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Most of the US paper currency features American Presidents But

Most of the US paper currency features American Presidents But


FILE - This April 17, 2015, file photo provided by the U.S. Treasury shows

Front of bill ...

George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson – most of US paper currency features U.S. presidents. There are only two exceptions: Alexander Hamilton ...

Series 1886 Five Dollar Silver Certificate


1880 $10 Legal Tender



One thousand dollar bill. President Cleveland was on it.

New $10 bill will be the first in more than a century to feature a woman

10000$10,000, 1135d, US-$10000-FRN-1918-Fr-1135d.jpg

The One Native Person to Ever Grace Paper Money in the U.

500-dollar bills are no longer in circulation. If you have one, do

1963 $1 note front ...

One Dollar silver certificate


$1 Federal Reserve notes

US 50 Dollar Note Series 1918 St. Louis 8-H Serial# H770A Signatures

Coins and Paper Money - Buy Paper Money (Worldwide), Coins: Europe, Coins: US Exonumia, Coins: Ancient Coins: Latin & S. Other Coins and more .

Federal Reserve Note

Photoshop tutorial showing how to transform a photo into the look of a monetary steel engraving and then place it on paper currency.



... US-$2-LT-1880-Fr-52.jpg

Grover Cleveland[edit]. Coins for circulation

Lucy Pickens was the first woman portrayed on paper currency in what is now the U.S. National Numismatic Collection, National Museum of American History, ...

I love the history around old currency and the United States, despite having some of

US 20 Dollar Gold Certificate Series of 1922 Serial# K35095626 Signatures: Speelman / White

1976 $2 note front 1976 $2 note back

The U.S. Treasury announced on Thursday that there will be a woman on paper currency in 2020 — the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment.

5000 Dollar Bill Front

$10 Confederate note

$5 silver certificate, 1899


US Currency Paper money Silver certificates. Shop online for paper money and coins. National Currency, Red seal notes, and Silver Certificates.

(National Museum of American History - Image by Godot13. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

From the first notes issued by the Continental Congress to the latest star-spangled bills released by the Federal Reserve, the history of money in America ...

Ten facts about Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill - The Bowery Boys: New York City History

Object of Intrigue: Banknotes for a Japanese-Occupied Hawaii

100 dollar bill currency

According to longstanding, untrue rumors, subliminal messages appear in certain banknotes.

The 100 and 200 Mexican Peso Notes

This is a 1935 U.S. dollar bill

United States first legal tender One Dollar bill

Confederate notes

US 100000-GC FR 2413 merged

Anti-Counterfeiting Measures – Actions taken to prevent the unauthorized duplication of U.S. currency

Ulysses S. Grant Presidential $1 Dollar Coin Cover

An Extremely Brief History of Women on U.S. Paper Currency - The Atlantic

$1 legal tender note, issued in 1862

US 10000 GC 1934 FR 2412 merged


Jade Dalloul apple

Ever heard U.S. currency called “dead presidents?” To avoid the appearance of a monarchy, it was long-standing tradition to only feature portraits of ...

100000 Dollar Bill Front

The Redesigned $20

Canada Replaced Paper Currency with Plastic Money

How Paper Money Is Made

Very first $1 1862 Legal Tender Note, Series 1, plate position A, serial 1. (Photo from Reinfeld (1960, p. 62) that he obtained from the Chase Manhattan ...


The 500 Mexican Peso Notes

$1 1896 Silver Certificate featuring Allegory History Instructing Youth (obv); George Washington &

Are your $2 bills worth anything? clip from The Two Dollar Bill Documentary


To answer your question…there is no rule that states that only Presidential faces shall feature on the US currency.

US 500 TN 1891 Proof Merged

How an Unfinished Portrait of Washington Ended Up on the Dollar Bill - Artsy

Which Presidents Are On US Dollar Bills?

Requirements for a Coinage Metal


Treasury's got the wrong guy. It's time for Jackson, not Hamilton, to go.

A Canadian bank note from 1935 bears the image of Queen Elizabeth — who was then 8 years old. Bank of Canada, via Wikipedia

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1993 - 2000

The New $100


Alexander hamilton on the $10 bill

1899 $2 Silver Certificate