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Petunia Bug Deterrence This perennial is sometimes known as

Petunia Bug Deterrence This perennial is sometimes known as


Purple petunias

Calibrachoa (million bells): A tender perennial often grown as an annual this petunia relative comes in a variety of colors and is know for its exuberant ...

Crazytuni9a Plants - Ultra Violet

Homemade Pest Control for Petunias

Petunias can repel bugs and mosquitoes. This perennial is sometimes referred to as “ ...

Wave Petunias are beautiful and low-maintenance flowers that will spread like you've never seen before. Here are a few pointers to ensure that your gorgeous ...

Bleeding Heart (dicentra spectabilis): Your beautiful photo is one of the bleeding hearts. This perennial is a great plant for a shady location.

Crazytunia Goodnight Kisses (6) - All Flower Plants - Flower Plants - Flowers - Garden - Dobies

Crazytunia Plants - Razzmatazz

Petunias grow in many shades, including pink, purple, red and white.

Crazytunia Plants - Maniac Lilac

Some people think of petunias as nature's pesticide. (Photo: Wendy Cutler/flickr)

Petunia Seeds - F2 Cheerful Mix

Petunias - There is a reason that this old-fashioned annual never goes out of

Mexican Petunia-Mexican petunia, or ruellia brittoniana, is a perennial shrub that grows

Hibiscus (hibiscus rosasinensis): This appears to be a hibiscus noted for its large flowers. Thrives in good garden soil with regular water and fertilizer ...

Crazytunia Plants - Frisky Purple

PetuniasTypes ...

I plan to do a detailed post after summer on which bug repelling plants I felt worked best. Keep an eye out for that.

Crazytunia Starlight Blue (6) - Petunia Plants - Flower Plants - Flower Plants - Gardening

How Can I Kill Mexican Petunias – Information About Mexican Petunia Removal

The 9 Best Herbs for Lung Cleansing and Respiratory Support

Growing Petunias: A Complete Guide on How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Petunias

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Petunia Plants - Double Mix

Petunia Seeds - F1 Shock Wave Yellow

Petunia SupaSeeds - F1 Purple Wave


... Petunia Seeds - F1 Shock Wave Yellow ...

Periwinkle (vinca minor or major): This is a perennial that bears distinctive blue

Petunia Seeds - F2 Cheerful Mix Petunia Seeds - F2 Cheerful Mix ...

Chives are a perennial member of the onion family that sports beautiful purple flowers.

I try to keep it less lonely by moving my cheap-but-priceless plant to wherever I happen to be in the yard. It may not be in an onion patch, ...

Lemon thyme is a lemon-scented evergreen mat-forming perennial that tastes and smells like Citrus limon.

Closeup of a green aphid


Night Sky Petunia

This crazy container has two dahlias, tri-color amaranth, petunias,more daucus carrota, creeping jenny and a vine that has just started to grow up the birch ...

Companions in the garden

Hellebores: Winter's Flowers

Star Petunias, Petunia and Cosmos

As I wandered through the rear of the nursery, I noticed a TLC section — and on the shelves were wave petunias for 25 cents. Let me say that again.

Petunia Plants - Double Mix ...


night sky 2

Tansy is a herbaceous perennial that is sometimes confused with 'tansy ragwort (Senecio jacobea).'


Healthy pansies can withstand pest infestations better than unhealthy plants.

Thrips damage on petunia - Dove Associates

How to Grow Petunias | GardenersPath.com

Photo By: Julie Martens Forney


Citronella Grass

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August 24, 2016 Caladiums 007

Hummingbirds and butterflies feed on the nectar of petunia plants.

Purple domestic petunia blooming in a Bluebird Gardens deck pot.


These iguanas, though, were slick — as if they knew they didn't want to lose their sweet treat. Rather than chew the petunias into oblivion, they left just ...

Ageratums belong to Asteraceae family and are among 40 to 60 tropical and warm temperate flowering annuals and perennials. You can use them as bedding ...

New Guinea Impatiens

Bugs infesting your garden can devour or kill plants within days.

Perennial Weeds


Deterring Bees With Plants: Learn How To Repel Bees And Wasps

Calibrachoa: Rock Stars of the Container Garden


MarigoldMarigold ...

Missouri's wild petunia in bloom at Bluebird Gardens.

Spider Mites and damage ...

Lavender. “

Artemisia can be shrubs, perennials, or annuals, evergreen or deciduous, with gray, aromatic, often divided foliage. This beautiful plant is useful as a ...

Hydrangea Flower Colors

Popular Petunias

Petunias are pest-resistant and have a heavenly fragrance

Whatever you decide to do with your Petunias – you can be sure you won't be short of flowers this summer with our spectacular collection.

Worry-Free Outdoor Time and a Lovely Garden.

According to the folklore, Petunias will thrive where there is positive energy and will not grow in places where there is negativity.

Skeletonized leaf from Japanese beetle feeding. Notice, leaf veins are intact.

And then I wondered if this particular petunia had experienced one too many traumas. That's what I was pondering as I ...

Category Annual; Winner for ...

Colourful Petunia

Petunia 'Starfish'

Many troublesome caterpillars become beautiful butterflies or moths.

Petunia Seeds - Dobies Superb Trailing Mixed

Ever wondered why so many gardeners have marigolds in their beds? Not only do they deter deer, they are commonly used as companion plants.


Common Asparagus Beetle

What to do when: Monthly checklist for enthusiastic gardeners - The Sacramento Bee, 2016-02-15

Aphids and aphid damage Aphids and aphid damage

Beneath the tree peony nearby are two hostas, a sedum ground cover, and miniature red petunias.

Trailing Petunia