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NO MATTER WHAT the story, DO NOT get vaccinated, a new bioweapon is being

Conjugate vaccines and autism. - PubMed - NCBI

The flu shots don't contain live viruses. They cannot cause flu. End

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To make a long story short - flu vaccines don't contain a vaginal spermicide

It's daunting to start a conversation about vaccines with someone you care about when they don

They don't. Full stop.

Measles vaccination. 'People are ...

5 Reasons To NOT Vaccinate Your Kids #vaccinate #vaccinatedebate # vaccinations #kidsvaccinations #


And when reputed bodies of paediatricians and other groups offer their stamp of approval, they are basically acting as lobbyists—though in the guise of ...

No Matter What The Story, Do Not Get Vaccinated - A New Bioweapon Is Being Distributed Via Vaccines

vaccine law

No secrets: vaccine ingredients have nothing to hide

When parents hesitate about vaccines, what should health-care providers say?

A few weeks ago I saw an infographic making the rounds about vaccines. It claimed that vaccines work and promised to give you the facts, but as I was ...

No Excuses, People: Get the New Shingles VaccineNo Excuses, People: Get the New Shingles Vaccine

Whether you vaccinate or not, whether you're white or black, whether you're Christian or Muslim or an atheist, if you see someone treating another human ...

Image: Amish Measles

NO MATTER WHAT the story, DO NOT get vaccinated, a new bioweapon is being distributed via vaccines This report has been updated to address Google B… ...



The deer tick spreads the bacteria that causes Lyme. Adapted from Ed Reschke/Getty Creative Images

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Signs from a protest in 2015 against a California bill that prohibits parents from using a religious exemption as a reason to not vaccinate their children.

I myself am 63 now, &, as per usual for people born in the early 1950s, received very few vaccinations as a child.


Why we need to make it harder for parents to refuse vaccines - Harvard Health Blog - Harvard Health Publishing

Goat Vaccinations

Pertussis (whooping cough)

BabyM receiving his second dose of the rotavirus vaccine at 4 months.

Silent No More Project - DVD cover page

I Was Told To Ask the "Older" Generation About Vaccines...So I Did - Living Whole

The last of the three articles was about the feedback from the rant above. Polly again ranted about wanting to send the anti-vaccine crowd for an IQ test:

England & Wales Diphtheria Mortality 1901 to 1999

The '5 S's': Easing baby pain after vaccine shots

Vaccination of our kids is essential for creating herd immunity against diseases like measles, whooping cough and meningococcal. Which Vaccines are provided ...

New Study Emphasizes Harm of Vaccine Refusals

Thompson Statement

James Gillray, The Cow-Pock—or—the Wonderful Effects of the New Inoculation! (1802). Vaccine controversies have ...

In deciding a medical intervention you weigh up the benefits against the risks. Perhaps if a child cuts themselves in the garden, you might take them to A&E ...

Credit Christopher Silas Neal. GETTING vaccinated may ...

If you're young, and you don't support vaccines, you've probably been told at least a few dozen times that the reason you don't vaccinate is because you've ...

Parents who do not vaccinate their children are not only guilty of neglecting the safety of

You Asked: Not Sure I Ever Got A Measles Shot, Is it Too Late?


The Myth of Mandatory School Vaccinations

Then How Are Unvaccinated Children a Danger?

300 best Flu Shots - Influenza Vaccine images on Pinterest | Influenza vaccine, Shots and Medical billing

NO MATTER WHAT The Story, DO NOT Get Vaccinated, A New Bioweapon Is Being Distributed Via Vaccines

A 2015 national survey found more than one in four Canadians are hesitant or misinformed about vaccines.

The first thing you need to know is that in Australia, vaccination is not compulsory. It doesn't matter what your doctor, school principal, mother in law or ...

Measles Mortality England & Wales 1901 to 1999

How To Get a Vaccine Religious Exemption

Anti-vaxxers have embraced social media. We're paying for fake news with real lives

Flu season is upon us. It's not too late to get vaccinated — and we

Travel Vaccinations – Yes or No?

Image: H1N1 vaccine

Most people don't benefit from vaccination, but we still need it to prevent infections


If you don't vaccinate your kids, Australia won't pay for your child care

If you are not a Christian, this post is not for you. I still love you. I still accept you. I don't know what you believe ...

Do medical experts agree that vaccines are safe and effective?

Vaccine debate rages as measles spreads

Are US vaccine rates going down because public trust and social ties are eroding?

To Get Parents To Vaccinate Their Kids, Don't Ask. Just Tell

Yes, It Is Possible To Get Your Flu Shot Too Soon : Shots - Health News : NPR

Vaccination Debate Intensifies as Measles Outbreak Spreads

The autistic brain is not particularly good at understanding irony, and yet most people I've met on the autism spectrum have, over time, developed a pretty ...

New HIV vaccine test shows promise


Why do we need new a flu vaccine every year?


Anti-vaccine activists demonstrate in Houston in August 2017. They don't believe

Photo: To promote vaccination, it's a good idea to let the positive stories spread. (iStockphoto: naumoid)

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn`t true. The other is to refuse to accept what is true.

How I finally discovered that vaccinating your kids is the right thing to do .

Pediatricians urge states to get tough on parents who don't want to vaccinate their kids

Vaccine Dangers

What Travel Vaccinations Do You Need?

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Not every baby is eligible however (Image: Getty Images)

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