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Queen Christina of Sweden Why She Was Called the Minerva of the

Queen Christina of Sweden Why She Was Called the Minerva of the


Christina of Sweden, about 1650

Swedish queen Drottning Kristina portrait by Sébastien Bourdon stor.jpg

A portrait of Queen Christina by Jacob Ferdinand Voet.

Queen Christina of Sweden, though she reigned in the Seventeenth Century, continues to inspire fascination, debate and controversy even toda.

The 16-year-old Christina as queen.

Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden.

Christina in her old age.


Queen Christina as Minerva Unknown artist, 1700s

Christina, engraving by Cornelis Visscher, 1650.

Queen Christina of Sweden (1626–1689)

Were she alive today, Christina would likely have identified as a lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, or genderqueer. The young queen had an openly passionate ...

Queen Christina of Sweden: Why She Was Called the Minerva of the North | Queens

Portrait of Christina; painted in 1661 by Abraham Wuchters.

Ebba Sparre married in 1652 a brother of Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie. Painting by Sébastien Bourdon

Queen Krystyna I of Sweden

Print by Jeremias Falck. Sweden History

Christina of Sweden costume The ...

Queen Christina of Sweden: Why She Was Called the Minerva of the North

1933 film Queen Christina, loosely based on the life of Christina, Queen of Sweden from 1632 to

Christina's ineligible half-brother Gustav of Vasaborg

Queen Kristina of Sweden, Queen Regnant. She succeeded her father Gustav II Adolf at the age of six

The Life and Reign of Catherine de Medici, Renaissance Queen

Photo: Peter Kramer / Getty Images - Photo: Peter Kramer / Getty Images

Malin Buska as Queen Kristina in The Girl King - 2015

Descartes, René

1650 - Beck, David - Portrait of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689

Actress Malin Buska plays Sweden's Queen Christina in "The Girl King." (photo

Christina of Sweden

Queen Christina of Sweden: Why She Was Called the Minerva of the North | Queens

Maria Eleonora princess of Brandenburg, Queen Consort of Sweden, 1619 (Unknown Artist) Nationalmuseum Stockholm

Maria Eleonora of Brandenburg - A contemporary portrait of Maria Eleonora, showing the resemblance to

by Jakob Ferdinand Voet.

Christina of Sweden. Zoom

Early life

Queen Christina of Sweden: Why She Was Called the Minerva of the North | Queens

Posthumous portrait of Queen Isabella I of Castile.

Christina, Queen of Sweden ca 1655 based on her activities in Rome Queen Christina

I have been thinking about how to introduce distinct regional styles into ASoIaF costumes lately and I'm not going to lie, I'm not fond of how the show ...

31 Interesting European Women c.1500 - 1945

Queen Christina of Sweden: Why She Was Called the Minerva of the North | Queens

Christina, Queen of Sweden 1670 Cristina Queen of Sweden by Jacob Ferdinand Voet

The Marquise de Ganges

Christina Regina, engraving after portrait by Anselm van Hulle

Christina, Queen of Sweden Queen Christina of Sweden the European

Copperplate engraving. Sophia Elisabet Brenner: Poetiske Dikter, 1713. Universitetsbiblioteket, Lund University

antique coin, very rare coin, copper coin, -- Coins & Currency -

Her brilliance and strong will were evident even in her childhood. Oxenstierna himself instructed her in politics and first admitted her to council meetings ...


Jacob Ferdinand Voet Queen Christina of Sweden - Stock Image


Portrait of Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689), 1657. Artist:

Portrait of a Woman as Minerva (Christina of Sweden as Bradamante).. 1663

The queen of Sweden, Christina ~ Christina was born in 1626 in Stockholm. She was the queen of Sweden (1644–54), and stunned all Europe by abdicating her ...

True story: in the winter of 1650 the magnificent Queen Kristina of Sweden summoned Rene Descartes to Stockholm to tutor her in philosophy.

The dispute of Queen Christina and Descartes

Christina's cousin and designated heir, Count Palatine Charles Gustav

Prinses Beatrix.jpg

drottning kristina igen. “

Greta Garbo in Queen Christina

Queen of Sweden

Christina of Sweden She ...

In 1681, having secured a trustworthy administrator for her lands in Sweden, Christina at last became financially secure.

christina_of_sweden_1626_1667_attributed_to_w-_heimbach. Christina

Medal by Sebastian Dadler n.d. (1648), portrait of Christina of Sweden with plumed helmet r., Peace of Westphalia. Obverse.

Christina of Sweden

Queen Christina of Sweden depicted on the obverse of a ten-ducat coin from the

Subject: Maria Eleonora, dowager queen of Sweden (1599-1655)

Christina's sarcophagus in the extensive papal crypt at the Vatican.

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

Sigismund III Vasa, King of Poland and Sweden, Grand Duke of Lithuania and Finland

Princess Cecilia of Sweden

4. Queens Regnant of Sweden:

Who Were the Queen's Maries -- the Four Marys, Maids of Honor?

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Christina (1626-1689) Queen regnant of Sweden 1632-1654. Succeeded at

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Sweden's coronation throne, located in the Hall of State, Stockholm. This silver throne was first used by Queen Christina in

QUEEN CHRISTINA (1936) American film biography of the Queen of Sweden, with Greta

christina of sweden. The reigning queen ...

One of my two self-chosen deities, #badbitch #queenchristina of Sweden, who ditched her throne, and her suitors, to go and be gay af in Italy #heroine ...

Princess Catherine

How Did Niobe Lose All of Her Children?

Ulrica Eleanor of Sweden (1680) 1677 by Jacques D'Agar.jpg

Catherine the Great

Queen Christina of Sweden (1626-1689) was one of the most famous women of her time. Few historical figures have been discussed so much and so controversial, ...

Christina of Sweden. Zoom

cabin sir-walter-raleigh-9450901-1-402

Queen Christina (at the table on the right) in discussion with French philosopher René

image of Queen Christina of Sweden and her Circle

Queen Christina of Sweden on Horseback, by Sebastien Bourdon, 1653

Christina of Sweden. Zoom