fairness to Tony Stark

Ironman rollerboots

Iron Man 2 Poster

... but a few clips have surfaced on YouTube! I first learned of these clips from an Indiewire ...

[then all the other parts shoots over and get attached to Tony, accept for the final face piece, which just hovers, facing Tony] Tony Stark: Come on.

Thor - The Dark World poster.jpg

The War Machine Armor, also known as the Variable Threat Response Battlesuit, was an armor that was created by the Tony Stark then modified and upgraded ...


Jon Favreau meeting with members of the U.S. Air Force while filming at Edwards Air Force Base.

Tony in "Iron Man ...

Because Mr Favreau doesn't seem to grasp that Caesar destroyed the Roman Republic, and destroyed it because he acted in his own interests rather than that ...

[he places its hand by its side] Tony Stark: You happy now? [as Tony tries to fix the micro-repeater implants in his arm a boy stands by the doorway and ...

Tony Stark. I'm not an Iron Man fan...But this

100) Escape From New York

I've written and co-written numerous movie reviews on my blog, and I'm a firm believer in the power of movies to inspire an interest in the sciences as they ...

See more Robert

The script rams home the need for Tony to develop a sense of himself separate from the Iron Man armor. In the climactic battle, for example, ...

Well, Tony Stark put the moves on Madame Masque and it's coming back to bite him in the ass.

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in Iron Man. Tony Stark's Iron Man Dream Lab | Popular Science

Tony Stark, in his impossible extremes of advantage and his various substance abuses, in his adrenalin-fuelled faux-narcissism and relentless promiscuity, ...

A Complete Timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Photos). avengers marvel cinematic universe. Ever since Nick Fury appeared in Tony Stark's ...

iron man captain america civil war

Take a look back at Robert Downey Jr.'s movie career in photos.

Jon Favreau's "Iron Man II":- What Tony Stark Once Suffered To Learn, Tony Stark Soon Forgot: The Superhero Beyond The Comics 2

Official poster shows Ant-Man in his suit, and introduces a montage of him

... books and then I couldn't get through them, although I love Rite ...

Walter Scott's 12th c. knightly adventure Ivanhoe, the protagonist of which makes his first appearance at a tourney in disguise, known only as The ...

Bradbury: Prose Poet in the Age of Space, William F. Nolan

Tony Stark intends to market his latest 'Iron Man' style technology - a sophisticated armor suite called the SAV - for use in industrial applications.

In a scene from the trailer, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) slumps in a chair as he is held hostage by Raza's Ten Rings guerrillas.

Over at the website NJOE.com, I do a weekly Friday column called A Galaxy Not So Far Away - which is now going to be reposted here at F&SF Lovin' as ...

'Crash' is set late in the 20th century. Tony Stark is 74 years old, but maintains a youthful physiology and appearance thanks to a regimen of anti-aging ...

Harlan sold me a subscription to a fanzine called Dimensions on the spot. I never did see a copy of it. Then I didn't see Harlan again for eleven years.

Harley Keener: Are there bad guys in Rose Hills? Do you…do you need a plastic bag to breathe into? Do you have medication? Tony Stark: Nope.


With the script for The Black List graphic novel completed, co-writer Mark Kleman and I had to find a new artist to collaborate with while Lamair Nash ...

Read an Excerpt From Nnedi Okorafor's Sequel to Her Award-Winning Space Adventure, Binti


The Avengers, 2012

Anthony Stark (Earth-616) vs. Carol Danvers (Earth-616)

I mostly read science fiction, fantasy and horror, but occasionally I'll read something serious, like Stark Young's So Red the Rose, which was written in ...

Aside from the thematic familiarity, there are also events in the film that are not just believable, but that have been caught on film in real life: the ...

Of the twenty-three other stories in the anthology I've only read a handful thus far, but of those, one I really liked was a beautifully written vintage ...


Nnedi Okorafor Hello, Moto adaptation Hello, Rain cast witches Afrofuturism Fiery Film


Astonish was a fun 15 minutes of entertainment, about at the level of the B-movie flicks. The headliner story, We Found the Ninth Wonder of the World, ...

The World Split Open is a collection of essays that were actually lectures given by some significant authors at Literary Arts events in Portland, Oregon.

Captain America The First Avenger poster.jpg

Richard Stark's (Donald E. Westlake) crime adventure The Hunter. Parker, a brutal thief, is shot and left for dead by his partner and wife.