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NAUSITHOE Nausithoe Norsitow was the sea nymph known to

NAUSITHOE Nausithoe Norsitow was the sea nymph known to


In ancient Greek mythology, the supernatural sea nymphs, referred to as Nereids (ne-reeds), were believed to inhabit the oceans and represent everything ...

AMPHITOE Amphithoe (Am-fee-tow), was the sea nymph known as

Water Nymphs, Old Man of the Sea


Doris and Nereid Nymph | Athenian red-figure krater C5th B.C. | The J.


8513: Nereid. Painting at Frederiksborg, Denmark. (Artist n/a.)


The Nereids were fifty goddesses of the sea, daughters of Nereus (eldest son of Pontus, the Sea and Gaia, the Earth) and Doris (an Oceanid and Sea Nymph).

Nereid by samshank0453

soft coral crab: blends into the coral for camouflage


Blessed be.

You must know. It is not possible. Who entered her house? You have certainly been told. Try to collect yourself, Theano."

görseller (42)

The Font of the Nereids, Lola Mora, Costanera Sur / Buenos Aires (Source). In 1903 her Font of the Nereids, created for the city of Buenos Aires, ...

Double Beam Balance

Since the original myth of Herakles grasping a mutating sea-god has been provided with an alternative iconography, the inevitable conclusion is that ...


Medicina e Salute

Re: Deidades que en el mundo han sido, o siguen siendo

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