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Pollution mining and protected areas in Suriname by ACT map

Pollution mining and protected areas in Suriname by ACT map


Pollution, mining and protected areas in Suriname, by ACT #map #suriname

Mining extent in Maroon-occupied areas. Image courtesy of the ACT.

Indigenous Park Guard Program

Protected areas of Suriname

The main drivers of wetland degradation for which basin-wide data are available, and the protected area network. Courtesy of Castello et al (2013).

(Image Credit: used by the Brazilian Federal Public Prosecution on its report on Renca's extinction. Non-striped areas may be affected by mining operations)

Guayana is also the home of 19 indigenous peoples, whose way of life is in principle safeguarded by Venezuela's 1999 constitution.

There are 715 species of birds. The giant sea turtles flock to sandy beaches like Galibi and Matapica, to lay their eggs. There are many orchids and over 60 ...

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... Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil, which is facing increasing threats from both small and large-scale mining operations.

A number of Natural Reserves and National Parks collectively referred to as ABRAE (Áreas Bajo Régimen de Administración Especial – Areas under Special ...

Highlighted in purple is the area which an agreement was reached between the Brazilian government and France. In green are protected lands and indigenous ...

Click to enlarge. Courtesy of WWF

Suriname On a Large Wall Map of South America

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A gold mine occupies the shores of Brokopondo Reservoir in central Suriname. Image courtesy of

During a recent visit to the vast and ancient rainforests of the nation of Suriname, as part of our customary reacquaintance period, I cheerfully chewed the ...

Gold mine in Suriname. Photo courtesy of the Amazon Conservation Team.

Figure 1

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Community members from the Matawai villages of Boslanti and Vertrouw learning to use GPS technology in

Climate change and drought are already taking their toll on Venezuela: water scarcity has a direct effect on the generation of electricity, ...

... manner and taking measures to address the severe problems at hand without perpetuating a rentier state model, whether based on oil or mining, ...

FIGURE 4 - Venezuela: Strictly Protected Areas and Areas Designated for Industrial Logging

geography of French Guiana. Only the main rivers are repre- sented. The rainforest

FIGURE 6 - Overlap Between Mineral Deposits and Traditional Indigenous Territories

Earthquake zones of Turkey

Outline of Yellowstone National Park, the world's first modern protected are, as seen by

Small-scale gold mining ...

ap showing field sites of RAP in Southeastern Suriname. Photo by: Conservation International.

Map showing the extent of the tsunami generated by the Chile earthquake of 1960.

Amazon river ecosystems being rapidly degraded, but remain neglected by conservation efforts

Marine Protected Areas

Gold mining in Suriname

Surrounding our vital reservoirs, are the Special Areas, usually kept clean and untouched, to act as natural filtration systems - except for longwall coal ...

Oil and gas blocks in Peru, including all IUCN categorized Amazonian protected areas, protected


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French Guiana study sites, with the protected areas. Protected areas:

Noise pollution is invading even the most protected natural areas

Kalimantan Map, kalimantan, map, borneo, dayak,

Guayana has been purported to hold the second largest gold reserve in the world, estimated at 7,000 tonnes, worth some $200 billion dollars.

Gold mining in Colombia

The regional extent and occurrence of small and large mines throughout the


Fig. 3

FIguRe 2.4 Protected areas (numbered) in continental ecuador in relation to areas of largely

Map modified from a CIA graphic.

Alcoa leases approximately 787 hectares of unreserved Crown Land, under provisions of the Mines (Aluminium Agreement) Act 1961.

Gold mining in Suriname

Solid yellow indicates blocks already leased out to companies. Hashed yellow indicates proposed blocks or

Figure 6.2 Map showing where plastic waste management problems are greatest, with risk of plastic

Schematics of proposed freshwater protected area zones. (a) Freshwater focal areas, such as particular river reaches, lakes, headwater streams, ...

Rosebel mine concession and adjacent Rights of Exploration (ROE).


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Antarctica, Penetration of the Continent 1897-1928: routes of early explorers at sea

The impact of gold mining and agricultural concessions on the tree cover and local communities in northern Myanmar | Scientific Reports

risk of malaria in French Guiana between September 2012 and March 2013. This map represents

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The capital Paramaribo along the Suriname River, as seen from an airplane.

Degraded area after small-scale mining operations (Source: WWF Guianas)

Zimbabwe satellite photo

Suriname satellite photo

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TBA Map - colour

Topographic map of Brazil

Figure 2.1. Water quality sampling sites during the 2012 RAP survey.

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Assessment and Analysis

Ross sea and Antarctic seas

Simplified geological of the map Guiana Shield.

Satellite images show the impact of mining in the Upper Malinowski River of the Amazon Rainforest in an area spanning 16 square kilometres over a two-year ...

Figure 2.7 Water Pollution Level for phosphorus (P) per river basin in Latin America

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An Etymological Map of South America.

Suriname River and its many rapids

Figure 6.6 In autumn 2016, CCAMLR members agreed to establish a protected area in the

Gorrila territory affected by war, mining and logging. The pressure on protected areas by

Fig. 11

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Fig. 3. Major river basins and basin complexes of South America. , Amazon

Trees in Suriname

Map a) shows the number of currently listed threatened fish. Map b) shows the number of species that we identified as potentially vulnerable.

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