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Domovoi--Slavic house spirit


Обзор русской демонографии (3)

kikimora by galyaleo

VOSTRUHA - ob Frauen oder Männer nach Hause Geist, entworfen, um die Moral und


Dobrochoczy, a good spirit living in the wood, by Paweł Zych

Ovinnik- Slavic folklore: a malevolent spirit that burned down threshing houses by setting fire


Bayonnik (or Bannik) by Viktor Korol'kov

Leshy by foxinsoxx on DeviantArt

Kikimora looks after poultry especially if the household is well-kept. If it is not, she makes an even greater chaos. To please Kikimora and discourage her ...

OVINNIK - knows and predicts the future;

The Ovinnik from Slavic folklore , a god, demigod or spirit depending on which source

Sculpture of Ovinnik ("Threshing Barn Spirit"), by Belarusian sculptor Anton Shipitsa on the base of illustrations by Valery Slauk

Банник, лазник



Bannik - a bathhouse spirit with the ability to predict the future. Slavic folklore.

Сокровенность secrecy

OVINNIK - http://webkulinar.ru/images/a/0/

Polevik by Ink-Yami


Magical creatures 3 by DuszanB ...

Ovinnik - is a malevolent spirit of the threshing house in Slavic folklore.

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Ведьма зависть

Crazy Bannik, the master of the bathhouse!


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VAZILA - der gute Geist der Ställe, der Schutzpatron der Pferde

la cheveche


In Slavic mythology, an Ovinnik is a type of house spirit who looks like a

Sin Eater Illustrations

Myndaniðurstaða fyrir Richard Doyle , Teaching the Birds to Sing , from the book 'In

Kikimora, Andrei Riabovitchev

O is for Ovinnik by Omny87




ArtStation - Lady Midday, Sergey Demidov

Fairy Tales, Fairytale

Ovinnik (Slavic) - The evil, fiery version of the Domovoi, these can

Bannik, the ghost of the Russian banja (Bathhouse)

The Pink Peony of Le Jardin: Popular Halloween Silhouette Repost

Обзор русской демонографии (3)

Black cat with yellow eyes.

slavic-mythology: “ Ovinnik in Slavic mythology was the spirit of the barn—

Originally Posted by Mark ...

N is for Nuckelavee by Deimos-Remus ...

OVINNIK - http://webkulinar.ru/images/a/0/ovinnik_4.jpg | Slav.Myth.Duh | ... | Pinterest

OVINNIK - http://webkulinar.ru/images/a/0/ovinnik_4.jpg | Slav.Myth.Duh | ... | Pinterest


For the barn on the farm meets the other houses — ovinnik. He feared, because it has power over the fire element. In the barn bread, dried straw, ...

Magical creatures 1 by DuszanB ...

The bunyip is a large creature from Aboriginal mythology, said to lurk in swamps,

Kushtaka/Kooshtakah- Alaskan legend: shapeshifting creatures that can take the form of a man of otter. They either cause the death of sailors, or t…

The Pink Peony of Le Jardin: no. 2 and 3 Halloween Silhouettes

Благо Дарение Blessing Donation

Ovinnik by Kruczkowska


My soon to be 4 years old loved helping to make these magic wands for her

Slavic creature: Once Kikimora is in a house, it is difficult to get rid of her.

The Boo Hag brings sleep paralysis.

https://flic.kr/p/TLmAxh | Natalya Filinova | UFACHITA

I always loved the Berberoka (philippines) and I really wanted it in mythika,

The Dragon Hunter And The Mage by yinyuming on DeviantArt

Текущее, рабочее. - вещь в себе.

Wendigalia is a tiefling, the only one known in existence. Incredibly intelligent magical engineer, who created a miniaturized cannon and a technique known ...

OVINNIK - http://webkulinar.ru/images/a/0/ovinnik_4.jpg | Slav.Myth.Duh | ... | Pinterest

Wizard Hat Pinata

Chort- Slavic myth: a creature of total evil that has horns, a pig face, skinny tail, and hooves.

Сказочные персонажи ручной работы. Птица. Надежда Шахристенберг (nadinepau). Ярмарка Мастеров.

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Обзор русской демонографии (3)

Thread: Slavic Paganism

Primary: Ovinnik * Tiger * Aggro to Sight * Not Linking * Weak against Fire * Weak against Lightning * Strong against Ice

Mythika — Name: Qalupalik Alternate Names: Qallupallik, Sea.

Skullcave by MikaZZZ

Many of you voted in our elimination contest, leading the Wyrmwraith to victory, and for your votes, we promised a signed copy of Bestiary 5, and I'm happy ...


(Slide) Rock Bolters are voracious fish horrors which live on land and don't need water to survive. Resembling Dunkleosteus-like fish, they love to glide ...


Mythika — Name: Yale Alternate Names: Centicore, Jall, Eale.