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One of the most famous pipe smokers ever General Douglas

One of the most famous pipe smokers ever General Douglas


One of the most famous pipe smokers, ever. General Douglas MacArthur, who during World War II first abandoned the Philippines, then, as he promised " ...

Featured Pipe Smoker: Douglas MacArthur. Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964)

Corn Cob Pipe: smoke one.

Nowhere in the world will such a brotherly feeling of confidence be experienced as amongst those who sit together smoking their pipes

Gen. Douglas MacArthur smoking corncob pipe during Philippines action, WWII.

images of pipe smokers around the world | ... famous pipe smokers ::

Portrait of an unknown British soldier taken prisoner by the Germans, April 1918. (

... probably most famous one. macarthurcorncob.jpeg General-Douglas -MacArthur.jpg

There are indeed a lot of threads on Pipes and Pipe Smoking but I couldn't find anything on Famous Pipe Smokers;

... probably most famous one. macarthurcorncob.jpeg General-Douglas -MacArthur.jpg

The Pipes Are Calling: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Physician, Sherlock Holmes Author - Pipe Smoker

General Douglas Macarthur Pipe E Of the Most Famous Pipe Smokers Ever General Douglas Macarthur

General Douglas Macarthur Pipe 160 Best Eric S Macarthur Images On Pinterest

How about Mr. Crowley

Another reason for the pipe's decline may be its lack of appeal to women. While, in my line of work, it's not at all rare to find women who enjoy a fine ...

General Douglas Macarthur Pipe T E Stephens Gen Douglas Macarthur People

Patrick Moore poses with a pipe the shape of a telescope - which he was given

[ IMG]

List of the best Cary Grant movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Cary Grant was one of the most popular leading men during the ...

Gen. Douglas MacArthur (R) smoking one of his favorite corn cob pipes aboard

Woman smoking a pipe, Guinea-Bissau, 1974

Men Smoking Pipe

Corncob Pipes Gen.

Douglas MacArthur

another physicist who smoke pipe: Dr. Robert Oppenheimer

Famous Pipe Smokers :: General Pipe Smoking Discussion :: Pipe Smokers Forums

Salam of OMS Pipes, smoking at a tobacco barn

Here's my hero.

Hugh M. Hefner photo by Alan Light, General Douglas McArthur ...

Women Pipe Smokers

Pierce Brosnan

walter kronkite

Famous Pipe Smokers

Edwin Hubble

Sherlock Holmes smoking a pipe.

General Douglas Macarthur Pipe Lt Gen Arthur Macarthur Jr Was the Father Of Gen Douglas Macarthur

Moss Hart


Joseph Stalin Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Smoking is these days frowned upon and I gave up cigarettes some time ago but I do think that a person should be allowed to smoke if that's their choice.

any of the Otto family ever ran for public office. "You have a real collector's item there," they said. Perhaps the pipe was an insider company joke?

Here is Kurt Russell smoking a Mastro de Paja in The Hateful Eight


Some Cobfoolery from Missouri Meerschaum! (New Pipe Styles)


Gunter Grass, amazing German novelist. I only hope I can look as badass with a pipe one day as this guy does.

I think Kevin observed that Aaron Spelling smoked Mixture 79, judging from the residue left in his estate Dunhill collection.

Terry Schappert


Drought stemmed production of large corn cob pipes

10 Famous pipe smokers: Authors

Bowe Bergdahl smokes a pipe while in Afghanistan

Henry Cooper

Albert Einstein Smoking a Pipe

General Douglas MacArthur, 1930.

Here is one of a not so famous American author, Melvin S. Schwartz, a pipe smoker as well.



Fred McMurray, yeah the My Three Sons guy. He didn't just smoke a pipe for the show. In real life he was indeed an avid pipe smoker

Sigmund Freud, whose doctor assisted his suicide because of oral cancer caused by smoking

1940s pipe smoker

Noam Chomsky


Miller, a Utica junior, formed the RSO in mid-September aiming to meet other college students that share his passion for pipe smoking. “One of our goals ...

Noah Beery, Jr.

Many American military leaders opposed MacArthur's plan, but the legendary commander insisted that the seemingly insurmountable risks would give allied ...


(Syntactic Structures)

Gen. Douglas MacArthur smoking one of his favorite corn cob pipes aboard ship which carrying

CRAIG BROWN: U.S. traitor - or Pipe Smoker Of The Year? | Daily Mail Online

Joseph Stalin Ernesto "Che" Guevara

Georgian composer, Meliton Balanchivadze smoking pipe.

Marine Sgt. Angelo Klonis by W. Eugene Smith. Source: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

And when Hobbes sat down to write, he had five pipes lined up, which he smoked one after the other. (All three of these men lived to a ripe old age.)

General Douglas MacArthur smoking his pipe - american armed forces o/seas history

(The King and I)

Chain smoking

WWII General Douglas MacArthur Photo Print

Cigarettes & Tobacco and ww1 Soldiers - Tony Allen

Missouri Meerschaum Company corn cob pipes

(Maginificent Seven, Dirty Dozen, The Mechanic)

Famous Pipe Men and Their Tobacco :: General Pipe Smoking Discussion :: Pipe Smokers Forums

WWII and Tobacco Pipe Smoking :: General Pipe Smoking Discussion :: Pipe Smokers Forums

Raleigh's first pipe in England by Frederick William Fairholt (1858). Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Chilton was born in the town that inspired the fictional Mayberry. He sings Myrtle Beach's music, called beach music with his band (think the 1989 ...

Pipe puffers of Istanbul

Jills Ville

Neville Chamberlain

Man wearing peaked cap, Sam Browne belt, and shiny riding boots.


London economist Douglas McWilliams videoed smoking crack - Business Insider


Robert Cummings

General Douglas Macarthur World War 2 Wwii 8 X 10 Portrait General Douglas Macarthur Pipe