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Pin by Batman amp Robin on Cristian Romero t

Pin by Batman amp Robin on Cristian Romero t


Batman and Robin! Classic!

batman and robin 1966 WAAANNTT!

A Few Facts You Might Not Know About the TV Series Batman

Batman Art, Batman Robin, Batman Returns, Cat Women, Batgirl, Tim Burton, Joker, Tim O'brien, Marvel Games

The 20 Most Awesome SciFi TV Theme Songs

Batman and Robin

Atores que viveram Batman e Robin em clássico de 1966 vão dublar animação do Homem-Morcego

Batman and Robin at commissioner Gordon's office

1960s Batman TV Series | List of Robin Exclamations on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_exclamations_by_Robin

batman and robin - Google Search


"Batman by the Silva brothers, Manuel and Leonardo - comic artists, ilustrators, designers and sculptors from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Adam West Batman TV Series | Batman, 1966, Batman The Movie, Adam West, Burt Ward, Batman TV Series

Christian Bale (Batman) hi can i marry you :) i love you! So much waaaaahh why cant you be real!

Cesar Romero as The Joker (1966)

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Batman and Robin


1997 - Batman & Robin - George Clooney (B) and Chris O'Donnell

George Clooney as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman & Robin

Find this Pin and more on The Batman by brucepp.

Arnie = Mr Freeze, Batman Robin. I didn't really want to pin

Burt Ward as Robin.

Amazon.com: Trends International LEGO Batman & Robin Wall Poster 22.375" x 34

Absolutely love the Batman series from the Burgess Meredith & Cesar Romero As The Penguin & The Joker, respectively

Batman The Funny Feline Felonies Episode aired 28 December 1967 Season 3 Episode Director: Oscar Rudolph, Eartha Kitt . The Catwoman, Cesar Romero .

'Robin' on 'Batman TV Series' (1966–1968)

Burt Ward (Robin, BATMAN)

(Burt Ward: Robin)

Cesar Romero, in 'Joker' makeup, on "Batman" set.

Batman and Robin collectible figures

Cesar Romero played the Joker on the '60s show.


Robin ( Arkham City )


Cesar Romero as THE JOKER.....Batman .

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Batman and Robin at commissioner Gordon's office

Image result for adam west batman mask

cvasquez: “''Don't forget your coffee, Robin.

Burt Ward Robin the Boy Wonder | Off My Bird Chest: Wonder Wednesday - Happy Birthday Burt Ward

The first appearances of Cesar Romero as The Joker from the TV series Batman, and Heath Ledger in Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight"

Frank Groshin (born in Pittsburgh, PA) as The Riddler in the 1966 Batman

Batman, The Joker's Last Laugh Episode aired 15 February 1967 Season 2 | Episode 47

christian bale(batman) joseph gordon levitt (robin HELLOO)

Batman, Created by William Dozier. With Adam West, Burt Ward, Alan Napier, Neil Hamilton. The Caped Crusader battles evildoers in Gotham City in a bombastic ...

Eartha Kitt and Cesar Romero as Catwoman and The Joker in the Kitty Car in the

The fake Robin (Burt Ward) and the Riddler (Frank Gorshin) make their getaway.

Cesar Romero

The Joker

Batman-Joker The Dark Knight

Batman TV Series | The Riddler portrayed by Frank Gorshin. Batman TV Series 1966-

Robin in the 1966 Batman series

10986934_925031864225321_5345039796118466327_n.jpg (604×792)

New Promotional Still of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises. Wallpaper and background photos of The Dark Knight Rises for fans of ...

Adam West standing behind Joan Collin's star chair during filming of The Siren Batman episode.


This is the Suit from Batman & Robin in it's true colors, Chris O'Donnel plays Robin in batman forever, but the Movie Batman & Robin should have been called ...

batman & robin


Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dr Victor Fries / Mr Freeze - Batman and Robin by Joel Schumacher - 1997

batman and robin - Google Search

Batman and Robin by Eddy Newell

If you ask me, Heath Ledger made the Joker character untouchable for the next generation

Adam West and Burt Ward in their Batman and Robin screen test costumes -- note the old-style Bat symbol


Couple of cuties!

'Burgess Meredith' as 'The Penguin' on the 'Batman TV Series'

Batman & Robin Night MiLBY nominated

Batman | 18 coisas que você não sabia sobre a série de 1966

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Behind-the-scenes photograph of Cesar Romero as the Joker from the Batman TV series_

Caesar Romero and Adam West sharing laughs backstage….(Batman and the Joker)

batman and robin

Nuestro recordado Batman, sí, el de la serie clásica de TV, cumple 50

Batman The Joker's Hard Times Episode aired 12 January 1967 Season 2 | Episode 38,

Batman & Robin by Robson Rocha

Baman (Adam West), Robin (Burt Ward) and Commissioner Gordon (Neil

Robin (Batman et Robin) = Chris O'Donnell

Christan Bale plays Batman in three successful movies.

Batman & Robin: The Penguin - Burgess Meredith

Robert Lowery in Batman & Robin (1949)

Cesar Romero and Burgess Meredith - “Batman” - 1967


Burt Ward as Robin "Batman"

19 Bat-tastic behind-the-scenes 'Batman' pictures from the

Batman Robin

Three Batman greats: The Joker, The Penguin and The Riddler. Cesar Romero,

theswinginsixties: “Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin. ” The best Batman and Robin.


tv batman actor, adam west, dies at 88

Pictures & Photos from Batman - IMDb

The Dark Knight Returns - Dave Wilkins

Cesar Romero as the Joker from the Batman TV series

Batman - Warner Now Releases Their Official Press Release for the 1966 Adam West Series

Frank Gorshin as The Riddler and Burt Ward as Robin in Batman 1966

Burt Ward is best remembered as Adam West's diminutive cohort, Robin, on the '

Burt Ward (Robin) 66

'Batman' Christian Bale