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Pin by Sushi Chan on D Grayman t Gray

Pin by Sushi Chan on D Grayman t Gray


Allen Walker if he weren't so polite, he would definitely say this. Find this Pin and more on D. Gray-man ...

D Gray Man.. NO LOGIC but still happy me

D Gray Man · Wait, what?

Discover ...

Well, why hide it, she's just talented.

D Gray Man, Motivational Posters, Man Stuff, Allen Walker, Punch, Weird, Men Stuff, Outlander

D-grey-man Allen Walker

Gray-man, Allen Walker, Yuu Kanda, Hug From Behind, Surprise Hug


D Gray Man, Comic Book, Anime Art, Fandom, Graphic Novels, Comic, Comics, Comic Books, Fandoms

Allen Walker, D Gray Man

Lavi | D.Gray-man || https://twitter.com

Allen is a pretty crafty guy, except when it comes to food… My love comedy side is starting to show

Find this Pin and more on Katsura Hoshino by cerejagabi. D.

New fanfic I'm writing will blow people's minds~ {photo creds: }. Find this Pin and more on D.gray man ...

Gray-Man Neah Walker Credits to the artist

Arekan Yullen · Allen WalkerD Gray ManMan ...

Allen Walker D.

Because Allen Walker. Find this Pin and more on D. Gray-man ...

Find this Pin and more on D.Gray-man by Tsubaki78.

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー), Moyashi (Bean Sprout, Kiełek fasoli) · D Gray ManAllen ...

Gray · Lol · Allen WalkerD Gray ManSeaSushi ...

anime d gray man - Cerca amb Google

Nezumi & Shion, No.6 Yû Kanda & Allen Walker, D. Gray-man The longer I look the more they look like each other

Allen and nua. Allen WalkerD Gray ManHot ...

Allen Walker Time skip ^//^ Show: D.Gray Man (c) Kastura Hoshino Allen Walker Time skip

D. Gray Man ~~~ General Cross Marian ::: He's a womanizer

D. Gray Man Hallow

Allen Walker, Kanda Yuu and Lavi from D.Gray-Man Halow in the

D.gray-man: Kitty Kanda by RainbowMaple ...

D.Gray-man Hallow


Yu Kanda

A little doodles with D.Gray-man and No.6 crossover Bcuz I love both series. And Yullen and NezuShi. They are similar so yeah... I had to do it.

D Gray Man, Manga Couple, Anime Couples

D. Gray Man Photo, by Katsura Hoshino.

D. Gray man

Lavi | D.Gray-Man || http://www.pixiv

Yeah this is Yu Kanda from D.Gray-man (' <')/ *lazy to type a description D.

d gray man

D. Gray-Man Allen Walker by Hoshino Katsura Doesnt he look sexy Más

D.Gray-man Allen Walker #dgrayman #cosplayclass

Find this Pin and more on D. Gray-Man by mafumafutthao.

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー), Moyashi (Bean Sprout, Kiełek fasoli)

D. Gray-Man Art – Howard Link

By 改名したいかもしれないゆーり <3 <3 <3Poor ...

Yu Kanda

Todoroki Shouto, My Hero Academia, Allen Walker, Timcanpy, D.Gray-man, Yachi Hitoka, Haikyuu!!, crossover, cool, anime characters, girl, baseball; Anime

D.Gray-man/#1974638 - Zerochan

Allen Walker (アレン・ウォーカー), Moyashi (Bean Sprout, Kiełek fasoli), The Destroyer of time, Baka Deshi (Idiot Apperentice)

Mana Neah Millenium Earl

d gray man

D. Gray Man by grachiel

Ok we hid all the power drills, seringes and other sharp objects what are we missing? I luv Komui and his over obsessive ways.


D. Gray Man Wisley, Kanda and Alma

D.Gray-man = allen walker

D.Gray Man ^_^

D-Gray Man

Kanda is right next to him~. Find this Pin and more on D. Gray-man ...

d-gray man kanda

The 14th by Evil-usagi on DeviantArt (D.Gray-man - Allen

Chibi Allen, Kanda, & Lavi ^^

D*Gray-Man Manga picture

Wonder (Phantom) Woman by GraceDawnslight101

Allen Walker [Crown Clown] by SkylartMichiyo ...

SHOUNEN JUMP... collab by KL-chan .

D.Gray-Man - Allen Walker by keyCley

Hikaru no Go Pins 4pc Set Hikaru Shindo Sai Isumi Waya JAPAN ANIME JUMP ...

Delila2110 74 2 Kanda, Lenalee, Allen, Lavi (D.Gray-Man Hallow)3

YesAnime.com | Tokidoki The Sushi Cars Mini Series Blind Box Figure (Display Box of 24)

can I at least take a bite? by sushidragon ...

kagami1230 12 0 Mana Walker D.gray-man by MadvedNa4

D.Gray-man Black Order Rose Cross Brooch Pins JAPAN ANIME MANGA

Hobo Woes by sushidragon ...

Xion - Kingdom Hearts by Yoshioka-chan ...


Galko-chan photo

... Lenalee, Allen, Lavi (D.Gray-Man Hallow)1

GraceDawnslight101 2 0 Yu Kanda is [not] Pretty by GraceDawnslight101

Allen walker - D.Gray man by Yoshioka-chan

GraceDawnslight101 1 0 Yummy Rice by GraceDawnslight101

I'm in D. Gray Man? by wreathdeathscyte

Innocent Sorrow (D. Gray Man Fan-Fic)

GraceDawnslight101 0 1 Iconic (DGM OCs) by GraceDawnslight101

Sasuga by Cannibal-Pie-Chan