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Pin by Emily Vu on NORAGAMI t

Pin by Emily Vu on NORAGAMI t


I'm tired of being pushed away when I was trying and you didn't care. I don' t care either.

Noragami Anime Wallpaper HD by on DeviantArt

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The eyes are perfection

Yato- noragami.

Noragami - Yato

Browse noragami Yato Cute collected by sacello and make your own Anime album.

Yato de pequeño

Yato and Yukine - Noragami

Yato, Yukine, suit, outfits, cool, peace sign; Noragami

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Love Kazuma and these two have the greatest relationship.


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Yato, blood, God of Calamity; Noragami

Hiyori and Yato - Noragami

When yr crush has rivals.

drop-tears: “ “ Noragami wallpapers 2 x ” ”


#Noragami Manga vs. Anime


Imagen relacionada

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i showed my little cousin the first two eps of noragami and SHE ACTUALLY LIKED THEM and called yato an idiot XD

anime with hearts (

Yato god or sexy god?

Bishamon // Noragami


Ято и Хиёри

Pin by Emily Beacham on Death Note | Pinterest | Fairytail, Durarara and Noragami

yato, noragami, and anime image

Bishamon -Noragami

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" -Noragami- Yato


Noragami Yukine Yato

Noragami - Anime Sketch Book | otaku.com

Noragami by PSLShana567.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt


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Yato <3

#Noragami #Kofuku


Day 7 of the 30DAC | Anime crush - Yato from Noragami (when he's not obsessed about money) - would've chosen Zuko from ATLA but there's the whole issue ...

Pixiv Id 15106005 Noragami~ Iki Hiyori, Yato & Yukine

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Yato Hiyori | Noragami

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Noragami Rabou

noragami yukine fanart

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Noragami vol.19 chapter 74 : Gift page 29 - Mangakakalot.com

Noragami hiyori y fujisaki

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Noragami - Yato vs Bishamon ganbareanime.com

kai-fuu: We should all donate money for Yato's shrine, seriously.

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Noragami | Yato, Hiyori, Yukine

Noragami - Young Yato and Yukine

Noragami ~~ Adorable chibis for one of my favorite anime series! wonder if it needs a separate board or not?

Yato's crown haha

Delivery God Yato, at your service!

Noragami by PSLShana567.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt | <3 CUTE :3 | Pinterest | Noragami, Anime and deviantART

... made a journal explaining why you should watch Magi. Well, I enjoyed making that so now I'm going to make one about anoth. Why You Should Watch Noragami


Yato Sama !!!! *-------* ,

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Noragami 51 Page 33

Noragami Chapter 63 - Yato

Gods of War

Memy z Anime 2 - Tokyo Ghoul/Noragami/Mirai Nikki

Noragami ARAGOTO


Yato // Noragami

Noragami | Yukine | Anime | Fanart | SailorMeowMeow

“ Manganime Graphic Request by Noragami

Yukine, Yato, funny, text, quote, comic; Noragami

Yato - Noragami by instockee. on pixiv

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I quite like the face Yato makes.

shotous: ““ 「Goddess of War」 Bishamonten ” ”

Yato and Yukine


Nora, Yukine, Yato and Hiyori // Noragami

Hiyori and Yato // Noragami

Vilã De Noragami - Nora.

Must protect this beautiful child at all costs

Yato & Yukine

Noragami - Yato // "I'm gonna make Hiyori the happiest girl in the world"

Anime:- Noragami Character:- Yato (God of Calamity) Nora(Regelia