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Oldest known gaming tokens dug up in Bronze Age t

Oldest known gaming tokens dug up in Bronze Age t



A "denarius" of Charlemagne, minted after 793 BCE. In the Frankish empire

Luckily they were all American token because I know some stuff about them but foreign tokens can be extremely difficult to evaluate.



Keith's Model T Cafe 5 Cents Trade Token Casino Token Gaming Token Now a Casino

John Winter – In Memory of the Good Old Days Gaming / Gambling Token. CLICK to ENLARGE

How about posting your raw coins, tokens and medals — Collectors Universe

Mandalay Bay ...

A farthing tradesman's token issued by Ralph Butcher of Bishopsgate Without, London (Image courtesy

Circus Circus Clown Ten Dollar Gaming Token .999 Fine Silver Casino Coin

Fantasy Coin HQ Gold Coins are made to be unlike any coin in the world. A perfect addition to role playing games, movie production, or just for fun!

... obligatory for any job. I'll post below a few examples of coins before and after expert cleaning, pictures are taken from a Russian numismatic site, ...

1955 General Motors Motorama Advertising Spinner Token by OtterCreekAntiques $18.95

Russian beard tax token from the reign of Peter the Great - Boing Boing

RARE Railhead Saloon Token Coin Tombstone Arizona Territory Good for All Night

gaming token isolated macro

A Reprise - The Crooked Sixpence Love Token

Fragment of Bronze age cooking pot, Roman amber gaming die, medieval token mould

I have this Antoninus Pius Denarius

These coins are awesome. But holy hell are they expensive. You can get a set from The Broken Token for $55. For 60 coins, that's only just under $1 each, ...

Bronze Age Buttons


A Game of Thrones themed metal fantasy coins / tokens upgrade the experience of any card

Hognob and Dug in Early Man

Future BuyZ Gold Plated Bitcoin Coin BTC Token Miner Cryptocurrency Commemorative Collection Limited Edition With Case

Board game piece depicting a running warrior (horn), 11th - 12th century

... turns pink through roughed up surface and alttered light reflection and if you don't rinse enough turns green and at last a heat treated (1000+°C) one.

Fate Token Set (36)

Game board Arad Early Bronze Age, 3000–2650 BCE Stone L: 15; W: 7.5 cm Israel Antiquities Authority



What looks like our first 850 BC Bronze Age side axe with a huge chunk of Bronze Age casting waste nearby

Please excuse the last pic as it's not too good due to the lighting and mirror effect unlike the first pic where the finger prints enable easy focus in auto ...

Kids Rattle, 12th century, Köln. Archäologische Zone - Jüdisches Museum

Since these games both have a modern-day theme, I just used pachinko slot tokens I picked up off eBay. They're almost identical in size and weight to ...

You can earn 200 points just for downloading a free game called "Fortnite, Battle Royale", even if you don´t want to play it and you can find the download ...

Vintage Chuck E. Cheese Game Token 2001.

Piece from a board game (bone), 11th - 12th century

We snapped up a second-hand copy of the Orleans DE partially for the wood tokens, but also for the metal coins. These are almost identical to the Tuscany ...

Obviously I don't actually have my copy of Scythe yet, but it will be coming with the metal coins in the picture above. It's a Stonemaier game, ...

Rocket over to Planet 8!

Monopoly 1935 Tokens

... out for the whole of the Bronze Age ), and Odin sending Volstagg, of all the options to hand, down to Midgard to save the day. Valhalla, I am coming.

Roll Through the Ages: Civilization-Building in a Nutshell

The Full History of Board Games

In the Marketplace

These are also distributed via The Broken Token, and cost the same as the Lords of Waterdeep coins. Again, buckled and bought some (this time I supplemented ...

Game set in the Middle Ages? Artana's “Middle Ages” theme has you covered. These might not be perfectly thematic since they're a bit more Anglo Saxon than ...

18 & 19 & MAP), ...

What looks like our first 850 BC Bronze Age side axe with a huge chunk of Bronze Age casting waste nearby

Premium Version of Dark Age Z

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Now you are almost in the Bronze status and for the last points you can watch one of the gaming live-streams on Twitch, which you can find if you click on " ...

Board game pieces (bone), 11th century

Dilmun is the ancient name of a Bronze Age port city and trade center, located in modern-day Bahrain, Tarut Island of Saudi Arabia and Failaka Island in ...

What looks like our first 850 BC Bronze Age side axe with a huge chunk of Bronze Age casting waste nearby

What looks like our first 850 BC Bronze Age side axe with a huge chunk of Bronze Age casting waste nearby

Into the Bronze Age

It is a meditation on modern life by a master troll and Alt-Right philosopher (?) who is on twatter as Bronze Age Pervert.

Bronze age men's razors from the National Museum of Denmark. Definitely worth a day if

Ancient Roman Silver Coins

This is account-wide, so if character A has a token for sale, character B cannot purchase one.

Monopoly Full Set Of 9 Metal Monopoly Playing Pieces, Vintage game pieces, Monopoly game

Model of covered wagon, near Carchemish, Syria, 3rd millennium BCE. Earliest use of the wheel recorded from late 4th millennium BCE.

DNA Reveals These Red-Haired Chinese Mummies Come From Europe And Asia

The Fire Last Time: Bronze Age apocalypse

Selling WoW Token ...


I love this game, and getting coins for it was not only difficult, but wildly unnecessary. It took a lot of searching through several companies' offerings ...

Clubs Suit copper casino chip icon. Vector style is a bronze flat gambling token item

Karen: Zarkko brings Spidey and Iron Man aboard his ship and explains to them why he has brought them to this place. Zarrko is from the 23rd century, ...

Ten (10) Nicer Ancient Roman Coins c. 100 - 375 A.D. Exact Lot

The Bronze Age triple dykes subsequently radiocarbon dated to the Viking period, which was a surprise. The Durham University project included re-examination ...

The lying in state of a body (prothesis) attended by family members, with the women ritually tearing their hair, depicted on a terracotta pinax by the Gela ...

White Rose Games doesn't think that going home with the bronze is such a bad thing. In fact, Bronze is one of the most important metals throughout history.

Bronze Age / Canaanite period[edit]


Kai-Lung Hui

Since Bronze Age Greece didn't have money, I had to devise a barter/exchange system: the value of any site is expressed in terms of the amount of olive oil ...

game board in the form of hippopotamus and three-headed canine chips to play 58 holes/ siliceous faience inlaid glass and wood/ late period ( BC) Egypt ...

This Bronze Age Stark is indeed a far cry from the Stark of Civil War or even the Marvel films.

The Book Report: Bargain Bin: DVD-ROMs

__ Roll Through the Ages box

Early Man review – back-of-the-net triumph from Aardman | Film | The Guardian

Grave goods, bronze age: Bedd Branwen


Cluny Museum - Backgammon piece

In the context of the bronze-age, the hieroglyphs are read rebus in Meluhha (mleccha) speech as metalware catalogs.

WoW Token for Battle.net Balance


... click on your profile picture in the top right corner to get in the settings area and link all possible accounts to earn your first points:

The theme set is called “Early English Kings”, and I'm using them for a game set in mid-1800's Bavaria but... you know, whatever.