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Me at lower summit I know I should have smiled MT Fiji t

Me at lower summit I know I should have smiled MT Fiji t


Mt. Fuji. One of my favorite people to hike with is my younger sister Lorianne. She's always up for challenge, low maintenance, and honesty she's pretty ...

While photos of it are practically iconic, have you ever thought about hiking Mt Fuji ...

Smiles at Sunrise on Mt. Fuji - How to Summit Mt. Fuji

The mountain casts a shadow over the blanket of cloud as the sun rises.

mt.fuji (aug18-19)

While photos of it are practically iconic, have you ever thought about hiking Mt Fuji ...


At least I could see the summit in eye distance, even though the steep way is destroying my spirit a bit but still I have a fighting mood.

This should be the last hill left as I have seen the Japanese flag waving over there, I feel pretty overwhelmed and would like to cry. I think in my mind ...

Better regret something that you did than something that you didn't do

It would be possible but very little chance, I believed. Just a small deposit for about 5,000 yen.

The sky is bright right now that I don't need to care whether I will make it in time to see the sunrise at the summit or not.

When you finish reading this review, you might be able to decide whether “I will definitely travel to stand on the peak of the Mt.Fuji” or “The peak of Mt. ...

Mount Fuji in Japan

Mt. Fuji Hike Guide

Let's Drive: Mt. Fuji and Fuji Five Lakes (Japan Part Two)

Almost there!

Once you see double lion statues, it means that you have surely reached the summit of Mt. Fuji.

It wasn't raining hard, but it was misty and there weren't any good views. I was hoping the forecast was right and that it would ...

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Moreover, if try to sort this number line up to to the summit of Mt. Fuji will be about 1 person every three meters !!!

Prayer Flags, Clouds, and Trail Map Mt.Fuji Japan

#1 The day is getting darker and darker as time goes by

Mount Fuji Reflection (Shutterstock)

I'll have you know I'm only on three out of those four.

View of Mount Fuji - Yamanaka-ko, Japan


It kind of makes it look not that bad though. But a lot of the trail winds up the mountain so it takes a long time.

Mt. Fuji (富士山), Japan's highest mountain

Climbing Mt. Fuji was simultaneously the greatest, stupidest, and most physically challenging experience of my entire life. The day before I was set to ...

And then this monk dressed in pure white whisked past me like the wind. It was as if the laws of gravity or altitude didn't apply to him. I don't know where ...

I am a mount Fuji telly tubby. I'm red, so I must

First accommodation of 7th station and the first one of the route is Hana-Goya Hut which means a flower cottage. At this point, I am so tired, we have ...

Looking ...

Raincoat (and cover for your backpack)

Mt. Fuji offseason and the Suicide Forest

Japan's Sacred Mount Fuji

When it comes to personal quests, you can't get any bigger (in Japan) than Fuji san. Conquering this mountain was top of my 'to do' list when I moved to ...

Mt. Fuji as seen from the 5th Station.

This is me, just below the summit of Mt. Fuji, though I don

If you want to read more about how we prepared for the climb, please see my previous post where I went into a lot more detail.

This mystical forest looks like it should ...

Beautiful yet deadly- the Mt. Fuji descent.

Mt. Fuji shrine.

Option number two is known as 'bullet climbing' and is a good way to get altitude sickness. Around 15% of people give up and go home.

Mt Fuji Summit Sunrise

Climbing Mount Fuji. Bears on Mount Fuji.

Sunset at the summit of Mt. Fuji

The descent

Experiencing the sunrise atop Mt. Fuji.

(This isn\'t what it actually looks like.)

Let's check the route in other map, for go summit route, we leave Taishi-kan hotel which is located at 8th station, then walk to the end of 8th station at ...

I'd say, "Maybe next time" but I am NOT climbing Mt. Fuji again, or at least not for 20 years like Tanaka-san. :)

Cycle to Mount Fuji

Mt. Fuji Postcards, Photographed by T. Watanabe

The first recorded ascent of Fuji was in AD 663 by a monk on a pilgrimage. Back then he would have started his climb from one of the towns at the mountain's ...

From left: Me, Yuuki, Momo, Nick, ...

As a sacred site, a source of inspiration, and the symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji has welcomed over 300,000 visitors per year and was recently named a UNESCO ...

No this isn't Shinjuku station- even the summit of Fuji is super crowded

Mt. Fuji

The very top of Mount Fuji

The View of the Sun Rise from Mt. Fuji - How to Summit Mt.

mt fuji trip the decent

Temple - middle of lake 2

Mt. Fuji

At this area, there is one accommodation (Other ascending routes like Fujinomiya Trail also has an accommodation for service).

The Azami Line of Mt Fuji - World Everesting Project Climb #1

There are huts at every rest station. One first aid center at 8th station. You can catch the bus from Mishima, Fuji, Shin-Fuji, and Fujinomiya Stations.

Mount Fuji & Mount Takao Photos

Mt. Fuji Ohachi Meguri trail map

mt.fuji (aug18-19)

It wouldn't be a proper day out in Japan without at least one selfie. Here's our little family, photo bombed by Mt. Fuji himself:

From now on, whenever I see the peak of Mt. Fuji no matter through whichever media or the real one, I would feel surprisingly delighted.

mt.fuji (aug18-19)

Mt Fuji, Japan

Iconic: Mount Fuji in spring.

... Fuji-yoshida and wandered up through the oft overlooked forests cloaking the lower reaches of the mountain. A latish start from Kittie-chan's didn't see ...


There are 4 routes used to get to Mt. Fuji which come from different directions. For this review, we will talk about the most popular route that suits ...

The start of the trail to summit Mt. Fuji

Boarding Mt Fuji

mount fuji hike the trail

We emerged from the crowd to the summit just as the sun rose over the surrounding countryside.

While photos of it are practically iconic, have you ever thought about hiking Mt Fuji ...

Stunning Mt Fuji View Accommodation in Kawaguchiko

Huge crowds arrive at the Mount Fuji 5th Station ready to clim the mountain.

We stopped once we reached Mountain Hut 8.5, which used to be as high as you could go on Mount Fuji!

But though I never got to see that famous postcard view from the ground, I didn't care. The silhouette of Fuji I witnessed from the summit was stained on my ...

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We took it all in, milled about for a bit, then decided it was time to leave before we all collapsed.