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Protecting tax privacy for the uberrich is a strange thing to take a

Protecting tax privacy for the uberrich is a strange thing to take a


Gina Rinehart To Sue After Miniseries Gets Her Mum's Hair Colour Wrong

Gina Rinehart, chair of Hancock Prospecting.

Adam Giles, former NT chief minister, hired by Gina Rinehart

Protecting tax privacy for the uber-rich is a strange thing to take a stand on. Gina Rinehart speaking to media.

Protecting tax privacy for the uber-rich is a strange thing to take a stand on | Gina rinehart, Nasty people and Politics

Malcolm Turnbull

It's a sad illustration of how our vision for real regulatory reform has shrunk in three decades when changing negative gearing is the most our political ...

Scott Morrison speaks at a podium in the budget lock up.

European commissioner for tax Pierre Moscovici

President Trump introduced his tax reform plan last week. Critics in the media labeled it “tax cuts for the rich.”

Jimmy Carr apologises for tax avoidance but what is Cameron doing?

Inner circle: Steve Hilton (Picture: Barry J Holmes)


There's a certain irony that POTUS released his Fiscal year 2012 Budget today....It was his "love letter" to our money.....as he intends to try & take more ...

Joe Rogan making a fine point.

Tax Dodging Crooked Pervert Donnie...an unpatriotic garbage! 15317840_1344669512292766_2483877039085499106_n.jpg (

... your standard million-dollar SoCal home). They paid $915,000 for the place back in 2016. They are going to see an increase in their tax bill:

Hillary Clinton's candidacy is bigger than tax policy. Photograph: Brooks Kraft/Corbis

Donald Trump speaks in Springfield, Missouri. 'This is our once-in-

To End On A Happy Note.

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The First Thing Eaten on the Moon, What Armstrong Said Directly After His Historic "Small Step" Line, What It Would Take to Stop the Earth Orbiting the Sun ...

The wealthy will recover well under the Senate healthcare bill giving them a huge tax break | Miami Herald

So far the T2 gang has created a new tax bracket for big-money earners, gutted the TFSA contribution limit by half, ended income-splitting for entrepreneurs ...

An IMF report debunks the theory that taxing the wealthy will be a drag on overall growth in the economy. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

By Max Goldberg, via Wikimedia Commons

The cock brothers get a shit ton of money, they are also the biggest republican donors. Look at the 4 billion dollar gift to his family tho, damnnnnn.

Must be funny. In the rich man's world. Money, money, money. Always sunny. In the rich man's world. Aha-ahaaa. All the things I could do. If I had a ...

Babbage: AI will see you now

Need a Financial Adviser?

Texas powerball lottery

... but over last 2 decades https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/11/opinion/trump-republicans-tax-cuts-inequality.html …pic.twitter.com/qlensZuXBM

Chris Krolow, CEO of Private Islands Inc, says the market for islands is no longer restricted to the uber rich.

Will the uber rich, still be rich, when nobody can afford to consume?

But what about “poor” renters? There is another scenario presented in the L.A. Times with a professional couple that earns even more than the high income ...

Data Mining your personal info from the Internet - "There's no code of conduct. There's no standard. There's nothing that safeguards privacy...."

President Donald Trump's administration unveiled a tax plan on Wednesday that proposes lower taxes across the board and a number of alterations to the tax ...

February 2015 -- Silver Chips Print by Silver Chips Print Online Edition - issuu

Illustration: Eric Lobbecke

... Pruitt in town. Makes me think of Selina's bag man Gary in VEEP. The lotion Pruitt prefers has notes of lyang luang and bergamot – and it's available in ...

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Now the following story should lay to rest the question of who is really waging this class war and laying waste to the rest of humanity. While the Über Rich ...

A Primer on Supply-Side vs Demand-Side Economics

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch earlier this month. Last week, Senate Republicans did

"The media places so much emphasis on imaginary infectious disease threats, when millions of people in poverty, mostly people of color, have neglected ...

Mike Rosenberg

Humanized Mice Made with Human Embryos, Your Tax Dollars at Work USA

... crowd-sourcing and other technology made available through ubiquitous and free flowing information lead to a utopian post capitalist society? Maybe.

NASA and Orbital ATK are in negotiations for the Dulles, VA-based company to


Australia's housing affordability was a major issue in the lead up to the Budget but the Government has focused on it less in recent weeks.

Laws targeting illegal downloads from overseas websites pass Senate | Technology | The Guardian

Graphic: the high profile figures leaving France

Photo: What is going to get David Feeney in trouble is that he is "negatively gearing" his property. (AAP: Lukas Coch)

Deep Cover by Tim Eagan.

GOP Smash-And-Burn Tax Plan Does Nothing for Workers

... Australian Government has been replaced with a private corporation registered in the USA which has private shareholders that are pocketing our taxes.

Finally ...

gop tax plan

lib bathroom tyranny

Sam Wilkin, author of a new book about the super-rich, reveals the key factors and personality traits that set them apart from other successful people.

This was when I realized/questioned my middle class status is all an illusion and I have been lower class my whole life.

Rampant Egotistic Narcissism Run Riot: many an über-rich jackass buys a luxury yacht, but only a seriously deranged and Machiavellian fantasist appoints ...

It always ends up with market bubbles, which burst, and then everyone gets hurt in the resulting recession. Meanwhile, the debt piles up as a consequence:

The Maker (Reed Richards (Earth-1610)). Evil Reed Richards from the Ultimates universe (Earth-1610). A great counterpart to Mr. Fantastic.

This was just too good not to post.....only thing missing is the " BIFF " and " WHAM " balloons when Batman hits Joker.....too funny.

Protect your Real Estate Assets Like the Uber-Rich

International Tax & Offshore Tax

Time to go Mr. Obama and take Hapless Harry Reid with you.

Protecting tax privacy for the uber-rich is a strange thing to take a stand on | Gina rinehart, Nasty people and Politics

... but he can't do it without your help. Sign up here to join Team Mitt and help collect signatures, make phone calls, and display yard signs.

Ted Cruz showed huge insensitivity in grilling Trayvon Martin's mother, even if what he said was technically correct. She was on the Hill trying to get ...

Same as it ever was…

Abbott and his friends make their opinion of "temporary" tax increases very clear after

Candy brothers: 'One day they were likely lads, then they were everywhere' | Business | The Guardian

But billionaire Jeff Greene thinks his neighbors would be wise to buy a little democracy insurance.

... a year ago. Obama's folks should be all over that; someone should respectfully quote it (minus the cussy bits) from the podium in Charlotte next week.

I reckon that one must be chokka. I wondered where wally etal had got to.

Pretty funny stuff that Sailors/Soldiers/Marines/Airmen say.

Billionaires don't have Scrooge McDuck ...

Budget 2017: What to expect from the Federal Budget

The More Things Change.

Jimmy Carr apologises for tax avoidance but what is Cameron doing?

Is the country headed in the right direction?