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Pin by Chris on Whovian Idea39s and such Doctor Who Fandom

Pin by Chris on Whovian Idea39s and such Doctor Who Fandom


Find this Pin and more on Whovian Idea's and such Doctor Who Fandom by Chris .

Every series of Doctor Who has that one episode we never discuss. Haha.

Doctor who sad

OMG I had to pin just for Eleven with eyebrows. It's so weird! |


173 best The Doctor images on Pinterest | Doctor who, The doctor and Doctor who baby

I don't talk to myself.

Yep that's me! Even tho I WISH I could live in England

The 1st time & the last time that Clara was with 12.

Doctor Who book to see how big of a Whovian you are.

Saturday - Good day for Whovians>> at least it's not a tuesday. < < < its not saturday but oh well

Me discussing Doctor Who with my family;

Deleted scene from The Girl Who Died. I NEED TO SEE THIS NOOOWWW!

[August 14, 3:38pm] [fc: 7335] ⠀ Inspired

Doctor Who vs. 1984. Big Brother Dalek

Doctor who pick up lines omg

How does the Doctor Who fandom remain sane during hiatus? We're timelords. Time is not the boss of us. And we learned from Amy, who waited 50 years then 2 ...

join the harry potter and doctor who fandoms! And when it ends it would break my poor fangirl shipping heart.I don't know where to pin this, Doctor Who or ...

Doctor Bad-Ass! :)

🌸Jodie Auckland Whittaker🌸 on Instagram: “The whole picture! 😍 #jodiewhittaker #doctorwho #thirteenthdoctor #thirteen #13th #thefirstwomandoctor ...

It's ok, I don't need my heart! Rose Tyler, defender of the earth. Doctor who. Her name was rose.

Oh my god.

Starting Doctor Who // Love 4

The Doctor + Rose Tyler: how to love a mortal: #doctorwho

Torchwood - Season 1

I pin this every time I see it. Shame to Whovians who don't.)

Find this Pin and more on Doctor Who by Lotta.

The Doctor and River Song- Hippie.


New photo added to Doctor Who August 07 2017 at

I actually laughed out loud when Jackie said "He's called Doctor." I'm sorry I teared wen he realized she wasn't kidding

"Who's Your Doctor?" Art Print

Other Pinners loved these ideas

Nine You never forget your first Doctor, and I implore every contemplating Whovian to start with him. David Tennant is the Doctor I remember from my ...

Doctor Who nicknames. They forgot Rory the Roman :(

Rose Tyler haters. I love rose Tyler. Bad wolf. Doctor who. Whovian

Doctor Who - The Doctor and Clara

Death in Heaven | Doctor Who

So not phased // also: thank goodness they finally made a doctor's appointment joke. I have been waiting for so long. < < < < I didn't know I needed it until ...

The Sherlock fandom its the to smart for its own good insane one. The Supernatural fandom its the funny "How did you do THAT! And the Doctor Who fandom ...

Blasts the idea that Doctor Who is just a childrens programme out of the water. --I've seen parts of this episode.

The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler. What the Doctor never got to say. :( I see him saying this the same way the doctor said You were fantastic absolutly ...

I need to know who to ignore.

Doctor Who

First time meeting Nefertiti. High-five is a perfectly reasonable reaction.

Not a Doctor. :(

Doctor Who 7.11.2015

Christopher Eccleston, love him and his beautiful blue eyes

Doctor Who Pick-Up Lines

much love for queen

Holy Tardis of Gallifrey! It's totally David Tennant! // I'm not even a Whovian, but I love him and I can just imagine him being all 'Yes, friends, it is I'

Zygon invasion

(Doctor Who -

Even the face! I mean, c'mon, what other show has nods

River's compassion

Look at One with all his Doctor swagger.

Jack harkness face of boe

If you miss amy and rory clap your hands #drwho #mattsmith #wholock #

Doctor Donna, everyone. Catherine Tate, you were almost right. He traveled with his mother and father-in-law.

The Doctor, not a doctor.

Fandom related

Doctor Who.

...just splendid. I love moments like this with 11. People who

#drwho #fandom #dw #doctorwho #fandoms #drwho #thedoctor #whovian

Let's see how many of you can solve this. PotatoFandoms UniteDoctor ...

Osgood, she started with a Scarf and ended with a Bow tie, and wore then converse I really miss her, damn Missy why did she have to die, she was the Whovian ...

The Doctor speaks words of wisdom

From the archives of the Timelords and Whovians

Amy and Rory❤ Together or not at all

Heaven Sent and Doctor Who Movie

Behind the Scenes of Let's Kill Hitler. Alex Kingston and Matt Smith

Blame Moffat, standard Whovian procedure.

The XV Doctor remembers.

doctor who - Google Search

Then again, I just love Eleven/the Doctor/

tenth doctor

These Doctor Who face swaps are amazingly horrible

So the Doctor wrote Hamlet. Makes sense that he'd play the lead someday (DT was in a stage production of Hamlet)

The First Doctor (William Hartnell), 1024x768

So Doctor Who.

Christopher Eccleston's Message To All Us Whovians

I wonder if Peter Capaldi has had this thought and the scene was inspired by his

Doctor Who Iphone Backgrounds Iphone wallpaper tumblr

Whovian facts - The Face of Boe logic

http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who .

Perfect explanation of how the TARDIS works Doctor Who Whovian Matt Smith

Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who, Amy Pond, House, Bowties, Style, Narnia, Change, Tv

The Doctor

But trust me, not the most awkward situation that the Doctor has been through.

Doctor Who .. :)... http://

Fandoms collide - Harry Potter meet Doctor Who

Doctor Who Season 9 Finale Hell Bent

The Doctor + Rose Tyler: how do you kill a man? ah, you

Doctor Who Buttons Geeky Pins Fandom Buttons Whovian Pins Blue Tardis Accessories Pinback Buttons

383 best The Doctor x Rose images on Pinterest | 11th doctor, Doctor who and Eleventh doctor

Clara and The Doctor in The Snowmen. For some reason, I'm just sitting here, really fascinated with what the Doctor's hair is doing.