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Naim announce reference Pre and Power amps at CES 2014 read

Naim announce reference Pre and Power amps at CES 2014 read


Naim announce reference Pre and Power amps at CES 2014, read more and also all

"I was pinned to my seat, transported back to some vast arena around the time I was in Sixth Form, and loving every minute…" Read the full review of Naim ...

Read more here, or check back for further announcements about timing of the releases and Australian pricing.

Naim NAIT 2

Please see below for pictures and more information,

NAIM NAP 500 Power Amplifier

Ah, tubes!

Naim Audio system - NAC42, SNAPS, NAP160

158524-cary_sli80_signature.jpg (1024×768)

Naim DAC-V1 and Naim NAP 100 Announced at CES!

Naim NAP 140


Parasound Halo Integrated review

1 ...

The onboard amplifier is Class A/B, derived from the NAIT integrated amps. Naim says this presents a number of technical difficulties in terms of production ...

Statement combines linestage and two monaural power amplifiers. The set has a modular design – all three elements have to be place next to each other.

Naim Audio NDS : un lecteur de référence pour la musique en réseau

For audiophiles of a certain age, the mere mention of NAD Electronics' original 3020 integrated amplifier (1980, designed by Erik Edvardsen), ...

BQ spoke to Paul Stephenson, MD of British firm Naim Audio about why they are


Here are a couple of pictures of the DAC-V1 ready for action.

If you already own a great set of full-size headphones, the Fosgate Signature Headphone Amplifier will make them sound better than ever.

Naim HiCap

Please see below for pictures and more information,

System Pics 2016 | Naim Audio Forums

Naim Audio reference CD player with unrivalled audio quality. With 555 power supply -

System Pics 2016 | Naim Audio Forums

We can't imagine this amplifier getting caught short in a conventional two-channel context. There are five single-ended line-level inputs plus a balanced ...

SPL's Phonitor X headphone amp, and pre-amplifier.

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The last few years have seen a flood of new integrated amplifiers in an audiophile market traditionally wedded to separate preamps and power amps.

System Pics 2014 - Nait 2

New XA25 amp. Wondering if Mike or anyone knows more info on this.

Naim Audio 's incredible £155,000 Statement NAC S1 preamplifier and

One year ago almost to the day as I write, Peachtree Audio invited me and other members of the audio press to the New York City retail shop Stereo Exchange, ...

The generally ...


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Statement combines linestage and two monaural power amplifiers. The set has a modular design – all three elements have to be place next to each other.

Munich High End Show 2015 highlights

In search of a new reference?

"As the original L2 circuitry was virtually flawless, it was the emergence of new electronic components that opened up a possibility of [even better ...


1 ...

Naim Uniti Atom review

We're constantly using this app to control our reference Naim NDS/555 PS streamer, and its operation is just as intuitive now support has been added for ...

What happens next depends on your budget. For an extra £100, you can have your Uniti Atom with an HDMI input.

Delta 3 Stereo Amplifier from Classé

Affordable and Transparent: The OPPO HA-1 Headphone Amplifier/DAC


Statement combines linestage and two monaural power amplifiers. The set has a modular design – all three elements have to be place next to each other.

As Stereophile's true cub reporter—sorry, Herb Reichert, you're senior staff!—I work in the domestic fields of the high-end audio landscape.

I caught up with John DeVore of DeVore Fidelity at CES in a room assembled by Eugene HiFi, and was treated to a shot of bourbon and a too-short window in ...

Statement power amp output chassis

Empirical Audio Overdrive SX Ethernet DAC/Pre

Pass Laboratories, Inc. introduces two integrated amplifiers, the INT-60 and INT-250, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

Naim Audio was founded in 1973 and it was a part of a “new wave” of British audio manufacturers who, at the early 1970-ties, challenged contemporary market ...

P1050259 by , on Flickr

Audiophiles are oblivious to the low-end music-reproduction medium that's currently staging a comeback: the cassette tape (footnote 1).

Statement power amp output board

... between them. Following the second gain stage is a special DC blocker. Technical specifications are 40/65dB gain and 89/72dB S/NR for MM/MC and weight ...

Vinnie Rossi LIO Super Integrated amp ($11,880 as shown at the Los Angeles Audio Show)

Dem Room - NDS / 555DR / Statement Pre and Power Amps, UK Public Debut of the Sopra No3

Re: Technics Stereo Power Amplifier SE-R1 .

Also worth mentioning is that the company announced the $1,649 851D DAC/Pre, ...

US valve amp specialist Audio Research has upgraded its range of Reference Series power amps to 'SE' status, replacing the KT120 model with the newly ...

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CES 2016 – news, highlights, best new products

When I asked NAD for a sample of their Masters Series M50.2 digital music player, which I reviewed in the December 2017 issue, they also sent me a Masters ...

Sometimes you have to travel overseas for news about American audio. While at the Thai show I learned of a new stand-alone phono preamplifier from venerable ...

Pass Laboratories INT-60 integrated amplifier

AXPONA 2017: What's in a Naim? With the Uniti Core, it's about 100,000

Naim NAP 250 power amplifiers (only one left)


muso ex naim

Audio Analogue Puccini Anniversary lid off

This is a story about vulgar words and what is likely one of the most innovative and exciting, yet self-consciously idiosyncratic, audio components of the ...

The new Classic Series power amplifiers (NAP 200 DR, 250 DR and 300 DR) are now available. The NAP 500 DR will begin shipping in August 2015.


Audeze has announced two new products today at CES, the EL-8 Planar Magnetic Headphone in open-back and closed-back Audeze_CES_2015

Another Polish beast - Marton Opusculum Reference (integrated amplifier with external power supply) - 2 x 250 W / 8 Ω (first 30W in class A)

The flagship 'digital hub' will be joined by the Hydra II stereo power amp (£3595), the Xone 2.5 floorstanding ...


McIntosh showed the two preamplifiers at CES that it had announced just prior to the show, the D1100 Digital Preamplifier and MP1100 Phono Preamplifier.

Here is my hybrid dream version, tube preamp with solid state power amp. I'll call it the McIntosh MA9001.

Statement pre-amp on the left and power-amp on the right

Spectral DMA-500 Anniversary Reference mono power amplifier


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At the 2012 CES, Soulution Audio's Cyrill Hamer introduced me to the Swiss company's reference line of 700 monoblock amplifier ($130,000/pair) and the ...

Erzetich's Headphone Amps Under The Knife

Teac America announced their Reference 01 Series at CES 2012 which includes the UD-H01 Universal DAC ($549.99), A-H01 Stereo amplifier and the DS-H01 ...

Cary Audio SI-300.2d integrated amplifier

In here the Select DAC II, Select Dual Power Base were delivering music from a MAC via USB into Thrax monoblock power amps ...