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Malta39s Knights of St John are famous for repelling an invasion and

Malta39s Knights of St John are famous for repelling an invasion and


Jean de La Valette, Grand Master of Knights of St (Saint) John that

The Great Siege of Malta: The Epic Battle between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of St. John: Bruce Ware Allen: 9781512601169: Amazon.com: Books

Рицари хоспиталиери / The Knights Hospitaller, also known as the Hospitallers, Order of Hospitallers, Knights of Saint John and Order of Saint John, ...

The Knights of St. John wore black cloaks with a white cross on the left

Knights Hospitaller in History of Bodrum Castle

Knights Templar, Sergeant - Sergeants were men of either none noble birth or men who

Malta's Knights of St John are famous for repelling an invasion and their military exploits abroad


The siege of St Michael, showing the Christian Knights cut off from the sea and surrounded in their remaining fortresses of Birgu, St Angelo and St Michael.

Saint George and Saint Florian, depicted in the armour suits of Black Army knights. Fresco of the Roman Catholic church of Pónik (Now Póniky Slovakia), 1478

I already made a few tribute vids of various European Warriors & Knights, including of Knights of St.John & The Teutonic Order.

In 1565 Jean de la Valette and the Knights of St. John defended the isolated Mediterranean stronghold from an Ottoman siege using gunpowder, steel, ...

Alien invasion

Muslims battle Christians outside Vienna. The Art Archive/Museum der Stadt Wien/Dagli

Battle of Legnica Legend of Saint Jadwiga, 1353.

John I of Portugal

Ottoman decline (1828–1908)


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(ii) The Order of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem (English Branch, Badge of the Sovereign and Patron). (iii) The St. Hubert (Bavaria).


Villa Perellos in Paola, Malta

Gulf War

Monty Python's best-known film follows King Arthur and his knights through medieval perils and a maze of absurd events — a monster stops pursuit when his ...

Facial Chronicle - b.06, page 085 - Battle of the Ice.jpg

We have the pleasure of informing that recently in North Lunda, a Province of the Republic of Angola with 103.760 km2, our Embassy to Angola in co-operation ...


The Mongol army captures a Rus' city

Cover: The Story of the GREAT FIRE IN St. John, N.B. JUNE 20th

Beethoven Was an Alien Spy

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

The Beheading of John the Baptist - Michaelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Knights Hospitaller, Poster, Store, Gothic Angel, Tattoo, History Mysteries, Coat Of Arms, Saint John, Angels

Knights Templar

When the Knights of St John arrived in Malta in 1530, they chose to settle in Birgu and Fort St Angelo became the seat of the Grand Master, which included ...

St. Lucian Tower, which prevented the Ottomans from landing at Marsaxlokk Bay

Battle of Lepanto on 7 October 1571

Knights Templar.

Nazi Germany spent many years (and a fortune) creating an invasion-proof barrier

During The Mongol invasion of Europe, Tatars, under the leadership of Kadan, experienced a major failure in March 1242 at Klis Fortress in southern Croatia.

U.S. President George H. Bush and USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev meeting in Valletta in 1988.

Iakšaku Spyra (Spyridon) of Aša (Assia, Askeia, Asha), Cyprus

We have read about smaller invading armies defeating larger armies (Battle of Plassey, Battle of Panipat). Can you give some famous examples of a large ...

Statue of St. Gregory the Great, outside the grounds of St. Catherine's Old Church.

Battle of Heliopolis

Allentown parks and rec director ousted as O'Connell shapes team

William H. Seward

Grand Voyage 2019 - Mediterranean

Baltic bronze necklace from the village of Aizkraukle, Latvia dating to 12th century AD now in the British Museum.

Robert: The Edge name new head coach

1431.01 tp

Saint John of Capistrano and the Hungarian armies fighting the Ottoman Empire at the Siege of Belgrade in 1456.

Kraków Old Town is the historic central district of Kraków, Poland. It is one of the most famous old districts in Poland today and was the center of ...

A scaled-down turtle ship replica at the War Memorial of Korea in Seoul.

From prehistory to the present with many episodes in between, the region has a surprisingly meaty history of humans eating humans

It's a form of ordeal played out on 21st-century fairgrounds by re-enactors in medieval festivals: Trial by Combat.