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Peering into Space The Image that Changed Everything EWC

Peering into Space The Image that Changed Everything EWC


Image: The Hubble Deep Field image picturing distant galaxies looking back 12 billion years

How Meteorites Changed our Understanding of Space

Image: The milky way and night sky looking up through a forest

Image: cold welding with long exposure

Image: A zinnia that was grown in space floating inside of the ISS with the

Astronaut's Perspective: Astronaut opening a bag of citrus in space

COTS in Space

It's perhaps one of the most famous images in astronomy. The Hubble Ultra Deep Field displays nearly 10,000 galaxies across the observable Universe in both ...

Image: Artist's impression of the view from the surface of a TRAPPIST-1 planet

Celebrate the New Year with a Tour of the Future!

Image: Hand reaching out to the universe in search of the farthest reaches of space

Image: Hippo up close at watering hole

Image: Bill Nye explains our options if an Asteroid heading to earth

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope

Staring Into Outer Space by Crazy-Weird-And-Me ...

COTS in Space

Earth Your While: Climate Change for Everybody

Insights From Carl Sagan: From ET to Religion

In the 1970's life in space seemed like a possibility. Lagrange Point 5 was a

The EWC Through the Years

Stars in Space - Hubble Ultra Deep Field Photo Print

Staring into space by f081a Staring into space by f081a

Stunning image of stars forming in space released by astronomers

Take a trip to Hawaii! We won't be exploring the beaches, but

The year is coming to a quick end and the summer is just around the corner! But like that famous quote, "All good things must come to an end.

My anxiety attacks usally show themselves as all of these things. If I suddenly stop answering you, start rearranging things, stuttering, ...

Nature is full of amazing mysteries. Smart slime mold might be one of it's most incredible! Here's the science behind this strange natural wonder.

Even when 2001: A Space Odyssey came along in 1968 in the midst of major social and cultural changes throughout the United States and abroad – and 1968 was ...

The EWC Turns Six!

I've been reflecting on my life recently - reflecting on my life, my opportunities, and my choices. Specifically, I've been reflecting on my school life and ...

Did you know that when you smile at someone, science has proven it changes their

Hubble: An Actual Time Machine

During our party we had a mini ceremony to welcome the new tutors into the EWC family with open arms! All of the tutors wrote a personalized letter to each ...

Look above the catwalk where the scientist is standing. Bunch of white stuff. It gives off the same effect as if you're staring into the void, as in, ...

The more atmosphere you are peering through, the more stars appear to twinkle.

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Staring Into Someone's Eyes For 10 Minutes Can Alter Your Consciousness | IFLScience

Arachnophobia can send people running into the next room when they see a spider, but

“I thought I would grow up to be a drug dealer and die in the streets—until my English teacher Ms. Wallace changed my life.”

CAPTA is a big thing, and not a single person is messing around… despite annoying our beloved level three tutors to help us.

COTS in Space

Anxiety Real and some what Sad. Missing out on friendships.

But two things changed this. For one, realizing that the second Simon was a successful WAU experiment, while the roaming revenants were failures.

In addition, we also had a paper-plate award ceremony for the seniors, highlighting their unique features and what they are known for with the EWC.

As cameras go into the backstage area of the Michigan Stadium, the #1 Contender to the Indy Championship is sitting on a bench in her locker room with her ...

There is something about peering into the night sky and seeing stars that are 250 million light years away- it really changes ...

ewc va-4.jpg

ewc va-3.jpg

—Brad Efford

When someone notices that I'm staring into space or that I seem distant in thought, the answer I give can never be the truth for the sake of not hurting ...

Ok so I'm not sure but all of these apply to me but like


Staring Into Someone's Eyes For 10 Minutes Induces an Altered State of Consciousness

A woman walking in Winter carrying a bunch of twigs. - Stock Image

Peering into the cockpit of a space craft.

2015 EWC

Research has found the human brain is geared to assume others are watching even when there's

The Black Buccaneer by Jack Curtiss

Best of Pittsburgh 2016 - Pittsburgh City Paper by Pittsburgh City Paper - issuu

There ...

It's going to be a whimsical Easter Sunday at Forbes Town with its unicorns and mermaid inspired activities!

Only a few students participated at first, but once the word got out about free cake, everyone was way more motivated. Even Mrs. Charity, one of the ...

Staring into space

Only a few students participated at first, but once the word got out about free cake, everyone was way more motivated. Even Mrs. Charity, one of the ...

Only a few students participated at first, but once the word got out about free cake, everyone was way more motivated. Even Mrs. Charity, one of the ...

Amidst the bustle of hundreds of people descending on the colossal venue to experience the Boiler Room live stream of Kokoroko, hear words from James ...

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After a while it turned into rain. Even wet the EWC has swag!

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credit Takuya Onishi.



The whole staff congratulated Ms. Kiggins on her spectacular career achievement, yet it leaves the whole school wondering who will be the EWC's new ...

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"That astronaut is staring into the sun and it's very bright!" But the other astronauts did not like it, so they decided to go elsewhere (you can see them ...

There ...

A comic strip by Jack from 1934 called The Black Buccaneer. At this point Jack was using the pen-name Jack Curtiss.

Fibromyalgia 72 symptoms

the manifestation of Christ to ...

Enjoy Magazine: Northern California Living—February 2016 by Enjoy Magazine - issuu

It is a cliché that our TV watching habits are changed a lot in the past few decades. But if we look back in time, we can see how broadcasting technology ...


Pretty little girls from a Haitian village peering into the church building in the space between the walls and the ground.

The Edison Writing Center is an extraordinary place to improve one's writing. For those who do not know the Edison Writing Center is a class called Advanced ...

It was about two years ago when Kadri returned from his overseas stint that Ong left his longtime job in an FMCG to venture into this humble but honest ...

There ...

Roll on 20 years and David and I were in Newcastle Academy to see New Order. This was their first visit to the North East since the Mayfair concert of 1986.

... A Separate Reality (Aerial Phenomena)

I told her she was being scammed and to walk away, but she had already left her car there and took a loaner home. I had her call them and tell them ...

Craig Martin: Peering into the inaugural meeting of the Old Friend's Investment Club

Peering into Jupiter's famous red spot. NASA/JPL

Stuffing, Funny, Tired Funny, So Funny, Hilarious, Cow

... wrestling television program for Extreme Wrestling Corporation (EWC) that currently airs on ESPN, Spike, SkySports, huluPLUS and TSN2 in Canada.