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Otaheti apple pomme malaka tropical fruit and nut t

Otaheti apple pomme malaka tropical fruit and nut t


Malay apple fruit-Caribfruits - Pomme malacca / Fruits des Antilles

Malay (rose) apple

JAMBU BOL or Guava Fist (Syzygium malaccense). Guava fruit has the texture of the meat is softer and more dense than the water pink (rose apple)

Pomme d'eau "Malaka" ! Pommes des antilles

Pomerac in Trinidad; French cashew in Grenada - Pomarosa fruit in Puerto Rico: Malay apple, mountain apple, otaheite apple, pomerac, pomme malac.

JAMBU FRUIT / ROSE APPLE / JAMBU PHALAM / WATER FRUIT: (Pomerac) - Syzygium jambos by osk reddy

Otaheti apple (pomme malaka)

Quelqu'un sait-il quoi faire avec l'intérieur d'une calebasse

citra water apple, Jambu air citra

Milk Fruit ( Star Apple )

#cashews grow in #Panama - see the little curled nut at the bottom? One cashew per fruit - which is why they are so expensive!

rose apple..El fruto puede consumirse fresco ya que es dulce, con olor a rosas. Es muy rico en pectinas y poco ácido, con el se pueden preparar jaleas o ...

Figue de barbarie ou gargamboose. Pas très connu mais pousse ici

merey ave you ever wondered how the cashew nut grows? Tropical growing cashew trees produce a fruit called the 'cashew apple', the 'nut' grows from the ...

No idea what it is called but we had a tree with this fruit in our backyard in the Dominican Republic. These things were yummy.

The star Apple fruit has anti-oxidant properties and Infusions of the leaves have been used against diabetes and articular rheumatism.

Malay apple Tree - Caribfruits - Pomme malacca / Fruits des Antilles

WHITE Java apple (anglais) ; Pom Java, Fonbazen (créole)Caribfruits -

You Know You're From Bacolod, Philippines If.You Also Eat Fruits Like "Kasoy" (Cashew Nut)!

Pomme cajou

Pommes Cannelles Et mangues : #fruits de saison en #Martinique #welovemartinique IG ⊕

Jambu Air, Wax apple or Water apple

Jambo - Brasil Fruta preferida!!!

En Puerto Rico se le llama Pomarosa. Otaheite....Jamaican Apple Pronounced: (Oh-ta-he-tea) from the original natives

Jamaican Apple, my favourite! O'Tahiti Apple brought to us by himself Cap't Cook Jamaicanized to sound like ohtaeati apple

Otaheite Gooseberry Tree (Bilimbi)


Star fruit, Sweet Sop (carambole et pomme cannelle)

Prune de Cythere

Guinep (fruit) i remember this from the dominican!!! we called them fruit nuts lol

tabacoumba, african fruit - want to taste this. Still so many fruits to try.

Sapodilla- best fruit ever

Very Rare purple Malay Apple: Rare Fruit Seeds and Exotic Tropical Fruit Seeds

Caimito fruit It has numerous common names including cainito, caimito, star apple, golden leaf tree, abiaba, pomme du lait, estrella, milk fruit and aguay.

French Apple-Caribfruits - Pomme cannelle / Fruits des Antilles

The golden apple is an oval, medium-sized, green Caribbean fruit that grows on a tree. The flesh tastes like a mango crossed with a pineapple, making this a ...

La graine (noix de cajou) au bout du fruit est super bonne

Cashew nuts, who knew they looked like that?

Find me.

The milk fruit - Chrysophyllum cainito - is a tropical fruit originally from Central America. It is appreciated in many parts of the world.


Buah Srikaya-anona- Annona squamosa l, from the family Annonaceae that bears edible fruits called sugar-apples. It tolerates a tropical lowland climate

Fruits du pays, la pomme d'eau · Tropical FruitsMartiniqueLe PaysApples

Syzygium malaccense - Malaysian Apple

Annona Reticulata, Bullocks heart or Suger Custard Apple Fruit 10 Seeds

Kesambi. Kecacil

carribean golden apples | Golden Apple Love

Descriptif du fruit. La pomme d'eau, en forme de petite poire allongée

Golden Apples, also known as june plums, jobos in Barbados.

Pomme canelle.

Pomarosa or Malay Apples growing in the mountains of Puerto Rico. Very delicious and refreshing!

Have you tried this exotic fruit: Rose Apple ?

Tamarin Fruit / Fruits des Antilles

Cashew nuts are actually a fleshy fruit. The nut that we eat is the seed that grows on the outside of the fruit.

Rose Apple- Tubtim chan

Srikaya, Buah Nona or Sugar Apple (Annona reticulata) is a species of fruit tree native to tropical Americas and extensively grown in most tropical ...

♥exotic fruits. Tropical ...

Sugar-apple, ata custard-apple The fruit flesh is sweet, white to light yellow, and resembles and tastes like custard. Sugar-apple has a very distinct, ...

Indian Jujube Fruit Tree - Caribfruits - Pomme surette / Fruits des Antilles

Pomme de cajou — Wikipédia

Red Java Apple (Syzygium samarangense)

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Giant Lau Lau rare fruit is a large crunchy fruit similar to malay apple

Papaye, fruit de la Martinique

Atta Fall or Sugar Apple. Find this Pin and more on tropical fruit and nut ...

#TropicalFruit #Ambarella

They have a white flesh, which is extremely soft and sweet. It has almost a custard-like texture, which is why the fruit is also referred to ...

#lefonceur #amvidutrading #Fruits #legumes

Le Mombin, un fruit venu tout droit de Guadeloupe!

Hawaii mangoes. Tropical ...

Jamaican Rose Apple. This fruit has a very distinct rose scent hence the name “rose apple”. It is usually round or oval, with smooth, pale-yellow skin that ...

My favorite...passion fruit (Parcha)

Parcha- Fruit/ From Puerto Rico

La pomme d'eau La pomme d'eau (ou pomme malacca) n'a de « pomme » que le nom et la couleur et une taille réduite. Sa qualité principale tient à sa …

PITANGA Surinam cherry, aka: brasilian cherry with the flower blossom pictured at left-Caribfruits - Cerise de Cayenne / Fruits des Antilles

Common name: Malay Apple, Otaheite Apple Botanical name: Syzygium malaccensis

Piment Antillais Bio

Pommecythere (Golden Apple)

10 Most Exotic Fruits - exotic fruits list


Star Apple, sometimes known as Breast Milk Fruit | 20 Awesome Fruits You've Never Even Heard Of

Yummy vu sua fruit

Star Fruit aka Five Finger

Sugar/Custard Apple, AKA Atis, these things are insane! taste a bit like vanilla ice cream with a custard texture

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Ahia tahiti, la pomme d'eau - Tahiti Heritage

Very few things in life better than sugar apple! Oh when will I be able to have one again.

Fruit à pain,patate douce,concombre,banane jaune.

iranian fruit (shamameh)


Fruit in Suriname - Jamun/Jamoe

#lefonceur #amvidutrading #Fruits #legumes

Amla Seeds (Emblica officinalis). Tropical FruitsExotic ...

Ambarella Spondias dulcis is a rapid growing subtropical fruit tree

Tropical fruit found in my country.

Tropical fruits,list of tropical fruits,uses of tropical fruits,tropical fruits online

Tropical Fruit, Nut and Spice Trees Mammee apple