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May 8 Victor the Moor martyr died 303 Also known as Victor

May 8 Victor the Moor martyr died 303 Also known as Victor


May 8, Victor the Moor, martyr, died 303 Also known as Victor Maurus, this native of the northwest African nation of Mauritania was a soldier in the Roman ...

Saint Victor Maurus. Saint Victor Maurus Also known as. Victor the Moor; Viktor; Vittore; Vittorio. Memorial · 8 May

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VICTOR Martyr of Nicomedia

Saint Victor Maurus

Antonio-Vittore-Cecilia. per mano di Cristina Capella www.mirabileydio.it

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VICTOR, Martyr

St. Melangell by Christabel Anderson

Victor was a native of the Roman province of Mauretania (roughly modern Morocco) and a soldier in the Roman army, born sometime in the 3rd century, ...


Saint Victor the Moor. Martyr

Military commander and secret Christian Uaros (Egypt 307 AD) helped many persecuted Christians.

Pope Victor

Sergius and Bacchus - Martyrs Saints Sergius and Bacchus

St. Victor the Moor - Supetar, Croatia - Statues of Historic Figures on Waymarking.com

Victor of Marseilles ...

BRESCIA, ITALY - MAY 22, 2016: The painting of holy Maximilian Kolbe and

statue of Saint Emilian Cucullatus, Monasterio de San Millan, artist unknown; photograph taken Also known as

GRANADA, SPAIN - MAY 29, 2015: The baroque fresco of early christian virgin

Unable to convince him, Victor was beheaded on May 8. The local bishop received permission to bury the body, which remained guarded by wild beasts for 6 ...

SAINT PRISCA, a Roman virgin and martyr, may have been the wife of Aquila

Βυζαντινές εικόνες και τοιχογραφίες. Δημήτρης Σκουρτέλης: Οι εικόνες - μηνολόγιο του Δημήτρη Σκουρτέλη στον

The Basilica of St Victor in Varese

Image of St. Philomena Holy Card

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Little is known of the virgin martyr, Agatha,

Virgin with child and martyr Saint, unidentified painter - Stock Image

Church of St Victor, Esino Lario

Faro on the Feast of St Victor 2018

Lesson 3 from the Divine Office of St. Valentine, Priest and Martyr: Sermon 44 on the Saints by St. Augustine the Bishop

Image of Prayer To Our Lady Of Medjugorje


May 6 with the Mental Health Team:

Franciscus de Xabier.jpg

Part of the shrine to King Charles the Martyr at the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin


St. Victor the Moor - Supetar, Croatia - Statues of Religious Figures on Waymarking.com

St victor maurus

Martino Benzoni

On May 7, we celebrate a recently canonized saint, Saint Rosa Venerini (1656-1728), who Pope Benedict XVI referred to as an “example of a faithful disciple ...

Victor and Corona - Image: Master of Palazzo Venezia Madonna St Victor of Siena Google

May 2, 2013: Saint Athansius, Doctor of the Church

Martyrdom of Saints Vitus and Modestus. Christian saint. Died during the persecution of Diocletian

Vitus - The martyrdom of Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia, from a fourteenth-

Victor the Moor (in Latin: Victor Maurus) (3-303) Born in Mauretania he was a Christian martyr, according to tradition, and is venerated as a saint. Victor ...

Victor Kalashnikov

Adrian and Natalia of Nicomedia - Saint Adrian and his wife, Saint Natalia

Christian virgin and martyr of Roman Hispania.

May 3, 2013: Saint James the Less

Saints Who Honorably Served In Their Military

List of Christians martyred during the reign of Diocletian

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Roman virgin, martyr - Stock Image

May 3, 2013: Saint James the Less

Victor of Xanten ...


detail from Madonna and Child with St Maurus, Castel Nuovo Napoli

detail of a 13th century frescoe depicting the martyrdom of Saint Restituta of Corsica and others Also known as

Virgin and martyr. The executioner about to



SAINTS - URSULA Saint Ursula (here depicted with her many virgin companions, sheltering beneath

Today, May 4, we celebrate the feast day of Saint Florian (died 303), martyr of the faith, and patron saint of firefighters. Florian was a General of the ...

Abbey of St Victor, Marseille

Denis - Last Communion and Martyrdom of Saint Denis, by Henri Bellechose, 1416,

St. Victor the Moor - Supetar, Croatia - Statues of Religious Figures on Waymarking.com

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Four Crowned Martyrs - Image: Quattro Santi Coronati di Nanni di Banco, 1409 1417

may 2017

THE ANNUNCIATION. After Francia, in the Church of S. John Lateran, Rome.


detail from an 1860 holy card of Saint Gerlach, artist unknown; swiped from Wikimedia Also known as

Out of fear and political retribution, Saint James was summoned before the Sanhedrim at some point following his writing of the epistle.

Victor II

Tragedy did not stray from the family, with first her brother dying, followed by her mother succumbing to grief and eventual death.

Also known as. • Victor the Moor

Saint Maurus

Martydom St Apollonia Jacob Jordaens virgin martyr Decius torture teeth violently pulled out shattered cruel church

Sts. Othmar and Victor

Zeno of Verona - St Zeno's body ready for his feast day procession on 21 May

Caprasius of Agen - Stained glass depicting the martyrdom of Saint Caprasius in the Église Saint

Pope Victor II - Image: Pope Victor II

The corruption of death no longer holds any power over mankind, thanks to the Word, who has come to dwell among us through his one body.”

St. Marina the Great-Martyr (†286).

Roman Martyr Saint - Stock Image

detail of a medieval fresco depicting the death of Saint Bruno, artist unknown; swiped Also known as

Carlo Crivelli, St. Francis of Assisi

Today, May 5, we remember Saint Hilary of Arles (400-449), a saint called to holiness at a young age, who suffered persecution from within the church late ...

Margaret of Antioch, Saint, circa 300 AD, martyr and virgin, full length

When He became man, the Savior's love put away death from us and renewed us again; for Christ became man that we might become God."

The Virgin Martyr, painting frescoed by Agnolo Gaddi, Prato, Italy - Stock Image

Pope Saint Cornelius

Also known as

St. Benedict II, Pope of Rome.