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Max my African Grey My pets t

Max my African Grey My pets t


Alex the Smart Parrot - Talking bird distinguishes colors, shapes, sizes, numbers - YouTube

African Grey talking

African Grey Parrots in Peril | WCS

African grey parrot

The gregarious nature of the African grey has made it easy for trappers to cast nets

708853 95873311 What you need to know when breeding African Gray Parrots

We joke that she looks like a short-eared owl, with that feather sticking up, so I've been calling her my short-eared timneh. And now I'm taking even more ...

A pet grey parrot eating a cucumber.

This is Rosie the African Grey Parrot, not my bird or my picture.

Rocky likes to hang out on and near the plants, so I didn't think much when he climbed up and perched on ...

Ollie the African Grey clicking and whistling along to 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life'

TimnehAfricanGrey. The Timneh African Grey ...

Meet Our Grey Parrot "Lucky" Living on a Sailboat in the Caribbean! - YouTube

Lifespan of African Grey parrots

African grey parrot has global summit to thank for protected status | Environment | The Guardian

What you need to know when breeding African Gray Parrots

I ran a 10K race this weekend -- a personal best, though this was only my second 10K, so it's not like I had a lot of times to beat!

Smokey African Grey Talks Up a Storm

Volkman Avian Science Super African Grey Parrot & Amazon Parrot Food, 4-lb bag - Chewy.com

Lump under african gray beck-dsc07251.jpg ...

Birds are more like 'feathered apes' than 'bird brains' | Environment | The Guardian

Looking over the trends, it's interesting to see the weight gain the greys have made over the years. When Max was a baby, she was consistently around 300 ...

And yes, Mad Max is still on the job. Stalking The Beak has become

Stella wasn't even in the room to observe Max playing with the onions yesterday, but she was drawn to them as well! My ...

When I got home, I checked the camera to see what they were up to without me and understood my weird message:

Bird CPR is possible. CPR for Birds. Similar to CPR for humans. These directions for an unconscious bird that is risk dying without your help.

Feeding a Timneh African Grey. TimmnehAfricanGreyCandy

Ignorance won? save you or your bird if you unknowingly break these animal-specific laws.

yawning parrot Your bird ...

Amazon shopping list on Alexa, by Petra the African Grey. Who really just wants a peanut

Over the weekend, Rocky was wandering around the floor, playing fetch with one of his balls when Max climbed down and started walking around the floor as ...

Pet Bird Cage Ideas ♥ DIY Cockatiel Cage

Resources. Good Bird!

Why is my parrot plucking its feathers? | About biting in parrots | Reasons for parrots biting | Nesting parrots and biting | Ways to reduce risk | Other ...

African Grey!

... screechers but African Greys don't have the capacity for that (so I was told). Well meet Gandalf the Grey who is very special. This over-achiever starts ...

Syd the African Grey Parrot banging his head and asking wha

Handling a Timneh African Grey. TimnehAfricanGreyOnCage

Family: Psittacidae Meyer's Parrot, Poicephalus meyeri, picture of a juvenile Meyers also called the Brown Parrot "

For 17 1/2 years, my humans "thought" I was a girl! They thought this because my very first veterinarian told them. He told them, my head shape was round, ...

Tui the African Grey has a Tantrum. When parrots attack! Parrot gives a verbal bashing

A grey parrot peers into the camera

Alex & Me: How a Scientist and a Parrot Discovered a Hidden World of Animal Intelligence-and Formed a Deep Bond in the Process: Irene Pepperberg: ...

Parrot Singing Spongebob Song

Loki, the white bellied caique, who is a total maniac!

Max, in the crab-apple tree.

Congo African Grey Parrot

If the Parrot's weight veers too much up or down, vigilance is required. My benchmark is 10%; others may go for less. The daily examination of Parrots' poop ...

One of my dear friends owned a timneh, and her mother made this sweater for Katie (note the "KT"). Although Katie enjoyed wearing her sweater, Max didn' t!

Sam the Parrot

Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

If they do fly, they basically glide safely to the ground but can't really get any lift to fly up. One trimming in the spring lasts through the summer and ...

Julie Rybinski's African Grey Dosie

7- You make your friends FaceTime with your parrot (even though you understood when your kids were young that no one - except Grandma - wanted to talk with ...

blue and gold macaw

Once you've made the decision to enrich your life with a fine feathered friend, it's important to consider your lifestyle and what bird would best fit into ...

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Without vocal communication I'd most likely have never seen my baby bird again! (And yes, Jibby is a male. We recently had it confirmed, but she will always ...

African Grey Parrots (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

How overbonding can cause parrots to bite

October Divine Pet Care Pet of the Month: Dosie

Umbrella cockatoo

We also don't have proof of gender... just what we were told. So far we've only heard two words out of him. he says "want some water" ...

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Less well-known are the incredible longevities racked up by some very small pet ...

African Grey Cage

Volkman Avian Science Super African Grey and Amazon Bird Food

Bichon Frise Flynn wins BIS at Westminster

Don't touch me!

Learn all about pet bird noise levels, frequencies and what to do when your pet bird's noise is excessive.

pet parrot

Life sends lessons our way in unique packaging. Gandalf, I decided, is my new challenge to conquer. Well mine and Mr. Frodo's.

Gloucester fan and parrot Severiano Ballesteros Picture by Daniel Martino News - Cit Date: 14



Keep your pet birds safe from space heaters and other heating devices.

See Lifespans of 12 Popular Parrot Species

Cape Parrot Holding His Feather

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Sun conure


African Grey & Amazon Toy Value Pack

Lifespan of African Grey parrots

This one was looking me in the eye and squeaking/scolding as I took his


Salmonella in Birds