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Pin by Nico Doesn39t Know Anymore on EXO t Suho Exo

Pin by Nico Doesn39t Know Anymore on EXO t Suho Exo


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Was in Switzerland. Exo ...

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out of all of them it had to be the one that forgets his own age

This is Suho everybody, the 'guardian' ...

Exo is life 😍😍

Don't forget that he likes to wear black all the time.

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Exo · Meme · Nini stop ✋

Kyungsoo is on fire

I don't mind this one. Exo ...

Sehun won't forget this just like the 11 minutes. Suho ExoKpop ...

My first impression when I discovered EXO

This meme is Chanyeol's fault as well.

Aww Suho oppa pleas don't cry because if you cry .... I cry too~!! TT ^ TT *hugs Suho* mew~ we will still love you Suho oppa and all the EXO oppas~

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No one can roast EXO better than how they roast themselves.

I love how this includes carrots and kimpbap (anyone who's a carat will understand EHEHHEHEHEHEH)

It's so cute

minho knows when junmyeon's suho mode is coming · Kdrama MemesExo ...

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Suho Oppa...Ahjumma

Rocking the turtleneck Sehun | allkpop Meme Center · Kdrama MemesExo ...

Suho's cake will go down in EXO-L history^.^

This isn't a meme I know but I had no place to pin this. Exo ...

I'm so done with this fandom

Yeah why?

I know you can't resist that face.

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luv this one

Sehun always at the right time and place before Tao has the chance to cheat. XD #TaoHun

KAI - EXO Official Goods Brochure

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and funny look at suho he's like "my child!" Ok i don't want to be that person but lool at how exo m microphones are just plain white and exok are all ...


My name is bıyıKAİ. #kai

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Read Mensaje 2 from the story Text With You [ChenMin] by ParkByunLene ( with reads. Chen: ¿ A que escuela asistes.

Luhan just loves Apink's "no no no" doesnt he XD Ps. Never call Luhan feminine again lol. Find this Pin and more on EXO ...

2PM and EXO show their support for each other

favorite EXO Valentine Cards give one to a kpop friend or send one to yourself like Sehun did lol Happy valentines XD

Oh plzzzz oh sehun is a beautiful fabulous creature n he knows it!! XD ❤

Awww Suho... We love you too... <3 We Are One!! ^~^

Exo · Image result for #thanksgivingwithexo

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the things EXO's Showtime taught us! when a joke goes wrong or saying sorry "

Baskin Robbins features EXO-K for December, 2014 promotions.

shit another questions tthat will let chanyeol think way too much (suho was the first. Exo ...

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< < Kai = always judging Suho^. Find this Pin and more on Exo ...

Leo (VIXX) + Kyungsoo (Exo) = world destruction

EXO Memes | EXO | Suho | Showtime

EXO // 엑소 // Kim Jongdae // 김종대 // Chen // 첸


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I don't know who's my bias anymore.D.O. looks like an angel. It's impossible to choose a bias in EXO.

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tao shuts down the complaints about him crying too easily awww my baby ❤ . Find this Pin and more on EXO ...

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i remember this poor jackson lmao

I feel ya, grandpa suho~ *le cri cri*

I ship it more platonic than anything because you know...Taoris/Sulay. But it's a guilty pleasure for sure

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Curly haired Chen

Baekhyun Then and Now

derp, baekxing, and exo image

Baby jongin isn't big on giving speeches but junma · Exo ...

Chanyeol for Ceci Feb 2017. Find this Pin and more on exo ...

SEHUNS ABS THO. He looks like a fricking baby and then u look down AND WET SHIRT WET ABS HELLO


EXO swearing | Yixing, Suho, Chanyeol, & Baekhyun LOL!! but how the hell is "oh shit" considered a swear word?

exo, kai, and jongin image

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when Ken meets Chen -Ctto-

Haha he doesn't know what it is, he just hors with the flow hes like "yeah alright happysuhoday". Find this Pin and more on EXO ...

Papa Suho and baby Sehun. Find this Pin and more on HILARIOUS (EXO ...

More like, Suho's so proud with Chanyeol finally speaking Japanese after a month of sleepless nights learning it lol. Find this Pin and more on EXO ...

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Suho mama will always miss Kris Daddy

Exo - Kai "Sexy beast"

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Baekhyun || EXO

Reasons I love him…but be careful next time Suho

Lay exo fact!

Welcome to FY-EXO, your source for all news, pictures, videos and everything else related to SM.

Lol that person out of kpop so long that they don't even know exo

Maknae being a little shit as always towards his hyungs ㅋㅋㅋ #EXO

FY!KAI : Photo · Exo ...

funny exo macros - Google Search

I'm so sorry for that language, but it's hilarious!

I can't believe she has 10 kids. Find this Pin and more on EXO ...

EXO Wolf <