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Painting for Frederik Pohl39s Day Million SkiFfy MYTHOPOEIKON

Painting for Frederik Pohl39s Day Million SkiFfy MYTHOPOEIKON


Science fiction

Cover art by Paul Alexander.


Cover painting by Ed Emshwiller for The Hounds Of Hell.

Cover painting by Virgil Finlay, from Under Old Earth.

(Philip K. Dick in How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later, 1978)

Cover painting by Ed Valigursky, illustrating a scene from No Place To Go.

Cover painting by Richard McKenna for Fritz Leiber's Moon Duel.

Cover painting by Jack Gaughan illustrating Home From The Shore.

Cover painting by George Schelling for Soldier, Ask Not.

Cover painting by Ed Emshwiller.

... The Green Child another, less caffeinated shot--it seemed a little subtle at the time-time. The only novel of Herbert Read, highly regarded art crit:


REVIEW: Platinum Pohl by Frederik Pohl

Cover painting by Richard McKenna for Weapons That Walked.

Cover painting by Gray Morrow for Cindy-Me.



Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (Heechee Saga, #2) by Frederik Pohl



Interior illustration by Ed Emshwiller from The Hounds Of Hell.

The Cosmic Connection: an Extraterrestrial Perspective — Carl Sagan


I have this! It's odd. The stories are remarkable and some polished gems but it solidified for me that I don't like sf/f short stories.

Interior illustration by Gray Morrow for The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.

(18) VIDEO OF THE DAY. In Fabrice Mathieu's HZ Hollywood Zombies, a meteor strikes Hollywood! And all the Movie Stars become… Zombies!

Interior illustration by Gray Morrow for The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress.

Frederik Pohl - Slave Ship

I remember the flying saucer poster from the days when it was first in use.

DragonCon 2012, via CBS Atlanta--my neighbors are there:


Here is what Goodreads recommended in the categories of genre interest. In the opening round, write-ins are also allowed.

Also, dig this cover:

... Al Ewing and Jim Zub with art by Pepe Larraz for the first month, Kim Jacinto for the second month, and Paco Medina for the third month.


Interior illustration by Virgil Finlay from How The Heroes Die.

Robert Theodore McCall (1919-2010) — Valley of a Billion Stars, 1991 (2442×1839)

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Interior illustration by Virgil Finlay for The Bad Life.

This game positively intrigues me as there is no maker's mark to indicate who made it and it has a combination of Australian primary industries and ...

More early BSG promo art. If only the show really looked this good.

... depending on the category of toy -- it's actually a reasonable goal for the collector of average means to put together a complete collection some day.

Dagon by H.P. Lovecraft - WEIRD TALES

Interior illustration by Ed Emshwiller for Comic Inferno.

Black God's Kiss by C.L. Moore

Interior illustration by Ed Emshwiller for Comic Inferno.

Pooh drawing

(6) F&SF COVER REVEAL. Gordon Van Gelder shared the May/June 2018 cover for The Magaine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The cover art is by Alan M. Clark.

Everett Reynolds, a Waukegan artist, paints a mural Thursday, July 12, on the Zuniga Automotive Service and Towing building on Belvidere Road.

Table 2. Chord Families

And Bill provided a clipping from Ellison's army days.


Unlike every other vintage toy robot, this one is hand painted, making each a singular piece of artwork. Collectors dream about owning a unique toy -- in ...


Anarchy ...

Forbidden Planet landed in theaters in 1956, a $2 million science-fiction adventure story that combined wonderful characters, thrilling action, a mysterious ...

(I know, I know, the quality is crap. Later on I'll use an IP Cam that I'm using attached to my Synology NAS and the quality will be vastly improved).

Dog stars

It's a system commonly found on older toys -- this is one of the later appearances of the mechanism, which was pretty much pased out by the Sixties as toy ...

Books Published (eBook Edition)

I particularly like Sparky's face, which looks like a mask. It has a dehumanizing effect on the toy, which I think might have been the exact opposite of ...

The center bulb between the two guns is what actually lights up.

“The Art of the Pulps”, co-edited by myself, Ed Hulse and Robert Weinberg, came out earlier this week, on October 24 from IDW. For me, it was a long wait, ...