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Pin by molly alves on Stuart Smalley Would Be Proud t

Pin by molly alves on Stuart Smalley Would Be Proud t


Find this Pin and more on Stuart Smalley Would Be Proud... by mollygee23.

"Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind. In fact, others seem to be bothering you, but it is not others, it is your own mind.

Stuart Smalley // SNL

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when it rains, look for rainbows. when it's dark look for stars. Find this Pin and more on Stuart Smalley Would ...

Find this Pin and more on Stuart Smalley Would Be Proud... by mollygee23.


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Only fools let compliments get to their head and criticism get to their hearts.-So, I'm a fool. Find this Pin and more on Stuart Smalley ...

It's better to feel pain than nothing at all. The opposite of love is indifference · Stuart SmalleyLyricsLyric ...

Shut my mouth

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Licensed nurturer Stuart Smalley talks to Michael Jordan about the pressure he must feel.

"Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That's who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn't believe it.

Continue to share your heart with people even if it's broken - Amy Poehle. Find this Pin and more on Stuart Smalley ...

Stuart Smalley Would Be Proud.

LET IT GO - No, that's not for you. Let it go. I know you think it's was what you need, but you must let it go. It will hurt you if ...

Stuart Smalley- He's good enough, he's smart enough and gosh darn it- people like him

Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside ...

House of Memes (gmotd.tumblr.com)2016-10-09The second presidential debate is tonight. The Young Turks have called Trump's expression “Trump's Goofy Bully ...

Daily Affirmation With Stuart Smalley

By not accepting personal responsibility for our circumstances, we greatly reduce our power to change them. Find this Pin and more on Stuart Smalley ...

That's a MAN ,baby!

Just remember .

Cheri Oteri

"Because I am good enough. I am smart enough. And doggone it. People like me!" | Stuart Smalley's famous quote. "

Eye candy

Famous Alum: Kristen Wiig attended Brighton High School in 1991 in Rochester, NY

Humor, Humour, Chistes, Funny, Funny Humor

Actress Kristen Wiig's junior and senior pictures from Brighton High School (Class of From the collection of the Rochester Public Library Local History ...

Kristen Wiig is giving Manheim Township, her home for about 10 of her childhood years, props in a recent interview with Steven Rea of the Philadelphia ...

Stuart Smalley

I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like me! This always cracks me up!

Old Hollywood

Alec Greven on "How to talk to Dad" - this is too funny :

You nasty!

Molly's character, Helen Madden, a "licensed joyologist" who coined the phrase,

117 Ingenious DIY Costumes From Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

Kristen Wiig Pixie

Stuart Smalley lol

Adam Sandler as OPERA MAN on Saturday Night Live (1992)

For those of you who don't habla espanol, El Nino is Spanish for: The Nino."....Epic SNL quote. "

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"Sometimes when I get nervous I put my hands under my arms and then smell them like this" - Mary Catherine Gallagher, Superstar!!

gorgeous lilac, lime, and turquoise hair

Paper Magazine: Tim & Eric Do High Fashion Drag

SNL 1978 Gilda Radner

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116 quotes from Kurt Cobain: 'I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.', 'Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are', ...

Dooneese on SNL

How SNL has changed in the last 10 years. An interview with James Andrew Miller

Don't know whether to Celebrate Change or Run for Cover. Find this Pin and more on Stuart Smalley ...

I finally know what ISIS is exactly.

haha Mary Katherine Gallagher

7 Ways NOT To Announce Your Engagement

roaring-softly: Words of wisdom by Stuart Smalley, lettering by Tyler Feder Buy

Cher - When I was young, most chicks in the magazines and on TV were fair, blonde, blue-eyed. Then Cher came along and made me feel proud and pretty(!) to ...

The Best Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of SNL's 40th Anniversary Special

More information

Rosetta Stone - Saturday Night Live

MY panic attack is having a panic attack.

Debbie Downer

Pin by molly alves on Stuart Smalley Would Be Proud... | Pinterest | Inspirational

Debbie Downer | 28 Of The Most Hilarious "Saturday Night Live" Characters Of All Time

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Stuart Saves his family. Funny scene with Julia Sweeney.

SNL.. Rosanna Rosanna Danna.

i wish you weren't a liar - i wish you weren't a liar Will Ferrell Liar

Graham Chapman

Chris Farley, David Spade and Adam Sandler dressed in drag for skit! One of my all time favorites to quote: "Lay off me, I'm starving!

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Saturday Night Live: Daily Affirmations with Al Franken as Stuart Smalley #SNL

Mary Catherine Gallagher - Superstar!

SNL art. Stefon is hilarious.

Pin by molly alves on Stuart Smalley Would Be Proud... | Pinterest | Inspirational

Man up

Ms.Swan annoys everyone.

... Night Live spin-off about a quirky, socially inept girl named Mary Katherine Gallagher. The character was created by SNL star Molly Shannon and appeared ...

This is why I don't have children. I would do stuff like this

Andy Samberg, Senior Year, Berkely High School, Berkeley CA, circa 1996

john leguizamo

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Jonah Hill Is His Own Operating System in 'Me', a Saturday Night Live


Positive Affirmations: Think Your Way to Success. Stuart SmalleyPositive ...

But you really, really didn't like her triangle hairstyle. Seriously, no frizzy-haired woman would ask for that shape on purpose.

SNL celebrity Jeopardy

MADtv - Dot and Homeschooling

Farewell letter from

Christina Applegate, hosting SNL, in The Californians skit

Mr. Peepers Saturday night live

54 best Saturday Night Live images on Pinterest | Ha ha, Funny stuff and Funny things

Let your drunk friends get near you with a trimmer

Best Adult Costumes of Halloween 2013 (Part 2)... fucking amazing,

Enjoy this beauty.

i wish i meant something to you.

7 Celebrities Who Had Badass Careers You Didn't Know About | Chevy chase and Celebrity