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Not true vintage or even hifi but still kind of cool t

Not true vintage or even hifi but still kind of cool t


Wonderful wood on this pioneer. True vintage hifi

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Yes, I would like this for the house. Not sure I'd use

Sansui & Vintage audio Hi Fi Stereo (fb)

Quality Sound On The Cheap – Buying Vintage Audio Equipment

Marantz ad from I picked up one almost exactly like this, the today for my record storage room.


Vintage audio Marantz

Introduction: DIY Hi-Fi: Vintage Receiver Repair and Modification

vintage Marantz stereo equipment..doesn't seem like it was so long ago.

Marantz preamp and stereo amp

Still tempted to buy one of these but odds of finding one in great condition increasingly slim.

High‑quality vintage hi‑fi such as these KEF speakers can be a viable

Golden Age Of Audio: Pioneer SA608,TX608 set https://www.pinterest.com/0bvuc9ca1gm03at/


Vintage Marantz



Of the old school designs, only Marantz could compete with the cool

This is what I use in my attic, not the oldest Hi-Fi equipment, rather new compared to the real vintage stuff i see here, but ok ... Anno Domini 1994-1998


HiFi Lab set


This is Panasonic 8 track Stereo player with automatic program change. The player is a cream color and in excellent condition.

Through the late 1980s and 1990s, while hip-hop and grunge music took over the airwaves, another revolution affected nearly every listener, manifested in ...

Vintage receivers, Marantz and Pioneer

AKAI reel-to-reel Vintage Audio Audiophile HiFi (fb)

There was a time when we shared music through walls rather than social networks, when we prized the tactility of knobs and dials over the numb stroke of a ...

A great selection of vintage loudspeakers from the early through the and the

35 best Reel too Real! images on Pinterest | Audiophile, Tape recorder and Technology

Phase Linear 400 Power 4000 Pre 1000 Noise R.

BoomCase Moss Boss Speaker -- one-of-a-kind speaker crafted from an authentic vintage suitcase. Hook it up to any music source!

Is the system as accurate as a modern high end system? Probably not, but I don't really care. It's smooth and not fatiguing to listen to, yet still has ...

Pioneer Vintage Turntable - This thing is sexy!

Old guitars and amps may look, feel, sound and even smell amazing.

Hifi Vintage Photography Site - Classic Design From The &

Vintage audio Technics hi fi stereo

Space Wars is an early vector graphics arcade game. It is based on Spacewar!

The Advent, Klipschorn, and Bose AM5

Pioneer qx-949 quad quadraphonic monster receiver beautiful 1 owner no reserve

“Silver Era” Pioneer SX-780 Receiver. “

So smooth and deep without ever a booming note. Transmission-Line speakers are the one for me! Tried Cambridge R50 but not enough sub ...

WA22 with Sennheiser HD800 and Beyerdynamic T1 headphones

But a five-year-old (or even 25-year-old) stereo amplifier might sound and perform every bit as good as one built last ...

Marantz vintage audiophile fm stereo indoor antenna tuner receiver by godar

Is the system as accurate as a modern high end system? Probably not, but I don't really care. It's smooth and not fatiguing to listen to, yet still has ...

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To buy or not to buy? That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to pay an Ebay seller several hundred bucks for an ancient Luxman L-80 or take arms against ...

Vintage audio Marantz 4140 & 125 Hi Fi Stereo

Vintage Hi-Fi Era Pioneer SX-1980

Vintage audio ad for Sony Receivers Hi Fi Stereo (fb)

Kharma International produces High-End Audio Products and sells worldwide through a network of highly qualified distributors and dealers.


The front and back of the Harbeth P3ESR, shown without grille. Steve Guttenberg/CNET

Lasonic TRC-975

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Being an audiophile is hard to do on a budget, but it is possible. Weblog MakeUseOf notes that buying vintage audio gear is a great way to get bang for your ...

Bill Mclean of Mcleans Smarter Home Entertainment is no stranger to HiFi Shows and a true veteran of our industry and HiFi in general.

Marantz Model 2500 · Hifi AudioVintage ...

Some aspects didn't flesh out as clearly as they should, hence the description down below might not be sufficiently thorough for some individuals, ...

McIntosh MC275 50th Anniversary: A $6500 amplifier with no DAC capabilities

Denon turntable: it came with two tonearms. After 30 years, it still works perfectly


Vintage Centrex by Pioneer AM/FM Stereo Record Changer/Player Realistic Speakers

They say that imitation is highest form of flattery, and Pioneers aesthetics heavily influenced their competitors with even Marantz imitating aspects of ...

BIC Venturi Speaker ad.

High end audio audiophile Audio-Technica. Find this Pin and more on Rudy's Vintage Hifi ...

HiFi forum trolls never have any experiences to share, because they have never tried these things for themselves, because they “know” they don't work.

Let's see your unique Stereo Cabinets and Entertainment Centers!

High-End Audio Luxman Audiophile Stereo HiFi (fb)

Bowers & Wilkins

SHURE phono cartridge

Vintage audio Marantz Hi Fi Stereo

Launched at the Harrogate Hi-Fi Show in 1981, the Celestion SL6 looked different, and it was more different than it looked. In essence, its all-new drive ...

(via retro vintage modern hi-fi: McIntosh C-108 Compensator Ad)

Sylvania console stereo, 1970

Besides the standard play-stop-rewind-fast-forward-pause-record options, you've got the ability to record in all three speeds, and even cooler, the ability ...

Vintage Hi-Fi. AKAI.

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Klipsch Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Single - Available In Natural / Merlot / Espresso)

Prototype 125 watt monoblock tube amplifier KIT - Page 2. Find this Pin and more on Vintage HiFi ...

retro vintage modern hi-fi: Secrets of the Voigt Speaker - By Peter Skinner

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Who says that you can't get good quality on a budget? Not us, that's for sure. And it was as true in the '80s as it is now, thanks to Dual's CS505 ...

A 31-year-old Pioneer SX-1980 receiver, still sounding great today. Brent Butterworth

Jewelry Buying Tips That Anyone Can Use. Even a small piece of jewelry can get a wonderful reaction and will

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Like ATC and Prism Sound, Bricasti Design is a name known more perhaps within Pro Audio circles than HiFi, but that's not to say their small line-up isn't ...

Putting together a hi-fi can be tricky. Steve Guttenberg

Look what I picked up at Goodwill today! An S-VHS VCR! I've never come across one of these “out in the wild” before! And for the low, low price of $5, no ...

I've really had a lot of fun listening to vintage McIntosh vacuum tube audio electronics in my hi-fi system over the last year.

VINTAGE 50s 60s Mid Century RCA Victor by thevintedgeco on Etsy

Amazon.com: Auris bluMe True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver, Gold: Home Audio & Theater

Sixth Avenue - Todd Webb. Find this Pin and more on Vintage HiFi ...