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On the morning of 21 May 1925 a dog known as Hachik walked

On the morning of 21 May 1925 a dog known as Hachik walked


The “Loyal Dog” Hachikō in 1934



One tale about a dog known by virtually everyone in Japan is that of Hachiko, an Akita inu. This true story is the most famous of all dog stories and has ...

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Hachiko. Hachiko_waiting_trainstation. Hachiko_waiting_trainstation

Hachiko: The dog who continued to wait his owner for more than nine years after his death

Hachikō, the dog who waited his owner each day for ten years and became a national symbol of loyalty and fidelity in Japan

Hachiko | New Doggy

The Japanese story is about Eizaburo Ueno, a professor at Tokyo University, and the professor's dog, which was an Akita. Hachikō and Eizaburo


Hachikō's fur was preserved. Today, a likeness of him can be found on permanent display at the National Science Museum of Japan in Tokyo.

Haichiko in front of his statue

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Dog Hachiko: Beautiful story about dog's emotions

A Moment of Silence: Hachiko died on March 8, 1935.

Hachikō (November 10, 1923 – March 8, 1935) – Known for waiting perseveringly for the return of his deceased owner for more than nine years.

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He was my first service dog and I know I'm biased, but he was my one-in-a-million dog - brilliant, laid back, and totally devoted to helping me.


Is it mere allegiance or simply a desire to guarantee a decent meal and a place to sleep? Is it obedience? Would a dog really walk ...

... Shibuya Train Station every morning and afternoon precisely when the train was due to enter the station, waiting in vain for the return of his beloved ...

Statue of the legendary Akita Dog, Hachiko

Sound asleep in the middle of the day

Hachiko: The Legend of Japan's Most Faithful Dog

The Story of Hachiko (Story told by Pastor Simon Siew), Hachiko is the most famous dog of Japan. Hachiko was the faithful Akita of a Japanese University ...


His statues and models installed at places and museums. The best movies to his name are the following and you must add them to your watch-list for sure:


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Hachikō and the Professor Together Again

Hachiko Waits

Hachiko -- The True Story Of A Very Sad Dog And His Faithful Love In Life An..

Hachikō reunited with master Ueno.

Herschel had some serious health issues, you can see he's quite thin in this photo, but he was extraordinarily happy all the time, and loved to be held and ...

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Smarter ...

Sneaking and escaping a bath

Hachi's original statue was melted down during the lean Imperial war years and was replaced with a replica` after peace was restored.

Peace for the dog who slept beside his master's grave | Daily Mail Online

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... Shibuya station at 3 pm, even though he was now old and ailing; at April 1934 was made by the sculptor Teru Ando, a bronze statue with his likeness ...

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HACHIKO Monogatari 1987 Film [8/11] "Japanese Version" {With ENGLISH & SPANISH SUBTITLES} ©©


After giving Fu Shi a check up, a vet determined that he was 8-years-old, and suffering from intestinal worms. He was given a treatment and made a full ...

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Hachiko, the Faithful Dog by Nayzak ...



Dog is the best friend of humankind. One dog in Japan proved his undying loyalty, waiting for his master's return in the same location every single day for ...

Hachikō was born in Ōdate in 1923 and was raised by his master with great care but sadly they only shared 17 months together before Ueno suddenly passed ...

He was so weak and frail, he could hardly stand or walk; but like all the dogs we

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Hachiko with his owner`s wife

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But on 4 October, 1932, an article about Hachikō by Hirokichi Saito, one of Ueno's students appeared in one of the national papers, Asahi Shimbun.

In 1924, Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor at the University of Tokyo had adopted a golden brown Akita as a pet and named him Hachikō.

This Akita dog became familiar sight to comuters as he kept coming to the station for 10 years before walking home again, sad and alone.

There is a monument standing in front of Shibuya station where many people are coming and going. It is the dog monument ...

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March 8, 1936, one year anniversary of Hachiko's death

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Photos of prize-winning dogs. The contest is held every year; this December, it will be held in Komaki, Nagoya.

Hachiko:I still wait for you.. by FayeleneFyre ...

Statue of the dog Hachiko. In 1923, Hachiko, an Akita dog, accompanies his master to the train station every morning. But on May 21, 1925 his master died ...

"Hachiko" World's most loyal dog who ever lived

Кадр из фильма


Хатико порода собаки


People started calling him “Chuken-Hachiko”, meaning “Hachiko – the faithful dog”. Many statues were unveiled in the name of Hachiko, at the train station ...

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Gunnar Kaasen and dog Balto, Seattle, March 21, 1925 :: Museum of